Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting
The Barony of Stormhold – September 2016 Agenda – Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold.
Date:  Monday, 25th Sept. 2016
Start: 7:30 pm
Minute Taker:

1 Welcome to the meeting.
Meeting Commenced:

2 Previous Minutes
1. Acceptance of minutes for the meeting held on July 25th.
A. Motion – That the minutes for July be accepted
B. Business arising from July Minutes
2. Acceptance of minutes for the meeting held on August 22nd.
A. Motion – That the minutes for August be accepted
B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes
1. M:
3 Correspondence:
(see attached)
26th  August: Malmsbury Village Faire
30th August: Steward November Crown
6th September Lochac Seneschal
16th September: Kingdom of the West Baronial Charter inquiry

4 Continuing Business
A. Speccy Drakkar progress Hanbal
B. Goute de Pearl redesign ThorolfR/Ysabel
C. Lochac Seneschal Code of Conduct at sign in – Seumas
D: Sunshade Refurbishment –  Rodrigo no progress!

5 Officers Reports
See attached
a. Vicar– Verbal at meeting
b. Arts and Sciences– Verbal at meeting
c. Capt. of Archers– Verbal at Meeting
d. Dep. Seneschal – Verbal at meeting
e. Constable– Verbal at meeting
f. Herald– Verbal at meeting
g. Lists–Report attached
h. Knight Marshal –Report attached
i. Reeve– Verbal at meeting
Accounts: ( As of 25th Sept. 2016)
Community Solutions account – $5,044.58
Business Cash Reserve Bonus – $14,016.78
j. Rapier– Verbal at meeting
k. Seneschal– Report attached
l. Webminister– Report attached
m. Officer Changeovers–
Rapier, Herald, Hospitaller, Chirurgeon.

6 Events:
A. Winterfeast – Wrap up  – Reeve?
B. Thaw War – Wrap up – Hanbal
C. William Marshal 3rd Dec 2016 – Hanbal
D. Chess Challenge  February 18th, 25th, March 4th or 18th Miriam bat Shimeon
E: Krae Glas’ Day of Honour 14-16 Oct (Sunday J.G.Res.)
F. Monthly Bash Schedule:
Oct. 2nd Nov. 6th Dec. 4th Jan 1st??? Feb 5th Mar 5th

7 General Business.
A. J.G.Res. Key replacement.- Miriam G.
B. Heavy Combat Equipment purchase…  – Nikephoros
C. Heavy Authorisation Primer. See attached Nikephoros
D. Midwinter 2017 Bid. See attached Halla

8 Other Business.

9 Next Meeting:
Possibly  24th October 2016
10Meeting Closed

26th  August: Malmsbury Village Faire  –  Ann Field

Hi XXXXX (Rodrigo)

If you have a look at our website: you will see the kind of event that we put on each year. Basically it consists of stallholders selling produce, wine, and fast food as well as craft people, as well as children’s entertainment (jumping castle etc) and live entertainment (bands etc). The event is held in the Malmsbury Botanic Gardens and is both indoors in the Town Hall as well as in the Gardens. It has grown considerably over the years and this year we will have stalls on both sides of the lake. There is a large open flat area that would be ideal for a medieval re-enactment. I am on the committee for the first time this year and my responsibility is being Stallholder Co-Ordinator. It was my idea to hold a medieval re-enactment because the committee in the past has been promoting this event as a medieval-style day out. I also studied Medieval History at uni so it is a bit of a passion of mine. When I put the idea to the committee they were very interested in the proposal.

The fayre is being held on Sunday 20th November and is open from 10am to 2pm. Unfortunately I do not know that much about your group or how you operate but it would be fantastic if we would be able to feature you in a mock battle/feast etc around the middle of the day. Malmsbury is located just off the Calder Freeway and it takes about 1.25hrs drive from the city.

My contact details are: email or or mobile 0418 690 810 or on Facebook.

Regards Ann Field

30th August: Steward November Crown

Dear Seneschals
The Barony of River Haven is proud to be hosting the November Crown Tourney on the weekend of 5 – 6 November 2016.

We would like to be able to give Their Majesties something that would come from the whole of Lochac and that could be used at future crown tourneys.

