The Barony of Stormhold



This news updated on Monday November the 20th – A.S. LII.  Check out Society dates.

Officer Positions

Applications are open for a number of Baronial officer positions.


  • Congratulations also to the following recipients of Baronial Awards on October 14th A.S. LII
    • Baronial Commendation Roland Ironbeard
    • Baronial Commendation Seamas Mac Thorsteyn
    • Goutte de Perle Benedict of York
    • Order of Svalinn Magnus Thorbiornson
    • Order of Svalinn Praffen Schoredorff

Other News

  • Congratulations to his Excellency on the acclamation of his Royal Peerage!
  • The William Marshal Tournament is on the 25th of November 2017.
  • December Monthly Bash is on Sunday the 3rd of December. This will be the final Cosyumed event in Stormhold for the Mundane year.
  • Still looking to fill the officer positions of Seneschal, Lists and Constable. See Positions Vacant for ways you can contribute to your Barony.

Weekly Meetings:

We have various regular meetings were we get together, practice, prepare and train for our costumed events.


We have special events where we wear medieval clothes.

What is Stormhold?

Stormhold is a regional branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

It encompasses Eastern, Northern, and Western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, and the Western regional towns of Victoria, especially Ballarat and Bendigo.