Social Media and Mailing List for the Barony of Stormhold

The Barony of Stormhold has an active online presence, across multiple channels. These include:

  • Stormlist, the mailing list for the Barony. This mailing list is used for announcements of upcoming events and cancellations, and the occasional e-mail based discussion. You will need to subscribe to Stormlist to be able to read e-mails, contribute to discussions, or view the mailing list archives.
  • Our public Facebook page. You should be able to access it without logging in. It is primarily for announcements of upcoming events and cancellations.
  • Our Facebook discussion group that is for discussion amongst people who are interested in the Barony. Note that this group requires you to have a Facebook account to see and contribute to conversations.
  • Stormhold’s Flickr Group
  • Stormhold’s Instagram
  • Stormhold’s YouTube Channel
  • Stormhold’s Twitter

Our Neighbouring Groups’ Social Media and Mailing Lists

The Barony of Krae Glas

The Barony of Krae Glas (encompassing south-eastern Melbourne to East Gippland) have the online channels:

The College of Saint Monica

The College of Saint Monica is a medieval and renaissance recreation club at Monash University. Primarily based at the university’s Clayton campus, they are affiliated with the broader Society for Creative Anachronism. The College of Saint Monica has the following online channels:

The Shire of Bordescros

The Shire of Bordescros encompasses the region between Wangaratta and Shepparton up to Gundagai, and from Barmah to Myrtleford. They have the following online information:

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