Barony of Stormhold

Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold.

Monday, 23rd January 2017 7:30pm

Chair: Rodrigo

Minute takers: Tomas van den Hove


Rodrigo De Burgos, Sara Van Den Hove, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Miriam Bat Shimon, Michael De La Ferret, Präffen Schoredorf, Tomas Van den Hove, Ysabel Norrice, Wynflead aet west-saxon,  Antoine Gasine , Ute Von Tangemunde, Nikophorus, Hanbal Al Barbary

Apologies: Waldo Turner.

Item #
1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced: 7.34

Congratulations to the new royal representatives.!

  1. Previous Minutes for the meeting held on November 28th 2016

`. A. Motion – That the minutes from November be accepted with change that the October minutes were accepted rather than September minutes

B. Business Arising from Previous Minutes

  1. M: Tomas van den Hove

S: Miriam Bat Shimon

3 Correspondence:

Coburg High School requested a demo, Rodrigo referred them to appropriate professional bodies

4 Old Business

  1. Sunshade repair – Rodrigo … no progress
  2. Lochac Seneschal Code of Conduct at sign in. – Ysabel – Completed
  3. J.G.Reserve access key replacement.- Rodrigo – no progress
  4. Heavy Combat Equipment purchase… – Nikephoros – completed
  5. Heavy Authorisation Primer. – Nikephoros – no discussion
  6. Demos – development of Baronial policy – Rodrigo / Hanbal – no progress
  7. Goutte de Pearl redesign – Ysabel – no progress, has been actioned to Miriam B and Brian as incoming B&B

Arts & S

  • Apologies at canty faire

Capt archers

  • No news
  • nothing has happened since toys for tots

dep. Seneschal

  • nothing remarkable


  • position vacant


  • one person’s name come back, household device came back.


knight marshall

  • Small break over Christmas/new years
  • One new authorization in Stormhold
  • A number of fighters had their first tournament at William Marshall
  • Working on structure on Monday night training
  • Monthly rotation for Monday nights
  • New equipment is seeing some use
  • Number of shields are unusable because of shield basket size


  • $821.51 in regular account
  • $14,065.60 in cash reserve
  • Spent 1375 on our storage locker in December


  • Has been taken on by seneschal due to baby


  • Went to seneschal meeting at canty faire
  • Advised that we should be spending money on training and ‘professional development’
  • Advised that we should be re-writing the rules on officers
  • Need to stop only advertising on facebook and start using the website

Officer change-overs- rapier, hospitallar, herald, webminister

6 Events

Past event wrap up

William marshall

  • Good event, 63 attendees
  • Lost money

Toys for tots

  • Good turn-out and event
  • 30 or so
  • R – thanks to Lachlan for running the event, hope it continues in the future

Kris kringle

It happened it was fine

Upcoming events

Monthly bash special tourney, advertised on the weekend, Hanbal

Chess challenge

Rapier marshal pulled out, Leif has volunteered providing he gets re-authorised, otherwise Cormac

Monthly bash needs a Marshal in Charge

Baronial investiture

  • Sara moves that baronial investiture has their budget increased from $3000 to $4500, Hanbal seconds, motion carried

Monthly bash april mic needed

Event planning

Invite expressions of interest for winterfeast june-august

n. Thaw War – Hanbal Sept 2017

o. William Marshal Planning 3rd Dec 2017

7 General Business

a. Baronial Selection – Congratulations to Brian and Miriam. Planning and Preparation for Invest 2017

b. Demo in Ballarat

8 Other Business:

Hanbal – baronial boxes $40

Sara moves we approve $40 for storage boxes, Thorfinn seconded, motion carried

Stormhold has one of the largest on the books populations, not such an active in real life population

Hanbal suggests gathering data on their behaviour.

Recommends the seneschal communicate with all members of the barony to discover their status

Sara suggests collusion between seneschal, vicar, and incoming B&B

9 Next Meeting

Next meeting 2nd of March at St Michael’s hall in Clifton Hill

10 Meeting Closed

Time: 8.29 pm


  1. Correspondence
  2. Reports
  3. Calendar

1. Correspondence

Coburg high school:-

Elisa Smith <>


to jaybe62

Hi There Rodrigo,

Does your Society visit schools for a joust?

we have a medieval subject in Sept/October.

Kind regards

Elisa Smith

Legal Studies, Business Management and Humanities Teacher

Coburg High School

Alva Grove Coburg, VIC 3058

Phone| 03 9353 1700


James Brown <>


to Medieval, Elisa

Hi Eliza;

Thanks for considering us.

Our group “The Society for Creative Anachronism” is not set up for School Visits.

However some of our members are in a Company called Medieval Education which has 25 years of experience visiting Secondary Schools. They offer various types of things for for years 7 Ancients and 8 Medieval Studies.

Their Website is

Their Email is

Their Phone is 1800 002575

I can highly recommend their work.

I will take the initiative and forward your enquiry to them

If you have any other questions you are welcome to contact me.

James Brown


SCA Stormhold



Elisa Smith


to James

Thanks so much for your prompt response James. We’ll look into link you provided.

Kind regards.


End of Correspondence