Barony of Stormhold

JuLy Agenda

Title: Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting
Venue: Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold.
Date: Monday, 25th July 2016 Start: 7:30 pm Finish: 9:00 pm
Chair: Minute Takers:
Item #
1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Comenced:

  1. Previous Minutes for the meeting held on June 27th.

`. A. Motion – That the minutes for June be accepted

    1. B. Business Arising from Previous Minute

  1. M:




A. City of Yarra – Active Yarra listing enquiry

B. Lochac Seneschal Code of Conduct at sign in.


Old Business

  • A. Speccy Drakkar progress – Hanbal

  • B. Goute de Pearl redesign – ThorolfR

  • C. Sunshade Refurbishment – Rodrigo

5 Officers Reports

a. Vicar – Verbal at meeting

b. Arts and Sciences – Verbal at meeting

c. Capt. of Archers – Report attached

d. D. Seneschal -H & W Report attached

e. Constable – Verbal at meeting

f. Herald – Verbal at meeting

g. Lists – Verbal at meeting

h. Knight Marshal – Verbal at meeting

i. Reeve – Report attached

j. Rapier– Report attached

k. Seneschal – Verbal at meeting

l. Webminister – Verbal at meeting

m. Officer Changeovers –

Capt. of Archers,



Reeve Candidate. Thomas Van den Hove



See attached report from Ava Del Mas

B.Thaw War

See attached report from Hanbal Al Barbary

C.William Marshal 2016


Other Business:


Next Meeting

Possibly 22th August 2016


Meeting Closed



Captain of Archers:

Greetings all,

Archery happened at Bash.  There was a Queen’s shoot with 10-12 participants.  We also did a roving shoot and used the various 3D targets Michael had kindly brought along for us to use.  3rd Sunday archery didn’t happen as I was at the Guild Brawl event.  I am stepping down as Captain of Archers at Winter Feast and Michael will be taking over the role unless there are objections from the populace of the Barony.  Gilligan and Roland’s TAM authorisations were renewed at Bash.

No injuries or incidents to report.  We could use some new target faces.


Annabelle Perrot


Deputy Seneschal – Health and Wellbeing:

Nothing to report to my knowledge.

First Aid Kits (not rapier) all checked and restocked.

I am chirurgeon in charge of thaw war, and that is in hand.

Unsure of first aid presence required by Winterfeast tourneys. Please confirm if people/FA kit required.

Ysabel Norrice
Baronial Chirurgeon Stormhold
Deputy Seneshal Health and Safety


Rapier Marshal:

Rapier report:

No injuries, or authorisations this month. Weekly training continues to be quiet.

We had a successful rapier event on Sunday, final report still to come (Seumas has the paperwork and money).

There are still no applicants for Group Rapier Marshal. I intend to step down before the end of the year and will be warning people of this fact which will hopefully get some applicants.

Agenda item:

The scouts would like to increase the rent for Wednesdays from $45 per night to $60 per night. Given that we aren’t covering the costs as it is, I don’t this is viable without some changes.

The solution I would like to propose is that training starts at 8 pm instead of 7 pm and the evening booking is shared with my HEMA group which would take the 6 – 8 pm time. The new rent of $60 would be split between the two groups and thus reduce the SCA financial burden to a more sustainable $30 per night.


Gilbert Walchop

Reeve Report:

Hi (Rodrigo), Reeve report for the month: Transaction account $4844.45, Savings account $16342.53.

I have an agenda item: Cairn Fell in winding up Midwinter did not pass on to Kingdom the share of the profits owed. Kingdom requests we pay up from the funds passed to us.

My quarterly report to kingdom is included below:


Greetings and salutations to you, I present here hopefully my last quarterly report as Stormhold Reeve. Sorry it is a bit late.

We have only held events by donation this quarter, the local big event was May Crown which was run by Krae Glas and so we had the fun but not the work. Our 3 Monthly Bashes all took enough in donations to cover the field hire.

Our regular practices are breaking even to loose a little. Monday Fighting and A&S is well attended, Thursday Dancing and Wednesday Rapier less so. I believe these are being looked into by the relevant officers.

Monday training and Bash have taken $165 in event insurance during the quarter. As these are by donation no kingdom levy was accrued.

Payments have been made towards the future events Winter Feast and Wargames of the Thaw. Winter feast took $8 in Kingdom levy in the quarter (all who paid were members) Thaw War $11 in kingdom levy and $15 in event insurance.

All the dropbox folders are up to date with sign in sheets and council minutes. I have not done event reports for the upcoming events as I had failed to realise they were required pre event. My bad.