My co-Steward and I had the idea of having a list pennant from every group within Lochac, in either red or blue, depicting the device of that group.  The idea is that these will be given to the King and Queen to look after, and then used at each Crown Tourney thereafter, signifying that the whole of Lochac is represented on the tourney field.

We would like to ask each group to produce their own pennant.  Once completed, these can be either brought to the event by somebody from your group attending, or posted to us.

Each list pennant is a triangle 25cm at the top, with each side being 30cm long.  At each end of the short side should be 25cm of cotton twill tape to tie the pants to the list ropes.

The group device can be either painted, appliquéd or embroidered onto them (whatever the group wants), and the pennant base fabric should be either red or blue.

I hope that your group is willing to take part in this project.

Yours in Service

Lady Madelaine le Mercer

Steward, November Crown

Facebook Page


6th September – Lochac Seneschal

Your Excellencies, Lords and Ladies –

You will be aware that the Kingdom has been seeking a host for Midwinter next year for some time now.  We have advertised it generally, and my Crown Events Deputy, Count Kinggiyadai Ba’atur and I have spoken to some of you individually.  We have received no proposals for hosting the coronation, although two or three groups have raised the possibility of bidding for November Crown next year.

The situation has reached the point where we can no longer wait.  The venue for Midwinter must be declared before November Crown of this year, in order for entrants in that tourney to know where they will be stepping down.  That gives us about eight weeks from this date.

If all else fails, the Crown, my Deputy and I will have no choice but to appoint a group to host the coronation.  I am aware that this is an approach which will not sit comfortably with some – although it is regularly proposed as one way of moving on from the current situation where groups feel pressured to volunteer.  I can see no alternative, although I would welcome one.

I am writing to give you all two weeks’ notice of this process.  During these two weeks, if any group is able to put forward a proposal, your kingdom will be grateful beyond words.  If you are not able to put a proposal in, please use this time to submit any information to Kinggiyadai (at which you feel we need to know before making a choice.  We will eliminate any groups from consideration which have local factors that make their hosting the Coronation completely impractical, but it is quite possible that we will end up having to choose the group with the fewest obstacles.  We wish to choose on the basis of the best possible information, and to make the best and fairest decision for the Kingdom.  You may note that this message has not been sent to the groups who have most recently hosted Crown events.

The Crown and Kingdom will do everything possible to ensure that the group chosen is well supported, and that the event is successful and enjoyable for both the guests and their hosts.

Yours in service,

Nicodemus Novello

Lochac Seneschal

16th September: Kingdom of the West Baronial Charter inquiry

Good Afternoon,

I am working on a research project as my local barony works on reviewing our baronial charter (the administrative document recording our group policies and traditions, sometimes called a customary).  I am trying to collect as many other charters /customaries as I can so that the group can look at how other groups approach organizing and managing their groups.

If you would be willing to share a copy of your charter/customary, or point me towards where I could find it online, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You,

Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor

Kingdom of the West

Officers reports
a. Vicar– Verbal at meeting
b. Arts and Sciences– Verbal at meeting
c. Capt. of Archers– Verbal at Meeting
d. D. Seneschal – Verbal at meeting
e. Constable– Verbal at meeting
f. Herald– Verbal at meeting
Lists  –  Þorfinn Hrolfsson

VThaw War Tourney – 3 September AS 51 – Treetops Scout Camp
Marshall  Nikolai of Stormhold & Hanbal al Barberi
Tourney format 8 Atlantian Speed Tournies and 8 way single elimatination final
(winner of each tourney into the final with repeat winners inviting another to the final)

Entrants Magnus Thorbjornsson, Nikolai of Stormhold, Cormac Lenehan, Waldo Turner,
Hrothgar æte Gyttingbroke, Airdan mac Dara, Tybalt della Scala, Liardan ingen Fheradir, Jarl Njall inn Orkanskii
Robert Callus, Dafydd of the Glenns.

tourney 1 winner Jarl Njall
tourney 2 winner Hrothgar
tourney 3 winner Jarl Njall – invited Liardan
tourney 4 winner Robert Callus
tourney 5 winner Jarl Njall – invited Cormac
tourney 6 winner Liardan – invited Tybalt
tourney 7 winner Hrothgar – invited Magnus
tourney 8 winner Hrothgar – invited Nikolai

