Barony of Stormhold


Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting

Presbyterian Church, Clifton Hill

Thursday, 2nd March 2017 7:30pm

Chair: Hanbal

Minute takers: Rodrigo

Attendees: Rodrigo, Miriam , Brian, Ute, Hanbal, Michael, Thorfinn, Hugh, Aliette,





Item #
1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced: 7:38


Previous Minutes for the meeting held on January23th 2017

  1. Motion – That the minutes for January be accepted

  2. Business Arising from Previous Minutes

Item Adjourned until March meeting

  1. Moved:




  1. City of Yarra 6th Feb noted

  2. City of Yarra 14th Feb noted


Old Business

  1. Sunshade repair – Rodrigo … no progress Noted

  2. J.G.Reserve – access key replacement.- Rodrigo No progress

  3. Demos – development of Baronial policy – Rodrigo / Hanbal No progress

  4. Goutte de Pearl redesign – Miriam A motion that 25 tokens be struck a mold bought Hanbal moved Thorfinn seconds Mothion Carried

5 Officers Reports

Quarterly reports attached where available.

  1. Vicar – Verbal at meeting Steady as she goes
  2. Arts and Sciences – Verbal at meeting Not present
  3. Capt. of Archers – Verbal at meeting Report noted
  4. D. Seneschal -H & W See Attached Absent
  5. Constable – Pending Office not filled
  6. Herald Needs a list of Duties
  7. Hospitaller – Pending
  8. Lists – See Attached
  9. Knight Marshal – Verbal at meeting
  10. Reeve – See Attached
  11. Rapier– Pending Admin role devolved to Knight Marshal / Discussion of Rqapier Marshal training and Candidtates
  12. Seneschal – Verbal at meeting
  13. Webminister – Verbal at meeting Still keen but just busy right now

New Officers: Herald

Proposed New Officers:

Constable – Checkers

Hospitaler – Ysobel

Rapier – Pending

Officer Changeovers – Herald


Group Reports



Past Events and Wrapup

a. February Monthly Bash went well a combined tounament

b. Chess Challenge – Miriam – Discussion for Improvement
46 members – 9 kids

3 non mem – 1 kid

1 member no card

fighting thiank to Margie

no armour issues

Work needed on thrusts

Lanyard failure

Familiarisatiobn of specialist gear desiriable

One month training

Practice falling down

need to know how lose

Query of Chss set prize

Current Events

c. Monthly Bash March 4th. MIC? – Nicophoros suggest KM

d. Baronial Investiture 11th. March 2016 – Ysobel Alist officer needed

e. Monthly Bash April 2nd. MIC? – Nicophoros

f. Rowany Festival 12th – 18th April Camping with Krae Glas

g. Monthly Bash May 7th. MIC? – Nicophoros

Event Planning

h. Newcomers Thing – Ysabel

i. Winterfeast – Rodrigo eoi sought desirable to have new stewards with mentoring or collectives

j. Planning June July 2017 can clash with Lochac Midwinter

k. Thaw War – Hanbal September 1st – 3rd 2017 Invoice received / under control

l. William Marshal Planning 3rd December 2017 to be announced at invest


General Business

Sir Sebastian de Ventbarre – welcome

12th night 2018 Calls for Event Bids – not yet

Vandalism at Coulson Reserve

Future of Rapier Training. Insurance Clarification?

Festival Camping Inviation from Krae Glas

Coulson Reserve Hall Kitchen Improvements. See correspondence

Carrying weapons in the Street suggestion to send query to margie, Perhaps a mass communication to all local memebers

Call for Awards Nominations

Lac D’Or

College of St Cecelia


Other Business:


Next Meeting

Possibly 27th March 2017


Meeting Closed

Time: 8.52pm


  1. Correspondence

  2. Reports

  3. Calendar

a. Correspondence

From James Brown, Society For Creative Anarchronism (SCA) 6th Feb

To P.Mitten, City of Yarra;
Hi Peter; 

It has already been referred to City of Yarra through normal channels.

Coulson Reserve Hall was vandalised some time in the last week prior to Monday night’s training.

Members arrived to find the main hall had been compromised.

The carpet area of the hall was covered in the residue from two fire extinguishers.
The door of the changing room nearest the new tanks has been damaged and is no longer lockable.

The door is closeable and from the outside does not look accessible even though it is open-able.

Equipment was taken from the outside cage (which appears to have no padlock) and been thrown up and damaged the facia above the side door. There is considerable damage. Some items are still lodged in the wall.

Our members reported the issue by telephone and took some photos of the damage as instructed. Up to 9pm there had been no attendance by council to the site. Concern was given to the safety of the building. I advised our members to leave at the normal time (10pm ) and secure as best they could. 

Yours sincerely


From Peter Mitten – City of Yarra 7th Feb

Thanks for letting me know. Our after hours service did get the call and got out there.


Peter Mitten – City of Yarra

From City of Yarra – 14th February

Hi James,

Please be aware that kitchen demolition works will commence next Tuesday 21st Feb. There will be no onsite kitchen facilities for two weeks.


