The Baron and Baroness of Stormhold recognise deserving members of the populace to thank them for and encourage them in their ongoing efforts which make the Barony great.

In order to recognise the deserving, we encourage you to write a recommendation to the Baron and Baroness of Stormhold! Tell us the wondrous deeds you witness, the marvelous skills you see displayed, and the courtesy to visitors to our lands. Make sure to check if the person you are recommending has received any Baronial awards from Stormhold on the list of recipients.These show only Baronial awards – Lochac Kingdom and Principality awards and recipients can be found and searched at Canon Lore.

Baronial Awards

Baronial CommendationToken of Baronial Commendation


Given for worthy deeds in service to the Barony. The token is of a gilt drakkar sailing in a white metal sea, all as a pendant.


Silver Drakkar

Given for exceptional service by word and deed. The token is a silver drakkar affronty as a pendant.


Gold Drakkar

Given for exceptionally gracious behaviour which embodies the spirit of the SCA. The token is a gold drakkar affronty as a pendant.

Gallant Drakkar

Given in appreciation to those from outside the Barony.

Storm Lantern

Given for sharing knowledge. The token is a pendant of a lantern.

Goutte de Pearl

Given for excellence in the Arts and Sciences. The token is a pearl contained in a golden drakkar.

Drakkars SweepDrakkars Sweep

Given for behind the scenes work and cleaning up after events. The token is a favour of white cloth with a drakkar embroidered upon with white thread.



Order of SvalinnOrder of Svalinn

Given for aiding in the defence of the Barony, by prowess locally and afar, by training or by supplying the warriors of Stormhold. The token is a coin with a Norse warrior head with helmet and Latin text “Pro Bellator” (translation: ‘For the Fighter’) on the front, and a Drakkar (side on view) with the text “Stormhold”.

Unique Awards and Baronial Gifts

Hood of Warmth

Given to welcome newcomers to the Society

Baron’s CoinBaron's Coin and Baroness’ Bead

Baronial cyphers for the reign of Hanbal and Ute


Golden Stars

Baronial cypher for the reign of Hugh and Theresa

Heart of the BaronyHeart of the Barony

Baronial cypher for the reign of Alaine and Lucrezia

Tangling Drakkar

Given by Jocelyn and Sven for effort in the Stormhold v. Known Worlde War at Rowany Festival, 1994

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