Monday Crafthall and Fighter Training

Day Monday
Time 7pm to 10pm
Bring Any projects you would like to work on, and/or inspiration, documentation, writing materials, and any tools or raw materials required.

To get in armor you will need:
  • sturdy footwear (ankle support recommended)
  • groin protection
  • a water bottle
A casual and social gathering – no costume required. Those interested in the combat arts can don armour and train, while those with craft projects can share their works and seek feedback.
Or just come along, have a chat and partake in the free tea and coffee!
Once a month (on the fourth Monday) the Barony holds it’s regular council meeting alongside the regular craft hall and training activities. The meeting starts at 7:30, and all are welcome to attend.
Coulson Reserve Soccer Pavilion, near crossing of Heidelburg Rd and Hoddle St, Clifton Hill
Melways, 44 E1 or 2C K1
  • Access to the Soccer Pavilion is from the north end of John St – just continue north along the railway line, beneath the underpass.
  • Short walk from Clifton Hill Railway station, 86 Tram on Queens Pde, and various bus stops including line 204.
  • Limited parking is available at the soccer pavilion. Other nearby options include Clifton Hill Railway Station parking (off John St), nearby residential streets, and Heidelberg Rd (clearway until 7pm).
Cost Members – by donation
Non-members – $10 insurance surcharge