Barony of Stormhold

Baronial Officers Meeting


Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold. Monday, 23rd October  2017 7:30pm


Minute takers:



Item #
1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced:


2 Previous Minutes for the meeting held on Monday, 25th September 2017

`.                A. Motion – That the minutes for Monday25th September 2017 be accepted.


B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes






3 Correspondence:


4  Old Business

Harleston Park Notes see attached – Miriam

C.F. loaner armour, Still no response from CF

Hanbal Fighter survey recommendations?

Rapier gear stored with Ex Rapier Marshall

JG Reserve Car usage rules – Rodrigo to follow up (not done yet)

5 Arts and Sciences – Vacant possible Benedict????

Capt. of Archers – Michael:

D. Seneschal -H & W – Ysabel

Constable – Vacant

Herald – Wynflaed

Hospitaller – Ysabel

Lists – Thorfinn attached

Knight Marshal – Nicophorus

Reeve –Tomas

Community Solutions Account  $3503.49

Current: Westpac Business Cash Reserve Bonus $11,146.65


Current:Rapier– Possible Seameus

Webminister – Mahoult

Seneschal – Rodrigo

B and B – Brian and Miriam

Pending Officer Changeovers – Lists Seneschal
Officer Vacancies: Arts and Sciences, Constable, Rapier Marshal.

Possible Arts and Sciences candidate…


6 Sub Groups

Hamlet Lac D’Or: Meeting held in Sept. – Propose to meet every two months. Discussing  Name and Heraldry

College of St Cecilia –  Hugh: see below

College of St Bartholomew:


7 Events


Past Events-Wrapup

Bash October Bash – Wynflaed

Right Royal Tournament – Rohan? ysabel


Current Events

November Bash – Rodrigo

William Marshal – Magnus


Dec 3rd Bash  – steward?

Jan 7th Bash 2018  – steward?


Event Planning

Chess Challenge 2018 – Baroness?

(Bordescros Feb 23rd Border War) – 20 Years, let’s support as well we can.

(Easter event: 30th March to 3rd of April – KG ) Lief running.

(Rowany Festival 2018: Wednesday 18th April – Sunday 22nd April)

Stormhold 30th Anniversary 2018 –Tomas?

8 General Business

Aliette see below

Easter event:  30th March to 3rd of April Sara and Tomas?


9 Other Business:


10 Next Meeting

Possibly 27th november 2017

11 Meeting Closed







Greetings to Your Excellencies and my lord Seneschal,


I had an idea I wanted to present at the officers’ meeting, but it looks like I’ll be going to Brisbane for work Monday afternoon, so I thought I’d email you about it instead.


We’ve been having “virtual pubnight” chats with dancers around the Kingdom and Mistress Katherina from Ildhafn mentioned a recruitment tool they’ve been using in their group for a few months – Meetup.

They created a Meetup profile for the Ildhafn barony and you can set up meetings for various activities. She says they’ve been getting a steady stream of newcomers over the last few months. She’s had some in her dance classes and there have been new attendees in other barony activities too.

Obviously, not all the newcomers stay, but I understand they’ve picked up a few keepers. Meetup is the sort of thing used by people looking for new social networks/activities, so the SCA may be just what they are after 🙂


There is a cost, depending on the number of people in the group, etc, which I think is something like USD$10 per month for basic and USD$15 per month for unlimited membership.


Unlike Ildhafn, we don’t seem to have a fundamental recruitment problem, however, I thought it might be a useful tool to boost profile of some less popular or visible activities.


Honestly, I was thinking about it primarily in terms of dancing recruitment, but I think it could be a good thing to try generally.





College St Cecelia – Sorry for the late update, St. Cecilia’s is going well, we have loaner swords now and we’re applying for a university grant for demi-gauntlets. We’ll be taking a break from on campus activities over the end of year break but I’ll likely run some armouring workshops for my keen collegians to both get them in their own armour and get loaner armour for the college to insure a strong start to 2018.



Report for October


The KeM has announced that off helm inspections should be done as part of the normal inspection procedure, it’s taking longer than before but is not presenting an issue.

With these inspections it’s becoming apparent that some padding is showing signs of wear, so far fighters have been advised to recheck and look at replacing.

Its been strongly advised that efforts should be increased to prevent thrusts reaching fighters chins or other parts of the head, marshals have been made aware of this and many fighters have made changes to gorget/helm to prevent this. The loaner armour needs looking at in this regard.

A)     Events

A Right Royal Tourney Day

First round of fights were with matched mace, this caused some issues with loosing grip as many fighters were using unfamiliar maces and gauntlets.

No injuries

A piece of non required gear saw failure on a few occasions, this has happened with this piece in the past. Fighter has been consulted about possibilities to fix this.

Weekly fighter practices’

The last 2 weeks has seen an increase in fighter numbers, with 2 new fighters and some older fighters returning.