A Xero report will show an additional $5 event insurance and $4 kingdom levy. This is from a very late payment (we had given up on them paying) for William Marshal.

I believe that Rodrigo as seneschal now has access to the account. I will confirm this with him. We are in the process of choosing a new reeve and Tomas van den Hove will take over soon after Winter Feast unless there is some objection from the populace.

Yours in service

Miriam Galbraith


City Of Yarra

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well. We are about to start work on the next edition of Active Yarra so please start getting your listings together and sending them through to me. Even if you want to keep the exact same listings, you must let me know this, or you risk losing you spot, as we have little space, and a high demand for listings.

A link to the most recent edition is below, so please check you listings and let me know.


Callum Richards
Recreation Liaison Officer
City of Yarra PO Box 168 Richmond 3121
T (03) 9205 5738  F (03) 8417 6666  M
E  Callum.Richards@yarracity.vic.

Please click on to the latest edition of Active Yarra April 2016 –September 2016

Lochac Seneschal

Kingdom Seneschal <>
Reply-To: Lochac Seneschals mailing list <>
To: Lochac Seneschals mailing list <>,
12 July 2016 at 21:14
Greetings, all –
It’s recently come to my attention that we don’t routinely promote the Code of Conduct at our event sign-in
desks. Why, I hear you ask, would we?
Well, it’s like this. Any Australian member has acknowledged the code when they joined or last renewed
their membership, along with signing a waiver. Whether or not they actually read the code is immaterial,
the point is that they have acknowledged it, and a constable or other officer can legitimately call them out
if their behaviour is not in line with our values (including, in a worst case, evicting them from the event).
We have rules, we’ve told them what they are.
Non-members who attend events actually take out an Event Membership to be there. We normally focus
on the fact that this means they’ve signed a waiver for insurance purposes, but it does (or should) also
mean they are being told the rules of behaviour. Again, if they misbehave, it is much easier for an officer
to phrase it in terms of “not complying with the code” than simply saying “you’re being a jerk.” But we
need to tell them the code in order to call them on it.
New Zealand doesn’t have a code of conduct yet – Australians, resist the urge to pass comment,
remember where I grew up – but I would still encourage you to use the Australian code as a convenient
tool for the same reasons.
Unless you have a serious objection, please make a note to print and laminate a copy of the code and
include it with your cashbox and other sign-in desk paraphernalia. If you do see a problem with this
approach, please tell me so that I can work it through with you.
Yours in service,


Reports for Winterfeast 2016 July Officers meeting

Email received 23rd July 2016:

From Ava del Mas,

My apologies for tardiness. I will write up a report for you tomorrow. 

Summary for now, we have approx 60 bookings, all is going to plan so far. People need to book ASAP. The numbers are low for Winterfeast, I expect a last minute surge to maybe 80, but even then it’s low. It will be a lovely little event at this number and we should still cover costs. 


Ava del Mas

Report received 24th July:

Winterfeast Preparatory Report 24/07/16

Prepared by Ava del Mas Ph: 0403506663


We finally got the official permit from the council. The grounds are a bit wet, but ok, upon site inspection by Hrothgar on Sat 23/07/16. Have planned how to effectively use the sunshades to create dry space. Discussed the use of carpets or hay for covering the concrete rotunda ground. Decided it’s going to be pretty messy, best to just try to ignore the concrete and go with it as is.

Need to confirm:

  • Royal Chairs (and whatever else they require) will be on scene.
  • Hrothgar to organise flowers/tokens for Tournament.
  • Celsa or Hrothgar providing tables for Lists and Constable.

Tea Hall

Booked. Less overall bookings means less funding for creating screens, etc, so that idea was not completed. Low table/cushion idea nixed due to level of mud around. Will give some fabric saris to Tom, Wil and Sorcha, if they want to use creatively to decorate. Have to be very careful with walls as they are covered with RSL historical memorabilia. Maybe put out long rows of tables, covered with sari, with games upon them. Have Ute’s Stormhold sign to place out the front.

Need to confirm:

  • Someone to bring games/cards, etc

Main Feasting Hall

All booked and paid for. Celsa and Ulfgirr organised to set up tables and decorate. Candelabra found and candles being sources by Celsa. Ivy/holly etc will also be in place. Looking at 10 tables of 8 people if bookings get to estimated numbers. Genna confirming location of Stormhold tablecloths.


Menu list is planned. Shopping to happen next week. Waiting on finalisation of numbers. May have to cut back on some of the boutique food planned for second course, to slightly cheaper options due to lower booking numbers. 1 of the kitchen hands has had to take a more advisory role and less hands on role. We still have 2 adults and 1 pie-making teenager plus tween to assist. May need to rope in helpers for plating up and/or dishwashing later in the evening but we will see how we go. Genna is transporting the Cooking/serving gear from the Stormhold storage unit. Will definitely need to organise servers on the night. Currently writing Cooking Run list. Cooking quantities spreadsheet written.

