Barony of Stormhold MINUTES

Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting

Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold.

Monday, 27th March 2017 7:30pm

Chair: Thorfinn

Minute takers:


Rodrigo De Burgos,WynFlaed, Brian Dorcha, Miriam bat Shimon, Tomas Van den Hove, Hugh Fortesmains, Sara Van den Hove, Michael De Le Ferrett, Torkel, Thorfinn Hrolfsson.



Item #
1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced:

Time: 8:37

Previous Minutes for the meeting held on 23rd January 2017

`. A. Motion – That the minutes for January be accepted

B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes None

  1. Previous Minutes for the meeting held on March 2nd 2017

`. A. Motion – That the minutes for February (March 2nd) be accepted

B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes None

  1. M: Rodrigo

S: Miriam

Carried without dissent

M: Miriam

S: Hugh

Carried without dissent


Correspondence: see attached

Pennsic front wall

Motion: That a banner not be made.

  1. M: Sara

S: Tomas

Carried without dissent


Old Business

  1. Goutte de Pearl redesign – Miriam

5 Quarterly reports attached where available.

Officers Reports

Arts and Sciences – Verbal at meeting Not Present

Capt. of Archers – Verbal at meeting Verbal report on bow repair: Took the bows, Fixed the bows, One child bow retired.

Motion: we pay for bow repairs and budget for bow replacement of $100

Moved :Tomas

Seconded Torkil

Carried without dissent

D. Seneschal -H & W – Verbal at meeting Someone use the FA kit at the Hall. Since then restocked. No reported injuries.

Constable – Verbal at meeting Office Vacant

Herald – attached Wynflaed appointed to role.

Lists – Verbal at meeting Nothing to report

Knight Marshal – Verbal at meeting Bash Happened (no fighting), Lots of Fighting at Invest. One new fighter on the filed,. No incidents.

Reeve – Verbal at meeting

Community Solutions Account

Current $5,915.51Westpac Business Cash Reserve BonusCurrent $11,078.63
Not a lot to report. Invest happened Q&A on depositing money in to account.

Rapier– Verbal at meeting Torill is offering to step up . Commentary period to be announced.

Webminister – Verbal at meeting Mahoult is happy in Position. Need to fix recommendations form.

Seneschal – Verbal at meeting Invest Happened, Groups are happy, st Cecelia college and Bendigo hamlet happening.

B and B – Varbal Invest done. Got thought the event. Fixed the Baronial Email Straights war.

Officer Changeovers – Rapier / Hospitaller / Constable



Lac D’Or Watch this space.

College of St Cecilia Hugh AGM tomorrow. Affiliating with La Trobe. College has been dormant Hoping to get lots of members tomorrow Watch this Space!



Past Events-Wrapup

Monthly Bash 4th March Nicophoros MIC? No fighting, A nice little Event Target Archery

Baronial Investiture 11th March 2016 – Thomas/Isabel

Compliments from the Seneschal

139 attended

(8 day only)

$4155 income $2800 Expenses

Good responses about the hall.

Tournament was fun

Vibe was good.

Current Events

Monthly Bash April 2nd. Nicophoros MIC?

Rowany Festival 12th – 18th April

Event Planning

May bash to be organised by B&B

Knight school


j. Newcomers Thing – Ysabel March? Shelved

k. Winterfeast No EOI received. Sara to work one up.

Planning June July 2017 can clash with Lochac Midwinter

n. Thaw War – Hanbal Sept 2017 No updates

o. William Marshal Planning 3rd Dec 2017

Straights war

Gib and Beth, and the Baronesses of Ynys Fawr have mentioned A Straits War between Ynys Fawr, KG & Stormhold next year.

Ynys Fawr looking to host – nothing set as yet.
Watch this Space


General Business

Future of Rapier Training


Rapier is in the process of moving/changing. Gilbert is no longer running Wed nigh training in Carlton. Discussion of moving Rapier to “The Melbourne Salle” (Gibert’s new premises.) Suggestions about wearing the extra costs if training held at new location. Wednesday not available in new hall.


Motion A rapier poll of rapier fighters to assess place time and type of training.

Moved Sara

Seconded Ysabel

Carried without dissent




Pennsic front wall (see attached)


Other Business:

Would like to open up Monthly Bash to people to try out themes they would like to try. Easy way of trying out event stewarding. – Brian

B&B’ to write a “from the B&B” letter.

Sept 2018 30th anniversary of the Barony.


Next Meeting

24rd April 2017 Clifton Hill


Meeting Closed

Time: 8.39pm



  1. Correspondence

  2. Reports

  3. Calendar

1. Correspondence

Pennsic Front wall email 12 march

Hi All

As a part of sprucing up the Lochac encampment at Pennsic we are asking groups to paint up your group device on a sheet to be a part of the front fence of the encampment.

The piece needs to be 1 yard square and water proofed.

At this point each group will need to fund it themselves.

Pieces will need to be completed by July so as we can co-ordinate transport.

Please contact me offline if you have any further queries.

William Castille


End of Correspondence

2. Reports

(see agenda for March)