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November 2011

Minutes of the November Stormhold Baronial meeting 28/11/2011 Attending: Stephen Drane, Steve Roylance, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Judith Gray, Miriam Staples, Rachel Grimmer, James Fritz, James Brown, Fiona Anderson Apologies: Irina Lubomirska, Lorraine McDonald, Rachel Kenny Meeting opened 8:07 pm Business arising Storage – Options are still being investigated, defer to next month WM – 60 booked… Continue reading »

October 2011

Minutes of the October Stormhold Baronial meeting 24/10/2011 Attending: Apologies: Meeting opened 8:05pm Officer’s reports Marshal – Has spoken to Sir Gabriel re: rattan Will buy $10 sticks Minor shoulder injury sustained at training Smattering of new interest in heavy training Very happy with attendance. Constable – Nothing to report Hospit – Generally quiet A… Continue reading »

June 2011

Stormhold Officers Meeting, 27th June 2011. Start: 8:15PM Present: Stephen Drane, Lorraine McDonald, Miriam Staples, Stephen Roylance, Judith Gray, Irina Lubomirska, Simon Hoad, Heather Fritz-Hammond, James Fritz, Antoinette Stryk, Lara Mucha, Rachel Kenny, Corinna Chapman. Apologies: David Eden, Business arising: Winterfeast wrap-up Reports: Seneschal – All is well. Barony is ticking over nicely. Reeve –… Continue reading »

March 2011

March Stormhold Officers’ Meeting 28/3 Open 8.04pm Attending- Genna/Heather Fritz-Hammond, Thorfinn/Steve Roylance, Clemens/Rachel Kenny, Ute/ Judith Gray, Antonia/Rachel Grimmer, Auicia/Stephanie Ims, Ryan Quigg, Meabhdh/Lorraine McDonald, Gindi Wauchope, James Fritz, Hanbal/Simon Hoad. Apologies- Gill, Brodhir/David Eden, Aine. Eleanora. Rapier Marshal- Another rapier practice added the 3rd Sunday of the month. Looking to buy swords for communal… Continue reading »