Barony of Stormhold

Baronial Officers Meeting


Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold. Monday, 24th September 2017 7:30pm

Chair: Magnus Thorbjornson

Minute takers: Tomas van den Hove

Attendees: Magnus Thorbjornson, Tomas van den Hove, Ysabel Norrice, Miriam bat Shimon, Brian Dorcha Uaconaill, Thorfin Hrolfsson, Hanbal, Michael De Le Ferrett, Wynnflaed aet West-Seaxun

Apologies: Nik, Rodrigo

Item #


1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced:

Time: 19:37
2 Previous Minutes for the meeting held on Monday, 28th August 2017.

`. A. Motion – That the minutes for Monday, 28th August 2017 be accepted.

B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

M: Magnus

S: Miriam


3 Correspondence:

Harleston Park Notes see attached – Miriam

 Attached, Miriam to keep informed of any change
4 Old Business:

C.F. loaner armour, Still no response from CF – Rodrigo to action

Hanbal Fighter survey recommendations? – Tabled when report given.

Rapier gear stored with Ex Rapier Marshall – To be actioned on appointment of new Rapier Marshall.

JG Reserve Sunday morning availability? Tomas now has contact details for rugby club to deconflict usage as required.

JG Reserve Car usage rules – Rodrigo to follow up (not done yet) – Members of the populace are to be reminded not to drive on the playing surface. Mutual respect of the grounds will enable continued usage.

5 Officers Reports

Arts and Sciences – Vacant – Greater office so it must be filled.

Capt. of Archers – Michael: New archery champion – Shar

D. Seneschal -H & W – Ysabel: NTR

Constable – Vacant

Herald – Wynflaed: Names have been registered between the southern Baronies, published by Kingdom Heralds.

Hospitaller – Ysabel: NTR

Lists – Thorfinn: Report from Stormhold Championship Bash attached

Knight Marshal – Nicophorus: Recommendations from Earl Marshall have been inspected and actions taken where required. – Helm gaps and usage of arrows.

Reeve –Tomas

Community Solutions Account – $3131.07

Current: Westpac Business Cash Reserve Bonus Current – $11,137.37

Rapier– Vacant –

Webminister – Mahoult: NTR

Seneschal – Rodrigo: Officer Quarterly reports due.

B and B – Brian and Miriam: Royal Visit coming up. Please submit kingdom and baronial recommendations so that members of the barony can be appropriately recognised. Baronial Awards can be found on the Baronial webpage.

Pending Officer Changeovers – Lists Seneschal
Officer Vacancies: Arts and Sciences, Constable, Rapier Marshal.

Need for “Childrens Officer” was proposed from Kingdom.

College Report – Hugh: NTR

Hamlet Report –

Possible Arts and Sciences candidate…Two possible victims.

6 Groups

Barony :

There are 85 current members, 26 minors, and 181 expired or pending members in the group


Hamlet Lac D’Or: No member info yet
Social planned for Sunday 17th of September 2017. Holding meeting once every two months.


College of St Cecilia – Hugh: Report required

There are 1 current members, 0 minors, and 0 expired or pending members.


College of St Bartholomew:

There are 0 current members, 0 minors, and 16 expired or pending members.

7 Events


Past Events-Wrapup

Bash 3rd September – Hanbal: People fought, no incidents were reported, good day, Baronial champions decided.


Current Events Costumed

Bash 1st October – Wynflaed: People should bring pikes. Potluck, Has F/B event, will repost details.

Royal Visit

(14 October Krae Glas)

15 October Stormhold – Vandal: By donation, $5 non-member fee.


Bash 5th November (Guy Fawkes day 5th November 1605) – Rodrigo: Details to follow.

Event Planning

Stormhold William Marshal (Saturday the 25th Nov 2017) –

Magnus Confirmation of Site – Darebin parklands in the Quarry. Event notification to follow.

Chess Challenge 2018 – Baroness?

(Bordescros Feb 23rd Border War) – 20 Years, let’s support as well we can.

(Easter event: 30th March to 3rd of April – KG ) Lief running.

(Rowany Festival 2018: Wednesday 18th April – Sunday 22nd April)

Stormhold 30th Anniversary 2018 –Tomas?



















M: Magnus

S: Miriam


8 General Business

Thornin is proposing the construction of a canvas banner to the value of $261 be produced for use behind court, to be completed by the Royal visit in October



M: Hanbal

S: Thomas


9 Other Business:


10 Next Meeting

22nd October 2017 19:30 @ Coulsons reserve.

11 Meeting Closed

Time: 20:26.



City of Glen Eira


Thank you for your recent feedback on the Harleston Park open space and play space upgrade.

A report presenting the feedback received during the consultation process will be considered by Council at the 5 September 2017 Council Meeting.

The report is available on Council’s website

Yours sincerely

Recreation and Open Space Team

Glen Eira City Council

Baroness (Steward of Chess Challenge)

Hello Seneschal and Reeve:

These are the notes from the Council about the meeting tomorrow night about the Harleston Park upgrade. No matter what, it seems that the chess board will be removed, so I will need to come up with an alternative idea.

Tomorrow I will measure the current chess board and get dimensions with the idea of finding a lot of canvas and then painting it up. I will also try to locate another park nearby (event steward’s prerogative!) and I was thinking of Caulfield Park. Official link- and Friends of Caulfield Park link-

Let me know what you think.





Monthly Bash – Baronial Champions Tourney – Stormhold AS LII

Sunday September 3

Tourney format: Round Robin

Lists – Þorfinn Hrolfsson

Marshal – Hanbal al Barberi- MIC

field – Sir Wolfram Flammenherz

entrents weapons used

Νικηφόρῳ Γοργονίτης 2 hander, glaive & sword+scutum

Präffen Schoredorf glaive

Hanbal al Barberi sword+scutum, glaive & sword+shield

Cormac Lenehan sword+shield

Hugh Fortismains glaive & sword+shield

Dafydd of the Glen sword+scutum, glaive & sword+shield

Round 1

Νικηφόρῳ d Dafydd

Cormac d Präffen

Hanbal d Hugh

Round 2

Νικηφόρῳ d Cormac

Hanbal d Präffen

Dafydd d Hugh

Round 3

Cormac d Hanbal

Dafydd d Präffen

Νικηφόρῳ d Hugh

Round 4

Νικηφόρῳ d Hanbal

Präffen d Hugh

Cormac d Dafydd

Round 5

Cormac d Hugh

Präffen d Νικηφόρῳ

Dafydd d Hanbal


Νικηφόρῳ d Cormac

Cormac d Νικηφόρῳ

Νικηφόρῳ d Cormac

Rapier (Νικηφόρῳ Γοργονίτης vs Seamus MacThorsteyn)

1 sword v sword

2 sword+dagger v sword+dagger

3 dagger v dagger

4 long sword v sword+cane

5 dagger+scutum v dagger+scutum

6 sword+buckler v sword+buckler

7 sword+buckler v sword+dagger

8 dagger+scutum v dagger

9 sword v sword

10 dagger v dagger+scutum

Seamus won 8 to 2 (Νικηφόρῳ won 3 & 8)

There were tournies. archery, childrens boffer & Arts&Crafts