Barony of Stormhold

MINUTES July 2016

Miriam Staples???, Miriam Galbraith, Ysabel Norrice, Thomas Van Den Hove, Obbi Illogi, Michael Le Ferret, Seumas Gaskin, Rodrigo de burgos, Thorfin Hrolfsson, Gilbert de Walchop, Waldo Turner. No apologies.
  Title: Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting  
Venue: Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold.
Date: Monday, 25th July 2016 Start: 7:30 pm Finish: 9:00 pm
  Chair: Thomas Minute Takers: Rodrigo De Burgos  

Item #
1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced: 7.30pm

  1. Previous Minutes for the meeting held on June 27th.

`. A. Motion – That the minutes for June be accepted

    1. B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes- No Business

  1. M: Michael

S: Ysabel



A. City of Yarra – Active Yarra listing enquiry

B. Lochac Seneschal Code of Conduct at sign in.

  1. Follow up :

  1. Rodrigo

  2. Seumas


Old Business

  • A. Speccy Drakkar progress – Hanbal Not present Business in train

  • B. Goute de Pearl redesign – ThorolfR Not Present … (concern!)

  • C. Sunshade Refurbishment – Rodrigo Too wet too busy

5 Officers Reports

a. Vicar – Verbal at meeting Email sent see attached The krea Glas barial poll is open Wed- meet the candidates

b. Arts and Sciences – Verbal at meeting Pennsic!!!!

c. Capt. of Archers – Report attached

d. D. Seneschal -H & W Report attached

e. Constable – Verbal at meeting Good numbers at July bash and at Guild Brawl

f. Herald – Verbal at meeting Not Present

g. Lists – Verbal at meeting

h. Knight Marshal – Verbal at meeting

i. Reeve – Report attached

j. Rapier– Report attached

k. Seneschal – Verbal at meeting

l. Webminister – Verbal at meeting

m. Officer Changeovers –

Capt. of Archers, changed over at Winterfeast

Rapier. On going

Herald, on going

Reeve Candidate. Thomas Van den Hove Changed over at Winterfeast



See attached report from Ava Del Mas

B.Thaw War

See attached report from Hanbal Al Barbary

Rodrigo asked if there was to be any Arts and Sciences activities at Thaw War.

C.William Marshal 2016 Still seeking mudane council approval for site.

Event held

Other Business:

Guild Brawl 11 attendees, Good Weather, Good times Spent some money….

Miriam Galbraith reported that the kingdom portion of profit from Cairn Fell’s Kingdom event were not sent to kingdom bur rather to Stormhold and that she recommends that we pay kingdom the value.

Motion:- That the portion of the Profit being an amount of $2448.75 from midwinter 2015 be paid to the Kingdom Exchequer.

Moved Miriam Galbraith

Seconded Thomas.

Gindi reported that Rapier costs were too high and that the outgoings be reduced by reducing the time of the regular Wednesday booking to 2 hours starting at 8pm. Resulting in a reduction of expense from $45 – $60 to become $30 per night.

Moved Gilbert Sec. Miriam G.

Obbi from K.G. ask to use the John Gardiner reserve on the 16th of October. And Any additional costs would be bourne by K.G.

Miriam to book additional time on the day .

Moved Thomas. Seconded Seumas.


Next Meeting

Possibly 22th August 2016


Meeting Closed

Time: 8:15


Marshal report


We are maintaining a steady level of new fighters at practice, although to my knowledge we have not had any new authorisations this month


No injuries to my awareness


Bash, Tourney held with random weapons, winner was Hrothgar

Current projects

One of our New players, david has begun prototyping a 3d printed thrusting tip

I have asked for a write up to pass to kingdom level

As follows

To whom it may concern,

I am looking into manufacturing low profile thrusting tips for SCA heavy combat use. The thrusting tips I intend to make are a one piece thrusting tip that is 50mm in total length which slides over the top 30mm of the weapon haft prior to being taped in place, the remaining 20mm being used as the effective thrusting tip.
I wish to manufacture these as they are a better alternative to the most commonly used method of producing a thrusting tip, which is the use of closed cell foam. As it is more securely attached and hence less likely to fly off if the force of a blow is concentrated on the tip of the weapon. It will also allow for easier inspection by non-experienced SCA members as it will either still be serviceable or have obvious splits. Due to choice in material it will be more durable, as it is to be constructed using TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), which is abrasion resistant, with high elasticity and shear strength.
It is constructed through the use of 3D printing and is manufactured so that it is expected to fail along the length of the weapon rather than across the width of the weapon with the intention that in the event of failure it will be unlikely to detach from the weapon, and will likely still protect the individual on the receiving end of a thrust from the rigid tip of the weapon. Through the use of 3d printing it will also be more consistent and have a lower likelihood of user error than a closed cell foam thrusting tip.

Kind regards,
David Mapley

I am also working with a member of Jolly knight armory out of the ukraine at producing SC legal weapon heads. This has gained a lot of interest worldwide, and has involved marshals from multiple kingdoms.

We are currently working on proof of concept at one style of head, plan is to be easy to instal, look good and comply to SCA specifics.


My apologies for tonight as i dont expect to be there.

Vicar report

No issues that i am aware of.

KG polling is now open. Encourage all members of the Barony to consider responding to the poll.

Speccy drakkars. Casting complete, being assembled and cleaned up.