Peter Mitten

Recreation Planning and Development Officer

City of Yarra

End of Correspondence

2. Reports



January Bash

List report for the Barony of Stormhold February 2017.
Lists were run at

William Marshall Tourney & Melee
Toys for Tots – mostly done and reported on by Ysabel Norrice
Monthly Bash February

your servant

Þorfinn Hrolfsson – Stormhold Baronial List Keeper


Lists Chess Challenge

Chess Challenge – 18 February AS 51 –

Halestan Park

Lists Þorfinn Hrolfsson

Marshall Sir Brennan Halfhand –

assistants Margie & Wolfram Heralds Ute von Tangemuender, Winflæd & Gilligan

Weapons Hanbal al Barberi

Tourney format “The Chess Challenge”

Entrants Magnus Thorbjornsson Airdan mac Dara Robert Callus Hanbal al Barberi Sir Wolfram Flammenherz Dafydd of the Glen Sir Brennan Halfhand Hugh Fortismains Benedict of York Nikephorous Gorgonites – Νικηφόρῳ Γοργονίτης Präffen Schoredorf

The Chess Challenge”

Pawns (thrusting spear)

Knights (3 counted blows)

Bishops (shield and mace)

Rooks (scutum and sword)

Queens (fighter + 2 guards)

Kings (fighter + half of the entrents as guards)


Round 1 – Pawns:

Νικηφόρῳ d Sir Wolfram, Dafydd s Hugh, Benedict d Robert, Sir Brennan d Magnus, Hanbal d Präffin.

Airdin – bye.


Round 2 – Knights:

Sir Brennan d Sir Wolfram, Hanbal d Dafydd, Airidn d Benedict, Robert d Präffin, Magnus d Hugh.

Νικηφόρῳ – bye.

Eliminated – Sir Wolfram, Hugh & Präffin.


Round 3 – Bishops:

Airdin d Νικηφόρῳ, Sir Brennan d Dafydd, Hanbal d Robert, Benedict d Magnus.

Eliminated – Magnus & Robert.


Round 4 – Rooks:

Νικηφόρῳ d Dafydd, Sir Brennan d Airdin, Benedict d Hanbal.

Eliminated – Hanbal & Dafydd.


Round 5 – Queens:

Benedict (Hanbal & Νικηφόρῳ) d Airdin (Sir Wolfram & Robert), Νικηφόρῳ (Benedict & Sir Wolfram) d Sir Brennan (Hanbal & Dafydd).

Eliminated – Airdin.


Round 6 – Pawns:

(as 3 remained in the tourney) Νικηφόρῳ d Benedict.

Sir Brennan – bye.

Eliminated – Benedict.


Round 7 – Kings:

Sir Brennan (Benedict, Hugh, Hanbal & Magnus) vs Νικηφόρῳ (Sir Wolfram, Robert, Airdin & Dafydd)


  1. Sir Brennan d Νικηφόρῳ
  2. Νικηφόρῳ d Sir Brennan
  3. Sir Brennan d Νικηφόρῳ


Sir Brennan won the tourney


Rapier lists Þorfinn & Winflæd

1-Torkel raufskeggr

2-Elisabeth la Chatte

3-Leif Magnusson

4-Sir Wolfram Flammenhurst

5-Ute von Tangemünde


R1 Torkel d Ute & Wolfram d Leif (Elisabeth)

R2 Torkel d Wolfram & Elisabeth d Ute (Leif)

R3 Torkel d Elisabeth & Leif d Ute (Wolfram)

R4 Leif d Torkel & Wolfram d Elisabeth (Ute)

R5 Leif d Elisabeth & Wolfram d Ute (Torkel)

Final Wolfram d Torkel


Chess Challenge modern chess with live pieces – Krae Glas d Stormhold




Captain of Archers

Quarterly report

Captain of Archers  Stormhold

Michael de la ferrett

Michael O’Brien


December 15 to February 15

There were only 2 events that I attended this period

Toys for Tots  Tourney day

Fun day of archery with a double elimination tournament with the rules of hitting the target  changing with each round

bottom half left side right side of the target face being some of the variations  of format needed to score

the event  was  well attended with one of the largest groups i have seen taking part in the archery

Shah was the winner of the senior division

Keira was the winner of the junior division

the ultimate winner of the the different divisions  and different events was determined by an egg and spoon race , keira being the winner

the second event attended was February bash

the format this time being different as each round was shot at a greater distance

after each shoot the archers  were allocated 1,2 or 3 depending on how well they shot

any one missing the target was awarded a 1

The winner of the archery was drawn between Elena and Sir Brennan . 

The ultimate winner being determined by a  sudden death  round the first to score and the other missing was the Winner ,this time being Sir Brennan the victor

Hi James sorry for the late report 

Can you forward to Daniel Dunbar?

Reeve Quarterly



William Marshall




$220 this quarter

Total Loss


51 kingdom levies $51
5 event members $25


Chess Challenge
Venue Hire $131

Thaw War
Venue deposit $400

Money spent

Grounds Hire
Monday Training $832
Monthly Bash $157.30

Annual storage $1375

Armour purchase $355 (I think this was in last quarters report, because I wasn’t clear on when quarters were)

Total $2719.30

Money Received

Monthly Bash

Monday Training

Thursday Dance

Key deposit refund $30

Interest Paid $0.57

Total 463.37

Non members total

Kingdom levy total