October 2016 Minutes

Barony of Stormhold

  Title: Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting  
Venue: Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold.
Date: Monday, 24th October 2016 Start: 7:40 pm Finish: 8:36
  Chair: Rodrigo de Burgos Minute Takers: Sara Van Den Hove  

Attendees: Rodrigo de Burgos,

Miriam bat Shimeon,

Hanbal Al Barbary,

Gilligan ua Tomaltaigh,

Halla Vinagjafer Hrafnsdottir,

Thorfinn Hrolfsson,

Waldo Turner,

Sara van den Hove,

Miriam Galbraith,

Ute Von Tangermunde,

Ysabel Norrice,

Tomas Van Den Hove,

Vienna Maria Della Rosa,

Lachlahn Dunbar,

Meadbbh Meganua Aonghusa.

Avelyn Rosewood,


Item #
1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced:

  1. Previous Minutes for the meeting held on September 26th.

`. A. Motion – That the minutes for September be accepted

B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes

  1. A. Moved: Gilligan

Secended: Thomas

B. No Business



  1. 28th Sept Email City of Yarra Active Yarra Query

  2. 7th Oct Email City of Yarra Coulson reserve invoice

  3. 22nd October Email Lochlan Event Request

  1. Tabled


Old Business

  1. Sunshade repair

  2. Lochac Seneschal Code of Conduct at sign in Seumas

  3. J.G.Reserve access key replacement.- Miriam G.

  4. Heavy Combat Equipment purchase… – Nikephoros

  5. Heavy Authorisation Primer. See attached Nikephoros

  6. Midwinter 2017 Bid win by Cluain – Rodrigo

  7. Demos Rodrigo http://socsen.sca.org/demo-policy/ .Doesn’t strictly apply in Lochac. Current discussion in Seneschals List Uni demos most important. Loaner gear for Members only.

8. Goutte de Pearl redesign

1. Rodrigo to follow up

2. forty copies required

3. ongoing

4.Invoiced – to be paid



7. noted

8. gdp – design chosen. Design to be sent to Benedict for quote – Thomas and Hanbal

5 Officers Reports

a. Vicar – Verbal at meeting

b. Arts and Sciences – Verbal at meeting

c. Capt. of Archers – See attached

d. D. Seneschal -H & W – Verbal At Meeting

e. Constable – Verbal at meeting

f. Herald – See attached

g. Lists – Report attached

h. Knight Marshal – Verbal At Meeting

i. Reeve – Verbal At Meeting

j. Rapier– Verbal at meeting

k. Seneschal – See attached

l. Webminister – Verbal at meeting

m. Officer Changeovers –

Rapier Herald Haspitaller

a. Role to continue until Later

b. Very encouraging


d. No News. first aid kit up to date.





I. Report due last week with help should be done tomorrow


Community Solutions account $3682.14

Business Cash Reserve Bonus $14028.87

Some payments to be made.

Reeve needs a deputy

j. No report – Seneschal to assist to find replacement


l. No report – needs deputy/ replacement


Old Events (wrap up):

Current Events

1. William Marshal 2016 Hanbal 3rd Dec 2016

2. Chess Challenge Miriam 18th Feb

Event Planning

3. Newcomers Thing Ysabel March?

4. Baronial Investiture Planning Jan to ??

5. Winterfeast Planning June July 2017 can clash with Lochac Midwinter

6. Thaw War Hanbal Sept 2017

7. William Marshal Planning 3/Dec/2017

1.WM venue booked and advertising to get going.

2. CC Park booked Prizes Purchased

3. Isobel- 13th or 20 th May Boskai Hall & Edinburgh Gardens.

Proposal at Nov Meeting

4. 1st or 3rd w/e in March.

A motion that $3000 be the initial budget for the B.I. event.

M. Thomas

Sec. Thorfinn


6.TW Venue booked. Pricing similar to Last year .

A motion that $5000 be the initial budget for the event

Moved. Hanbal

Sec. Thomas


General Business

1. Lachlahn’s Event.

2. Heraldry series at Monday night Crafthall Miriam.

3. Baronial Selection and Timeline See attached

1. TFT Toys/Food donation as entry fee

Booking JGR from 9am Sunday 4th of Dec.

A budget of $100 be allocated for TFT event

Moved Thomas

Sec Miriam ???

2. starting 14th Nov at Crafthall.


Other Business:

Discussion of Sunshade replacement& pegless options. Rodrigo to initiate online discussion.  

Next Meeting

Possibly 28th November 2016

Confirmed Propose to start at 7:30 pm  

Meeting Closed



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