Social Media for the Barony of Stormhold

The public Facebook page for the Barony of Stormhold is at You should be able to access it without logging in. It is primarily for announcements of upcoming events and cancellations.

The Stormhold Facebook discussion group is at and requires you to be logged in to see and contribute to the group. Most of the discussions about the Barony happen here.

Flickr Group

YouTube Channel


Our Neighbouring Groups

The Barony of Krae Glas

The Barony of Krae Glas (encompassing south-eastern Melbourne to East Gippland) have the following social media channels:

The Barony of Krae Glas Facebook Group
Krae Glas Twitter
Krae Glas Instagram

The Shire of Bordescros

The Shire of Bordescros encompasses the region between Wangaratta and Shepparton up to Gundagai, and from Barmah to Myrtleford. They have the following facebook page:

The Bordescros Seneschal, SCA Facebook page.

Australia and New Zealand-wide SCA Social Media

Lochac-wide calendar of major events

Lochac’s Discord Server, and instructions for getting started.

SCA Lochac public Facebook page.

Lochac public Facebook group.

@SCALochac on Instagram

@SCALochac on Twitter

SCA Lochac YouTube channel.