Minutes August 2016

Barony of Stormhold

Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting

Venue: Coulson Reserve Clifton Hill

Monday 22nd August

Meeting Commenced 7:43 pm

Chair: Rodrigo de Burgos

Minute Taker: Thomas Vanden Hove


Attendees: Thorfinn Hrolfsonn

Magnus Thorbjornson

Miriam Bat Shimon

Meadhbh mgean ui Aonghusa

Michael De Le Ferret

Seumas Mac Thorsteyn

Thomas Van den Hove

Rodrigo De Burgos

Ysabel Norrice




  1. Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced: 7:43pm

  1. Previous Minutes for the meeting held on June 27th.
  2. Motion – That the minutes for June be accepted

Deferred until September meeting as Minutes were not published for Scrutiny. Thorfinn read minutes and acknowledged that they were available.

  1. Correspondence:
  2. Email of 5 August Brimbank Council
  3. Lochac Seneschal Code of Conduct at sign in.

Old Business

  1. Speccy Drakkar progress – Hanbal ongoing
  1. Goute de Pearl redesign – ThorolfR

GDP Ysabel reported Option 1; firmly rooted in, statement needed.

  1. Sunshade Refurbishment – Rodrigo

C: Been too wet, wants to organise people to do sunshades. Happy to supervise

D, Lochac Seneschal Code of Conduct at sign in.- Seumas4

Seumas on to it

6 Officers Reports

  1. Vicar – Verbal at meeting

(Returned from Pennsic War)There are many baronies in the world, you should visit them. No business

  1. Arts and Sciences – Verbal at meeting absent
  2. Capt. of Archers – Verbal at Meeting

Archery is happening, no injuries

  1. D. Seneschal -H & W Report attached

report read

  1. Constable – Verbal at meeting

code of conduct is happening. Ysabel to laminate at work

  1. Herald – Verbal at meeting

Ute is unwell, but nothing to report, some submissions have come back

Lists – Report attached to August Agenda

Knight Marshal – Report attached to August Agenda

Reeve – Report attached

Attached to August Agenda

  1. Rapier– Verbal at meeting


  1. Seneschal –

interested in authorisations. Start work on finding replacements early.

  1. Webminister – Verbal at meeting

updates to wordpress, site didn’t break. Needs a replacement.

  1. Officer Changeovers –




Health and Safety (maybe)


  1. Events:


To be circulated and reviewed next meeting.

Those bits which should be public.
B.Thaw War

See attached report from Hanbal Al Barbary verbal at meeting

B: advertising drive

58 adults

Total of 64 ish still looking good

Changed cooks for the Friday night

A lot coming out this week

Should work

Ysabel has been doing great work

Offered a flat rate option, no co-hiring occurring
C.William Marshal 2016 see attached Corres.

C: Hanbal is exploring an option, catered picnic in Brimbank park

No formal approval, if someone else was interested in putting forward a proposal

Sam would be the primary cook

Will finalise by the next meeting


  1. General Business

Heavy equipment purchase (see attach email) 18/8/2016 in agenda

Nik put forward motion, Hanbal seconded, motion carried without dissent

Restoring Stormhold loaner equipment


I would like to request funding make 2 new loaner swords with baskets, making a total of 3.

I would also like to buy shield gloves to attach to any of the shields in the armoury, and 2 right handed demi gauntlets. I would also like to re-pad the Stormhold helmets with better quality foam.


The pricing I have sourced for this project is as follows:

Tape – $20

Plastic basket hilts $40 each

Demi gauntlets $50 each

Shield gloves $70 each

Shipping will be $35.

Foam $15 for helmet padding.


Total requested from Stormhold baronial funds: $390


Authorisation Policy – Rodrigo

Discussion of Authorisations policy

Nikolai is putting something together

Hanbal doesn’t see the problem.


  1. Other Business

Thorfinn: Krae glas is putting together wall hangings, to put up everyone’s device on the list rope.

Hanbal suggests waiting for their finished product.

Thorfinn to spearhead a project to copy them maybe.


  1. Next Meeting

Possibly 26th September 2016

10.Meeting Closed

Time: 8:44