Elimination by single kill


Njall d Robert

Cormac d Hrothgar

Magnus d Tybalt

Liardan d Nikolai

Njall d Cormac
Liardan d Magnus

Njall d Liardan (3 to 0)

Others signed in for the tourney but did not participate.
A list for rapier was opened but did not get enough for a tourney

h. Knight Marshal
Report for September
Thaw war
Roughly 30 fighters in both heavy and plumed
Injuries provided as part of Chrigions report

Weekly fighter practices’
Regular seeing 5 to 8 fighters
No injuries to my knowledge

i. Reeve– Verbal at meeting
j. Rapier– Verbal at meeting

k. Seneschal– Rodrigo
Seneschals Report

Midwinter 2017.
In the last month, the main focus for Stormhold has been the discussion about whether the Barony should offer a bid for Midwinter 2017. Opinion is divided between those who want the Barony to submit the bid for the event and those who feel that the barony is limited in resources to make the Event work in the desired manner.

There is also a parallel concern about the balance of member’s energies and the human resources available to use at the event. Concern is also raised about the impact of Midwinter on the running of other local events.

Officer Changeovers.
Officers continue to come to the end of the period of office. We currently need to change the herald, the hospitaller, the rapier marshal and the deputy Seneschal for health and well being.

Public Demonstrations.
In our latest request, we’ve been asked to provide atmosphere at the Malmsbury Faire.
We need to decide if we want to be a Barony that holds Demonstrations, or at least how many…. There have been a couple of recent requests for Demos. Do we want to do this? These Demos, in reality turn into full fledged SCA events and require the commitment of enough gentles to promote the right atmosphere.

There is a precedent for being paid for getting paid for such activities. The Barony of Rowany seeks payment for such activities. Sometime the Mundane Agent will have a budget and sometimes it will not. Twenty-five years ago the barony was faced with an increasingly frequent situation when it was doing “Demos” at schools and other  community activities. The solution at the time was an initiative by Thomas Abraxis and Benedetta de Spencer who formed a company “Medieval Education”. The company has now been going twenty-five years and has employed various SCA members of the years.  They have the school market covered.

As a Barony we devote our energies to holding our own Events. I would contrast this with some other groups in the metal weapons domain who from external appearance seem to only do activities at public demonstrations.

The SCA members commit a lot of their time and energy to their own events. I think the older members are less interested in participating in Demos because the see that the benefit is so small.
The small benefit coupled with the reality that many experienced members are now have families and have different priorities than their aims of a generation ago, mean that they don’t have the desire to showcase their talents in the Demo context.  In contrast, there are younger members who have possibly more energy for such activities but there is a concern from some members that a better use of the energy would be to direct it inward to the group where it work to benefit the group more.

Should we decide to do Demos. We need to clarify the benefits that we might possibly get:

1. The prospect of new members. Sometimes this works, very rarely in my experience.
However Medieval pursuits are the flavour of the month at the moment and if members of the general public don’t find us, there are various other groups to join.  Despite this, there is also the question of how much staying power the Demos provide to new members. The activities that we do are somewhat different to Public Demos.

2. Giving the SCA some Publicity.  It could be argued that the Internet provide just as much publicity.

3. Income. Current no policy exists for that. We can set our own fee. The income from such fees are probably not significant in the broader context.

4. Demos can let extroverts show off.  What is the best way for SCA members to show off? Do we even what to do this?

A. Demos are not our party, they are someone else’s.

B. The SCA at Demos are sometimes within proximity of other Medieval Groups. If the Demo is intended for recruitment then is this the sort of competitive atmosphere that is beneficial to us?

C. We are not performers.

D. The payment is not that much.

E. The statistics for successful recruitment of new members does not stack up.

It seems to me that there is a bit of an energy crisis in the Barony at the moment. We need to take stock of our resources and work out what we want to do with our efforts.

l. Webminister September Report

Another wordpress update done, and again it doesn’t look like anything broke (huzzah).
No significant changes, updated pages, menus and links as required.
Haven’t been emailed by the latest new officers – I don’t have contact details on the website for the Captain of Archers, and haven’t heard anything from the new Constab either.
Looking forward to being able to advertise William Marshall.


