The Barony of Stormhold


  • The next Baronial Officer’s meeting will be held on the 23rd of January 2017. See meetings for details.
  • The November 2016 minutes and January 2017 agenda are up.
  • Officers report to the seneschal are due by the 22nd of Jan.
  • Sir Ariston Hegelochou and Lilavati Metoike are our new King and Queen.
  • TH Lord Brían dorcha ua Conaill and TH Lady Miriam bat Shimeon are to be our new Baron and Baroness.
  • The next Monthly Bash is on February the 4th.
  • Rapier training has recommenced.
  • See Positions Vacant for ways you can contribute to your Barony

Stormhold is a regional branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), encompassing eastern, northern, and western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, and the western regional towns of Victoria, especially Ballarat.