With apologies but life has been difficult this last week or three. Below is the list of awards granted during a Right Royal Tourney on the 15th of October 2017. Many thanks for the support of Lords Gillucan ua Tomaltaig, and Dante Caldiera, and TH Baroness Ute von Tangermünde  for performing the needed Heraldry upon the day; Gilligan for Baronial Court, TH Ute von Tangermünde and Lord Dante Caldiera for field heraldry.  Stormhold website should be updated on Monday, and again I apologies for it not having been done already.


At this point I cannot promise to be able to attend Baronial Counsel on the 23rd if October and thus, if I fail to attend please tender my apologies.


YiS Wynflæd Goutte d’Eau Herald,


Business was in Their Majesties’ courts, which was handled by Sorle Crux Australis. Stormhold held Court, as well, Heralded by Gillucan ua Tomaltaig. In this court we awarded:


Baronial Commendation to:

* Lord Seamas Mac Thorsteyn

* Lord Roland Ironbeard

Goutte de Perl to:

* TH Lord Benedict of York

Order of the Svalinn to:

* Master Magnus Thorbiornson

* Lord Praffen Schoredorff (aka Checkers)


Stormhold Chatelaine Report October 2017

Period: October 2017


Greetings all.

We have a few new people this last month, showing great enthusiasm. Thank you to Nikolai for helping get new people into armour super quick!

Hugh Fortesmaine was recognised with an AoA at the right royal tourney, predominantly for his work with St Cecilia.

We had a couple of big nights at craft hall, mostly heavies.

Stocktake of loaner garb still pending, as is the hoods of warmth project. Perhaps hoods construction could be a Monday night learning circle?


Yours in Service

Lady Ysabel Norrice

Stormhold Chatelaine



Stormhold Deputy Seneschal (Chirurgeon) Report October 2017

Period: October 2017


Greetings all,

First aid kits have been checked.

Events wise, October bash and a right royal tourney had no reported injuries. Monday night craft hall and fighter practice has had minor injuries, armour bites and bruises only.

Yours in Service

Lady Ysabel Norrice

Stormhold Deputy Seneschal – Health and Wellbeing

Chirurgeon at Large





Monthly Bash – Spring has Sprang – Stormhold AS LII Sunday Octoberber 1 Tourney format: story board Lists – Þorfinn Hrolfsson Marshal – MIC Magnus Thorbjornsson entrents Hanbal al Barberi Tomas van der Hove Round 1 Hanbal (2-1) Round 2 Hanbal (2-1) Round 3 Hanbal (3-0) Round 4&5 Tie (4-4) (rounds combined to counted blows on a “bridge”) fighters exhausted and tourney finished. There was an archery tourney, no rapier contestents presented to lists. To welcome back the sun, and the chance to get out and fight again we bring you a celebration of one of the common tasks of Winter…. The production of fabric… is a weaving themed tournament. The Sprang Tournament will be run as a round-robin style with each new round being the next in the theme list. Depending on numbers we will determine the best two (or four) fighters who will then run a full sequence of the themed bouts to determine the ultimate victor. If more rounds are required in the base selection (for example if we have 8 heavies) then the additional rounds restart at round one. The finals will pick up from the last round fought. Both Heavy and Rapier forms of the Tournament are planned (see below). Also, for A&S we have a competition where the item is any item of hand crafted fabric, fibre based. Sprang Heavy Tournament: 1st Round: The Sprang Round. Sprang involved the twisting of thread to construct the weave with but a single weft thread to lock the fabric. To acknowledge this the Sprang Round will be fought Homlgang style with the fighters required to maintain one foot within the set circular space. 2nd Round: The Warp Round, The basis of much cloth is the warp lines. To acknowledge the importance of the Warps this round will be fought with polearms. 3rd Round: The Shed Round. Fabric was built up by running weft lines through a shed. To acknowledge the Shed this round will be fought with good blows being limited to a specified space. Good blows are only those landed between the line described from BELOW the Shoulder to ABOVE (and including) the hip. 4th Round: The Pattern Round. Many a complex pattern in weaving is based on the counts of movements; either backwards and forward in card weaving, to complex patterns of brocade. To celebrate the numerical aspect of weaving fighters in this round will be required to land either FOUR (4) or EIGHT (8) good blows. The number will be determined on the day. 5th Round: The Fabric Round. A the end of the day fabric was woven in widths determined by the size of the loom or the number of cards in the pattern. To celebrate this fact fighters will meet within the confines of a bridge. Rapier Tournament: If sufficient combatants are available we will also run the Rapier form of the tournament, with the following changes as. 1st Round: The Sprang Round. As Heavy Form 2nd Round: The Warp Round, The basis of much cloth is the warp lines. To acknowledge the importance of the Warps this round combatants with be armed with one sword and one dagger. 3rd Round: The Shed Round. Fabric was built up by running weft lines through a shed. As the shed moved up and down repeatedly is a flow of movement this round will be fought with sword and cloak. 4th Round: The Pattern Round. As Heavy Form 5th Round: The Fabric Round. As Heavy Form Tournament design by Wynnflaed aet West-Seaxum assisted and advised ably by Hanbal al Barbari and Magnus Thorbjornson