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February 2015

Attendees- Miriam bat Shimeon, Dante Caldiera, Thorffin Hrolfsson, Annabelle Perot, Mevanwy Pengryk, Tyselly Sirene, Miriam Galbraith, Gillucan ua Tomaltaig, Aine of the Hounds, Brodhir MacDathi, Throlfr Brandtsson, Halla Vinahgjahas Hrafnsdottir, Edine Godin, Eleanor Lyttlhayles, Tomas van den Hove, Sara van den Hove, Mahault du Drac, Gilbert Wolghop. Meeting opened 1940 Review of preview meeting draft… Continue reading »

February 2014

Stormhold Baronial Officers’ meeting, February 24th, 2014 Attendance Nicholas B, Josh Torrance, Sara Van Den Hove, Heather, Jeanette Auer, Margie of Glen More, Doug Aglin, Lorraine McDonald, Miriam Staples, Craig Cody, Rachel Grimmer, Irina Lubomirska, James Fritz, Becca Andrews, Tam Hovenga, Steve Roglance, Fiona Anderson, Laurence Irvine. Meeting open 7.41 Baronial Succession; Applications for candidacy… Continue reading »

February 2013

Minutes: Stormhold Officer’s Meeting, 25th February 2013 Opened 8:00pm Present Rosalind Mearns, Stephen Drane, Rachel Grimmer, Rowan Davies, Janet Coath, Estel Talroval, Karen Brown, Becca Andrews, Miriam Staples, Laura Iseman, Steve Roylance, Craig Adams, Fiona Anderson Absent with Apology Simon Hoad, Judith Gray, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Craig Cody, Maeve Outstanding Business Purchase of tokens Tokens have… Continue reading »

February 2012

Minutes of the February Stormhold Baronial meeting (27/02/2012) Attending: Stephen Drane, Lorraine McDonald, Rachel Grimmer, Miriam Staples, Steve Roylance, Rebecca Andrews, Simon Hoad Apologies: Rachel Kenny Meeting opened 8:17 pm Business arising Storage – Lorraine has been investigating in the Flemington area (close to end of freeway). Not a huge array of options Kennards: 2.1×1.5m… Continue reading »

February 2011

Stormhold Baronial Meeting 28th Feb 2011 Attended: Lorraine (Meadhbh), Heather (Genna), Irina (Alliette), Judith (Ute), Steve (Thorfin), Rachel (Clemens), Simon (Hanbal) and Miriam. Apologies: Gill, Aine and Brodhir. Start 8pm Nothing brought up from last meeting. Officers Marshal- no-one dead yet. Rapier Marshal- Capstone happening. No-one dead either. Lists- tourneys are happening. Constab/Hospit- The garb… Continue reading »

February 2010

Stormhold Officers Meeting Minutes, Tuesday 2 February 2010. Start 8 PM Present: Hanbal, Ute, Thorfinn, Frida, Genna, Miriam, Brodhir, Aine, Sara, Rodrigo, Meadhbh. Apologies: Hrothgar, Alliette Previous minutes: Minutes from the last meeting accepted. Business arising: New comers is to be a pot luck on South Lawn at Melbourne University on 5/3/10. There is a… Continue reading »