Barony of Stormhold
Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold.
Monday, 28th November 2016 7:30pm
Minute takers:

Item #

Welcome to the meeting.
Meeting Commenced:


A) Previous Minutes for the meeting held on October 24th.
`. A. Motion – That the minutes for September be accepted

B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes

Phone arrangements for exchanging keys.
Otherwise No external Corres.

Old Business
1. Sunshade repair – Rodrigo … no progress
2. Lochac Seneschal Code of Conduct at sign in. – Seumas
3. J.G.Reserve access key replacement.- Rodrigo
4. Heavy Combat Equipment purchase… – Nikephoros
5. Heavy Authorisation Primer. – Nikephoros
6. Demos – development of Baronial policy – Rodrigo
7. Goutte de Pearl redesign –

Quarterly reports attached where available.
Officers Reports
a. Vicar – Verbal at meeting
b. Arts and Sciences – See Attached
c. Capt. of Archers – See attached
d. D. Seneschal -H & W – See Attached
e. Constable – Verbal at meeting
f. Herald – See attached
g. Lists – See Attached
h. Knight Marshal – See Attached
i. Reeve – See Attached
j. Rapier– See attached
k. Seneschal – See Attached
l. Webminister – Verbal at meeting
m. Officer Changeovers – Rapier / Hospitaller / Herald

Current Events
a. William Marshal 2016 – Hanbal 3rd Dec 2016
b, Toys for Tots 4th Dec – Lochlahn/Hanbal
c. Monthly Bash 1st January Cancelled
d. Monthly Bash 4th Feb
e. Chess Challenge – Miriam 18th Feb
f. Monthly Bash Bash 4th March
g. Baronial Investiture Planning 11th March 2016? – Thomas/Isabel
h. Thaw War – Hanbal Sept 2017

Event Planning
i. Chris Kringle BBQ and Meet the Candidates 12th Dec – Rodrigo
j. Newcomers Thing – Ysabel March?
k. Winterfeast
m. Planning June July 2017 can clash with Lochac Midwinter
n. William Marshal Planning 3rd Dec 2017

General Business
a. Baronial Selection – Currently three sets of candidates. Polls open Post WM for a time.
b. Demo in Ballarat
c. Stormhold Dance Survey report – Meadbth
d. List shields – Isabel
e. Stormhold Rapier. Urgent need to find a new Rapier Marshal

Other Business:

Next Meeting
Possibly 23rd January 2017

Meeting Closed

1. Reports
2. Timeline for Baronial changeover
3. Calendar

1. Reports
a. Vicar –

b. Arts and Sciences – Arts and Sciences happening. Verbal report to Lachac Arts and Sciences officer In all other matters:- Nope. No idea at all. That there is a huge, unsolvable conundrum. I can see no possible solution. The deaths of millions of innocent people are imminent. End times have arrived. I weep for the loss of all humanity. – Waldo

c. Capt. of Archers –

d. D. Seneschal -H & W
Baronial Chirurgeon Stormhold
Ysabel Norrice
Events in Stormhold
Weekly heavy training and craft hall Armour bites, aggravation of existing injuries, minor bruises. Nothing requiring referral to EMS.
Monthly Bashing Armour bites, aggravation of existing injuries, nothing requiring referral to EMS.
Archery training        Nothing reported to baronial chirurgeon
Thaw War Minor injuries, nothing requiring referral to EMS.
New Chirurgeon added to pool. Keith Lim.

e. Constable –
f. Herald –
g. Lists –
Quarterly report
List report for the Barony of Stormhold November 2016.
Lists were run at

Thaw War
Monthly Bash October
Monthly Bash November

your servant Þorfinn Hrolfsson – Stormhold Baronial List Keeper

Monthly Bash – Stormhold AS LI – Sunday November 6

Tourney format: Vandal’s Choice
Lists – Þorfinn Hrolfsson with Eleanora de la Birche
Marshals – Rodrigo (MiC) – tourney started at 2pm and finished at 4pm

1 Cormac Lenehan
2 Magnus Thorbjornsson
3 Νικηφόρῳ Γοργονίτης (Nikephorous Gorgonites)
4 Sir Wolfram von Flammenherz
5 Praffen Schoredorf (Checkers)
6 Hanbal al Barberi
7 Tomas van der Hove
8 Dafydd of the Glen
9 Vandal Luchea
10 Rodrigo de Burgos

Each fighter pick a style of tourney, so this resulted in a tourney of tournies
1 fighters in a line, top two fight loser eliminated, winner to the back of the line
2 3 fighter team melee (hence 3 winners of round 2)
3 fighters form a line and swap weapon to the left, challenges with 2 lives
4 each fight to first blood, challenges with 2 lives
5 Valhalla tourney (differed to round 10)
6 fighters holding a short rope, challenges with 1 life
7 fighters on knees, challenges with 1 life
8 the carpet, fighters must maintain a point of contact with the carpet, challenges with 1 life
9 small centre grip ship shield in dominant hand, challenges with 1 life
10 shield (1 hit) and polearm (2 hits) then broken, challenges with 1 life

