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August 2015 Planning and Officers’ meeting

Attendees- Miriam bat Shimeon, Dante Caldiera, Edine Godin, Tomas van den Hove, Thorfinn Hrolfson, Maedhbh inghean ui Aonghusa, Gillucain O’Tomalty, Wynflaed aet West Saxum, Ysabel Norrice, Rodrigo de Burgos, Elayne Montjoye, Waldo Turner, Brennan Halfhand, Michael O’Brien, Nikolai of Stormhold. Meeting opened 1945 Review of meeting draft minutes for July 2015 Maedbh moves that the… Continue reading »

August 2014

Meeting Minutes SCA -Stormhold Monday 25/8/14   Attendees Dante Caldiera, Thorffin Hrolfsson, Charles du Bois, Aine of the Hounds, Tomas van den Hove, Sara van den Hove, Mahault du Drac, Gilbert Wauchope, Miriam Galbraith, Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir, Tysseley Sirene, Wynflaed aet West Sexum, Eleanora de la Birche, Meadhbh inghean ui Aonghusa, Gilllegan O’Tomelty.   Meeting… Continue reading »

August 2013

Minutes: Stormhold Officer’s Meeting, 26th August 2013: Opened 7.47pm Present: Rosalind Mearns, Heather Fritz-Hammond, James Fritz-Hammond, Miriam Staples, Steve Roylance, Janet Coath, Simon Hoad, Judith Gray, Gindi (late), Craig Adams Absent with Apology: Rachel Grimmer Outstanding Business Facebook – thank you from Baroness Antonia (Rachel Grimmer) for behaving courteously on this unofficial forum of the… Continue reading »

August 2010

Minutes Stormhold Officers Meeting – Monday, 23rd August 2010 Start: 8.10 Present: Helen, Antonia, Asfridhr, Hanbal, Ute, Gilligan, Elayne, Miriam bat Shimeon, Meadhbh. (Vandal was not there) Apologies: Thorfinn, Alliette, Aine, Clemens, Domhnall. Previous minutes tabled and accepted without amendment. Business arising: *Working Bee at Maison del Mar was well attended and much was achieved…. Continue reading »