Barony of Stormhold


Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting

Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold.

Held on Monday, 28th JUNE 2017 7:30pm

Chair: Sara

Minute takers: Rodrigo

Attendees: Rodrigo de Burgos, Tomas Van Den Hove, Sara vabn den Hove, Nikophoros Gorgonites, Ysabel Norrice, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Brian Dorcha Ua Cornaill, Hugh Fortesmains, Hextilda Attewille, Magnus Thorbjornson.


Miriam Bat Shimon, Wyn Flead Aet West Seaxan, Thorkael Rauthskeggr, Michael De la Ferrett,

Item #
1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced:

Time: 7:35pm

Previous Minutes for the meeting held on Monday, 22nd May 2017

`. A. Motion – That the minutes for Monday, 22nd May 2017 be accepted.

B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes no business

  1. M: Tomas

S: Brian


Correspondence: None received


Old Business

Goute de perle

5 Quarterly reports attached where available.

Officers Reports

Arts and Sciences – vacant

Capt. of Archers – absent

D. Seneschal -H & W – Verbal at meeting all good

Constable – vacant

Herald – attached not present

Lists – Verbal at meeting June Bash 19months in seeking replacament

Knight Marshal – Verbal at meeting no new fighters or authorisations, The armour is regularly in use.

Reeve – Verbal at meeting

Community Solutions Account

Current: 3298.38Westpac Business Cash Reserve Bonus Current: 11107.96Rapiervacant

Webminister – not present but website going well

Seneschal – Verbal at meeting

B and B – Demesne discussion, In talks for 2 upcoming events, Seeking a steward for the royal visit, Looking forward to July bash

Officer Changeovers – Constable, Rapier Marshal Hospitaller Arts and Sciences



Hamlet Lac D’Or no news

College of St Cecilia Hugh: Exam Break, seeking sponsorship to mentor new members, 2 or 4 member to I.C.W., General discussion of college



Past Events – Wrapup

May 6th KG Day of Champions

KG Knights school 20 May: went well held at my Morton camp and conference centre Belgrave

Current Events

Bash 4th June Steward? Vels tourney

Bash 2nd July Steward? Forcest light rain. Miriam has the new keys.

Bash 6th August Steward? Baronial Championship at Bash

Stormhold Winterfeast

(Planning June July 2017 can clash with Lochac Midwinter)

40 booked so far $35 tickets, Break even at 75

Thaw War – Hanbal Sept 2017 Next payment due, Booking notice to stormlist – event to be put on website.

Event Planning

College War 8th – 9th July Archery equipment to be borrowed for I.C.W. from Stormhold Council agrees

Wynflead to Host October Bash

KG Day of honour

Royal 14Th visit Oct 14/15

Stormhold William Marshal Planning 3rd Dec 2017

Feb 23rd Border War

Straits war KG, SH and YF to coordinate. Typo Corrected, no news

Stormhold 30th Anniversary 2018 TBA

Easter event: 2018 K.G. meeting 15th July Wonthaggi

Tentative site booking?
Expected attendence 200

Easter is 30th March to 2nd April Possible joint event with K.G. Sara to Liaise with K.G.

Motion: that the Barony provide $1500 fully refundable for a deposit for the propose Easter Event in Conjuntion with the Barony of Krae Glas.

Moved: Sara

Seconded: Thorfinn

Motion Carried without dissent


General Business


Brian reports that Miriam Bat Shimon asks that officers seek Deputies for their offices from 12 months in


Possible alternate dates for William Marshal 25th November or 9th Dec


Other Business:



Next Meeting

To Be Held on the 24th Of July 2017 at Coulsen Reserve at 7:30


Meeting Closed

Time: 8:21