Vandal 5 wins 1, 2, 4, 6 & 10
Magnus 2 wins 3 & 5
Cormac 2 wins 7 & 8
Rodrigo 1 win 9
Hanbal 1 win 2
Νικηφόρῳ 1 win 2

h. Knight Marshal
Knight Marshal Quarterly report ending Nov 15 2016

Fighters We are getting a lot of new fighters that are returning regularly, it’s great to see and having existing fighters helping and lending gear is great to see., while we haven’t seen as many fighters stay as i would like. I am working with the local senior fighters on how we can counteract this trend

Armour with many new fighters we are getting many new pieces of gear, the Barony has supported this with a recent purchase of some essentials to expand our ability to equip newcomers.

There have been no, pieces of interest to report this quarter

Weapons We are seeing quite a few newer weapons, none are showing issues

I have discussed at the start of this quarter with Jolly knight armoury, production of plastic weapon heads as forms, the weight has been an issue and not much has progressed with this.

One of our newer fighters is a keen 3D printer and has produced a series on 3d printed thrusting tips, the current design gives well, is durable having currently seen roughly 60 fighting hours on my own stick with little sign of wear, or degradation, plus significant hours on his own and another fighters stick, admittedly neither are as thrust heavy or fighting heavy as my own. It is my belief that the design is good to be okayed as an approved piece of gear and good to be advertised and sold to wider lochac.

Rulebook/Handbook I have noticed the Lochac fighter’s handbook does not include provision for ‘low line’ 2inch thrusting tips for fibreglass pikes, my experience is that these are being used and accepted by marshals i am unsure if this has been updated elsewhere or if it needs to be amended

Nikepheros Gorgonites
Knight Marshal, Stormhold

i. Reeve –
Events this quarter
Guild Brawl;
Event income; $90 Event expenses; 87.10 no non members 11 Kingdom Levies Total profit = $3.90
One of the cooks/stewards never gave their bank details, and then dropped off the face of the earth, so we’re counting their food contributions as donations, which brings the expenses to $23.35, and the profits to $66.65

Winterfeast; Event income; $1685 Event expenses; $1407.64 14 non members 78 kingdom levies Total profit $277.36

Wargames of the Thaw; Event income; $5527 Event expenses; 4901.02 13 non members 73 kingdom levies
Total profit $625.98

Money spent external to these events
$832 for our heavy training hall Yearly cost
$157.30 for our monthly tournament grounds
$355 for loaner armour
$480 for our rapier training hall
$1405 for baronial tokens
$110 outstanding transaction from coronation 2015
Total $3339.3

Money received this quarter not from above events
Dance donations- total $69
Monday Training donations- total $250.10
Monthly Bash donations- $206.35
Total $525.45
Non- members
Above events $140
misc $5
Total $145

j. Rapier–
Gilbert has resigned as Rapier Marshal. He will be tidying up the loose ends with the Reeve and Lochac Rapier Marshal. An average of three people are attending Stormhold Rapier classes.

k. Seneschal –
We are coming to the end of a very exciting year. We’ve had the B and B win Crown and the first changeover of our neighbour’s Royal Reps. Very soon we are going to have announced the Candidates for Stormhold’s next Royal Representatives. This is a very important time to have some effect on the running your Barony. Whether you are standing as a candidate or answering the poll to express your opinion as to whom you like as your reps., It is very important that you participate. The future leadership of the Barony is very important. This is your chance to have a say. The exact polling process will be announced around William Marshall Tournament.
I’m trying to develop a Baronial policy about how the Barony participates in Public Demos. Stand by for details and see me is this is an issue for you.

There will be no bash on the first of January nor will there be an officers meeting on the 26th of December.
We are looking some vacant officers positions, Rapier, Hospitaller and Herald. Please see me if you wish to get more information about these roles.

l. Webminister
Nothing big this quarter – lost the mailman login, and was fortunate to have that reset quickly by masonry, someone actually wanted to use our flickr group (huzzah!), and surprisingly, nothing seems to have broken in the updates this time.

I’ve been updating pages, menus, and links as appropriate, and will start looking for someone to replace me in the new year. I’ve got someone in mind, but am waiting for him to finish his thesis before asking.
Cheers, Mahault

Timeline For Baronial Changeover
5th Nov 2016 Nov Crown Call for Candidates
3rd Dec 2016William Marshall – Candidates Announced and polling commences
12th Dec 2016 Meet the Candidates Crafthall
Late Dec 2016 Polls Close
7th-8th Jan Twelfth Night Polit Royal Reps announced.
11th March? Baronial Invest