Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting

The Barony of Stormhold – September 2016 Agenda – Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold.

Date: Monday, 25th Sept. 2016

Start: 7:36 pm

Finish: see below

Chair: Rodrigo de Burgos

Minute Taker: Tomas

Attendees: Rodrigo de Burgos, Hrothgar aet Gettingbroce, Sara van den Hove, Miriam bat Shimeon, Waldo Turner, Vandel, Miriam Galbraith,Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Gilligan ua Tomaltaigh, Winiflaed aet West-Seceur, Nikepheros Gorgonites, Ysabel Norrice, Micheal de la Ferrett, Elenora de la Birche, Thomas Van den Hove, Hanbal, Ute, Meadbbh meganua Aonghusa.

Apologies: Halla and Olfuss

Item #



1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced: 7.36 pm


2 Previous Minutes

1. Acceptance of minutes for the meeting held on July 25th.

A. Motion – That the minutes for July be accepted

B. Business arising from July Minutes

2. Acceptance of minutes for the meeting held on August 22nd.

A. Motion – That the minutes for August be accepted

B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes

1A. Moved: Rodrigo

Seconded: Thorfinn

1B. No Business From July Minutes.

2A.Moved. Michael

Seconded. Rodrigo

Both pass without dissent.

2B. No Business From August Minutes.

3 Correspondence:

(see attached)

26th August: Malmsbury Village Faire

30th August: Steward November Crown

6th September Lochac Seneschal

16th September: Kingdom of the West Baronial Charter inquiry

All put in Other Business

4 Continuing Business

A. Speccy Drakkar progress Hanbal

  • B. Goute de Pearl redesign ThorolfR/Ysabel

  • C. Lochac Seneschal Code of Conduct at sign in – Seumas

  • D: Sunshade Refurbishment – Rodrigo no progress!

  1. 4A.Motion: That additional costs of $5 being for postage, be paid.

    Moved Hrothgar,

    Second, Miriam G.

    Motion passed without dissent.


4b. No change


4c. Done


4d.No change

5 Officers Reports

See attached

a. Vicar– Verbal at meeting

b. Arts and Sciences– Verbal at meeting

c. Capt. of Archers– Verbal at Meeting

d. Dep. Seneschal H&W – Verbal at meeting

e. Constable– Verbal at meeting

f. Herald– Verbal at meeting

g. Lists–Report attached

h. Knight Marshal –Report attached

i. Reeve– Verbal at meeting

Accounts: ( As of 25th Sept. 2016)

Community Solutions account – $5,044.58

Business Cash Reserve Bonus – $14,016.78

j. Rapier– Verbal at meeting

k. Seneschal– Report attached

l. Webminister– Report attached

m. Officer Changeovers–

Rapier, Herald, Hospitaller, Chirurgeon.

a. All good.

b. All good.

c. Cold, wet, enthusiasm gone. Storage has been tidied up.

d. Minor injuries, nothing serious.

e. Absent.

f. Possible successor has stepped forward, Winifred. Most submissions are going through Ffride, Krae Glas

g. Thank you!

h. Thrusting tip project continuing.

i. Payment was made for an outstanding invoice from 2015 coronation for the amount of $110.00. Payment made within context of that event.

j. Not Present

k. Rodrigo to follow up Rowany’s demo policy

i. Thank you!

m. mentioned

Winifled to apply for Herald Office.

Commentary period as usual.

6 Events:

A. Winterfeast – Wrap up – Reeve?

B. Thaw War – Wrap up – Hanbal

C. William Marshal 3rd Dec 2016 – Hanbal

D. Chess Challenge February 18th, 25th, March 4th or 18th Miriam bat Shimeon

E: Krae Glas’ Day of Honour 14-16 Oct (Sunday J.G.Res.)

F. Monthly Bash Schedule:

Oct. 2nd Nov. 6th Dec. 4th Jan 1st??? Feb 5th Mar 5th

  1. Winterfeast wrapped up.

  2. Happiness generally. The event should continue in the future.
    Different options for food need to be considered, with larger numbers attending in the future..
    If we’re happy, we can potentially re-run.
    Made the right sort of profit.
    Equestrian could grow.

  3. Brimbank gave us approval, with limitation of no pegs.

    Given this constraint, we are contemplating a different venue: Darebin Parklands.
    or Edinburgh Gardens.

    Previously organised cook has also withdrawn so we don’t have a cook, or a venue.

    Motion: That that a budget of $800 be approved for William Marshall.

    Moved: Sara.

  4. Seconded: Gilligan.

    Motion passed without dissent.

  5. Chess challenge Feb 18th 2016.

    Motion: That the bid be accepted for the event and that the event have the same admission prices as last year.

    Moved, Sara. Seconded, Hrothgar.

    Motion passed without dissent.

  6. Date noted

  7. Bash for January cancelled, due to being on N.Y. day.

7 General Business.

A. J.G.Reserve access key replacement.- Miriam G.

B. Heavy Combat Equipment purchase… – Nikephoros

C. Heavy Authorisation Primer. See attached Nikephoros

D. Midwinter 2017 Bid. See attached Halla

a. John Gardner Reserve is to have keys changed in the week after Bash.

Miriam Galbraith following up.

b. Purchase ongoing. Still need to arrange payment.

c. Submitted for consideration. Needs editing. Will be followed up by those interested later.

d. We have submitted an expression of interest. As have some other groups.

Discussion on various positions from those present.

Motion: That Stormhold put forward the bid for midwinter coronation 2017.

Moved: Tomas.

Seconded, Hanbal.

7 in favour, 6 against, 4 abstentions

Rodrigo to seek guidance on the matter from various parties including Lochac Seneschal.

8 Other Business.


Motion: That Stormhold does not do the Malmsbury demo.

Moved, Sara.

Seconded, Hrothgar.

Motion passes without dissent.

Ysabel thinks we need Facebook guidelines in responding to Mundane Enquiries,

Sara proposes that at the next meeting we have a discussion the plan for the next 6 months. Rodrigo to put on next months Agenda.

9 Next Meeting:

7.30 24th October 2016


10Meeting Closed