Event Bid
Chess Challenge the VIII event bid
Event steward- TH Lady Miriam bat Shimeon
Mundane name-(Content removed)
Potluck picnic in park with a heavy, rapier and chess tourney.

Time- 11am-5pm.
Possible dates (available based on information provided by Glen Eira Council)- February 18 th , 25 th ,
March 4 th or 18 th.
The last date is one month before Rowany Festival & this event shouldn’t be any
closer than that.

To be held at Harleston Park, Seymour Rd, Elsternwick. This site has been used before to great success & the Council is happy for us to hold the event there.
Price of hire is $131 for up to 100 people.

I am happy to do Constable duty for the event, with Master Thorfinn as Lists, Sir Brennan as Marshal in Charge and Lady Elizabeth le Chat as Rapier Marshal. I will confirm closer to the event what rapier tourney will run, with the Heavy tourney the same as previous years.

Tourney rules:
Single kill (excepts where there is a round variation) double elimination with the rounds to be fought as follows:
Round 1 – Pawns: Everyone to fight with sharpened sticks (6′ thrusting spears will be provided- please bring gauntlets)
Round 2 – Knights: Counted Blows- the victor delivers three good blows to their opponent, arms and legs are not lost.
Round 3 – Bishops: Maces (provided) and shields.
Round 4 – Rooks: Single handed sword andlarge shield (Scuta provided) for defence.
Round 5 – Queens: Queens are the best protected and each combatant fights with two guardsmen
drawn at random, fight to end with the death of the “queen”. Repeated until two finalists have been chosen.

At which point:
Final Round – Kings: the two finalists lead half of the day’s combatants against each other in a team melee until the death of a “king”. To be fought best two of three!

I have been reseraching and found a wooden carved set (full 32 pieces) which while not period
replicas are still very pretty.
Can be seen here-
Handy picture-The price is $35US which is $46.71AUD. Free shipping but there will be a conversion fee attached.

Park hire- $131
Prizes- $50 (depending on the dollar when order is done)
Total- $200 (around about)

( Edit Bid recommends $7.00 per adult member and children $3.50.)
Hire has been going up, and while we need to encourage new members with low prices we still need to cover costs. The last three ChCh have had around 80-100 people. I have worked out that if  the event price stays the same there break even point will be 34 adults ($6 per adult member etc). If  the price was increased by $1 for adult members (child members being half of adults so $3.50) the break even point is 29 adult members ($7 per adult member).
If the prices was increased to $8 per  adult member then break even will be at 25 adult members.
All non-member attendees will be charged the same price plus the insurance levy of $5 extra.

I am leaning toward a simple $1 increase on this year’s price.

I have had some interest shown for wayfaring to the event from Ynys Fawr. One of the new Baronessess is interested in attending. Billeting to be organised as needed.

Midwinter 2017  Loachac Coronation and Baronial Changeover Bid
Unto the noble populace of Stormhold does Her Majesty Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir, Queen of Lochac and Baroness of Stormhold, give greetings!

Our Kingdom is a wide and fair land, but it also has a dire need which I hope the stalwart populace of Our Barony will rally to fulfil.

There has, until recently, been no bids submitted for Midwinter Coronation 2017, and as the victors at November Crown 2016 will be required to attend, it is imperative that a solution be found soon – verily immediately.

There are suitable locations within our bounds, and I would like to propose that Stormhold, along with our neighboring Barony of Krae Glas (who most recently hosted May Crown) put forward a bid for consideration. The people of Krae Glas are ardently supportive, and have already offered time and skills to this endeavour, should we be successful.

The following is a draft proposal, which will be published online and to the Book of Faces, for widest distribution. As time is of the essence, we cannot wait until next Monday’s meeting. I am not proposing any financial expenditure at this juncture, but I would like to hear from those who would support this proposal or not. I would like to hear from each of the officers of the Barony to please reply directly with a “Yay” or “Nay” regarding submitting this bid as soon as possible.

There is a list of expected jobs that only some are filled, so I am looking for additional coordinators. My function as event steward is to build a team of highly competent individuals working with me to make the event amazing. I look forward to hearing from you.

See attached:-