Barony of Stormhold

Baronial Officers Meeting


Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold. Monday, 22nd May 2017 7:30pm


Minute takers:



Item #
1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced:


Previous Minutes for the meeting held on Monday, 24th April 2017

`. A. Motion – That the minutes for April 24th 2017 be accepted.

B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes

  1. M:



Correspondence: see attached

Auburn Sec Coll keys


Old Business

5 Quarterly reports attached where available.

Officers Reports

Arts and Sciences – Verbal at meeting

Capt. of Archers Attached

D. Seneschal -H & W Attached

Constable – Verbal at meeting

Herald Attached

Lists Attached

Knight Marshal – Attached

Reeve –Attached

Community Solutions Account

Current:Westpac Business Cash Reserve Bonus Current:Rapier– Verbal at meeting

Webminister Attached

Seneschal – Verbal at meeting

B and B – Verbal at meeting

Officer Changeovers – Hospitaller / Constable / Art and Sciences


Sub Groups

Hamlet Lac D’Or

College of St Cecilia Hugh

College of St Bartholomew



Past Events-Wrapup

Bash 7th May – Nicophoros

Current Events

Bash 4th June Steward?

Bash 2nd July Steward?

Bash 6th August Steward?

Bash 1st October – Wynflaedt

Other Monthly Bash planning

Winterfeast 22nd July – Sara

Thaw War 1st-3rd September Hanbal

Event Planning

KG Knights school 20 May

KG Day of honour 19th August

Stormhold William Marshal Planning 3rd Dec 2017

Straits war KG, SH and YF to coordinate.

Stormhold 30th Anniversary 2018


General Business



Other Business:


Next Meeting

Possibly 26th June 2017


Meeting Closed



  1. Correspondence


Attention Martina Owen

From James Brown

Hi Martina;

I am one of the contacts our group the “Society for Creative Anachronism”.

We use the John Gardner Reserve oval on a regular basis.

Late last year you rang me and we discussed the impending change of keys for John Gardner Reserve.

Could you please let me know if new keys are available for our group?

Please let me know if I can collect them this week or ASAP

yours sincerely

James Brown

for SCA


Some quarterly reports

Captain of archers

Michael De La Ferrett


There have been 3 monthly bashs all have been quiet relaxed family picnics. Archery was on 3d targets and standard target faces. May bash also saw combat archery targets being used. No competitions No injuries No deaths Yet still enjoyable.

I have been writing an Aide De Memoire for Target archery. A copy is attached in PDF form.

I would appreciate any input you have. My aim is to assist any TAM finding themselves in charge at an archery event , whether it be just a practice session or competition and to assist any one coming into the position of Captain of Archers.

I have deliberately kept it simple as this not meant to be a hand book or manual.

If you could add sticky notes of any changes, additions or other, it would be appreciated.

Chirurgeon Report



Monthly Bashes: nil injuries reported

Monday Trainings: Minor injuries, self-resolving, band aids needed

Dancing: NIR

Invest: One injury, required Ice, report submitted in event report to Chir.

First aid kits checked, restocked with forms and bandaids.

Yours in health and service

Lady Ysabel Norrice

Deputy seneschal, health and wellbeing

Baronial Chirurgeon Stormhold


List report for the Barony of Stormhold – May 2017.
I did lists for Stormhold Monthly Bash for April
March and May Bash Tournaments did not happen, but I was there.
Also did lists for several (4) tournaments at Festival including FAT and Heraldic Melee
your servant
Þorfinn Hrolfsson – Stormhold Baronial List Keeper

Quarterly Report (​Heraldic) for ​Stormhold 2017


Consultations – Consultation is happening.

Awards – Magnus Thorbjarnarson was given a Baronial Commendation by Baron Thorolfr Brandsson and Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir as their final award granted before stepping down.

Lord Tomas Van Den Hove was awarded a Baronial Commendation by Baron Brían dorcha ua Conaill and Baroness Miriam Bat Shimeon in May 2017

Voice Heraldry – Stormhold has held three regular events supported by the Heralds with the addition of heralding a training session in March on etiquette on the field as part of fighter training.

Other Heralds’ Activities – The step up of Baron Brían dorcha ua Conaill and Baroness Miriam Bat Shimeon saw Lady Ute von Tangermunde step down as the Baronial Herald (Goutte d’ Eau) after two years of wonderful service. Lady Wynflæd æt West-Seaxum has taken up the role in the stead of the Honourable Lady Baroness Ute von Tangermunde. Heraldry for Stormhold during this event was provided by Dante Caldiera with formal court being run by Crux Australis Baron Sorle Maknicoll.

Dante Caldiera has been asked by the new Baron and Baroness Stormhold to act as their personal voice herald as part of the Baronial Household.


Wynflæd æt West-Seaxum (Jeanette Auer)


Generally quiet on the web front. The BnB noticed that recommendations weren’t getting through (I think this must have broken during one of the updates, however being that we had a Vicar, no-one noticed). Fixed it!
Starting work on the next event page (Thaw War). I need to check in with my potential replacement about when he might be ready to start, although I think it will be the end of this year.
Mahault du Drac


Reeves report Jan- March 2017

Money in $9368.20

Interest paid $23.51

Total in $9391.71

Money out $7148

Total gain $2243.71

Kingdom levy owed $159

Event insurance owed $180

Current events

Baronial investiture

Income $4,155.00

Expenses $2,800.80

Event insurance $80.00

Kingdom levy $109.00

Profit $1165.2

Chess challenge

Income $358.00

Expenses $131.00

Event insurance $25.00

Kingdom levy $50.00

Profit $152

General activities


Donations (Total ) $652.2

Monthly Bash (2 run) $170.5

Thursday dance (4 run) $100.5

Craft Hall (11 run) $281.2

General donation $100


Hall hire Shakespeare Grove $300

Event insurance $75

Old events

William Marshall

Expenses $258.3

17 general activities run this quarter, with a total donated income of 652.2 (including a one off donation by one of our long term members)

2 events – both of which turned a modest profit comparative to their size.

$3000 was transferred from our savings account to our regular account to make payments for Baronial investiture.


Stormhold Marshal’s report Q2 2017

Stormhold continues to run a weekly training, and a monthly event including Fighting. Fighter numbers have slightly reduced in the last few months but we have retained several new fighters. We are also expecting some new fighters to attend events in Q3 as the College of St Cecilia’s has reopened.

Hugh Fortismane continues his work on 3d printed thrusting tips for swords, the current one handed model is stable and passing inspections constantly. He is currently working on a 2 handed model, that is showing promise, with plans for pike setups and non round setups next.

We have seen no major issues with equipment, and no significant injuries.