Need to confirm:

  • Request a cash outlay from Reeve to fund shopping expenses.


Miriam has been in contact and is liaising with their Majesties. Approximate timings for court have been suggested. (see Hrothgar/Miriam)

Need to confirm:

  • Any court business for Cairnfell? – See Elisabet/Sharon


At this point there is no specific entertainment planned for the evening. There will be room for dancing, possibly in a separate area from the main Hall, or in the end of the main Hall if anyone wishes to organise such. There is also time/room for musicians to set up but this has not been organised specifically. Rodrigo – can you please ask at meeting if anyone is inspired to organise dancing and/or music?


Booking numbers currently at 65. I’m hoping a few more might come in before the cut off day, which is mid-next week. Also have 1 day only booking. Miriam (Gal) balanced all payments last week, Genna is on top of all the bookings and e-mail responses.

Tokens are being created and provided by Elizabet/Sharon. Need to be picked up before the event.

Currently writing event run list for Day Steward, Edine.

Need to confirm:

  • Who will be Royal attendants on the day. Will need to co-ordinate a few things with them.

William Marshal event 2016

Good evening.

Please find attached draft application to Parks Victoria for application for William Marshal 2016 to be held at Brimbank Park, Picnic Area B.

Approval timeframe is expected to be around 8 weeks.

I am looking to submit this with the knowledge that my event may not be approved by SCA Stormhold, even should approval be received from Parks Victoria.

I specifically need assistance with the following from a Seneschal & Reeve stand point:

– Section 12 – please confirm I’ve entered the correct option

– Section 13 – Correct business address for SCA Stormhold

– Section 14 – Postal address for SCA Stormhold if different

– Section 15 – Secondary Contact – this should probably be Rodrigo

Everybody – We need referees from Parks Victoria.  Ranger from Darebin Parklands should be happy to help fill one of these roles – could someone provide his details.  Anyone have a suggestion for a 2nd?

I welcome any additional feedback that people might have or queries.

The below link includes some pictures of the park.  6th picture down includes the large shelter which if the ground was sodden would be the location for the fighting, having sufficient space for 2 fighters and plenty of space around them to freely undertake combat.

Thank you all for your assistance and advice.

Feastocrat for the event is Vivienne from Krae Glas (formerly from Aneala).




William Marshall

Report for July Officers Meeting

William Marshal.

Submission sent to Parks Victoria late last week for application to utilise Brimbank park.  Expected response is 8-10 weeks.

Vienna (KG) is lined up to be cook (even if successful as Baroness).

Day tournament with hot snacks (sausages – meat & vegan) through the afternoon, and then mostly or all cold dinner in the park afterwards.

Should the Brimbank application be unsuccessful, we will either have the option to use the park without booking or secure alternate park (likely Darebin Parklands (with the intent to utilise the lower quarry area for added ambience.

Intent of William Marshal tournament is to bring back the Verve & Vigour and formality of the tournament – hence separation from parking area & isolation from direct mundane influence, whilst still allowing for bystanders to observe & enjoy.

No money has been spent until we’re approved and costing confirmed, so other bids can easily be submitted.  We would seek confirmation from the Barony once Parks response received before we lock things in or pay any monies.

In Service

Hanbal al Barbari, ably assisted by Ysabel Norrice

Thaw War report for July officers meeting.

Thaw War summary is below. Numbers in brackets are no charge bookings (King, Queen & myself).  The -$100 represent the staff discounts.

In summary we have 53 adults attending.  We are well on the way to the event being successful, with no issues expected.


22 July Snapshot Tickets sold Price Total Expected
Full Event – Cabin 16 and over 23 (2) $100 $2,300
11 to 15 3 $45 $135
5 to 10 1 $30 $30
4 and under 3 $0 $0
Full Event – Camping 16 and over 20 $70 $1,400
11 to 15 0 $45 $0
5 to 10 1 $30 $30
4 and under 0 $0 $0
Full Event – Dormitory 16 and over 7 $85 $595
11 to 15 0 $45 $0
5 to 10 0 $30 $0
4 and under 0 $0 $0
Full Event – Offsite 16 and over 0 (1) $70 $0
11 to 15 0 $45 $0
5 to 10 0 $30 $0
4 and under 0 $0 $0
Total Expected $4,490 (-$100) = $4,390
Total Paid $1,555
Outstanding $2,835