Stormhold Baronial Council

Agenda for the meeting to be held on Monday the 22nd of February 2016

Meeting open at:

Item 1 Attendance:

Item2. Review and acceptance of previous minutes for the meeting held on January 25th 2016.

Item 3 Correspondence

  • 3a Active Yarra Sports Pamphlet Rodrigo to report

Item 4 Outstanding items from previous meetings:

  • 4a. Vinyl banner Rodrigo/Sara to Report?
  • 4b. William Marshal Report Sara/Reeve to report?
  • 4c. Hero cloak Progress – Miriam G to report?
  • 4d. Chess Challenge Miriam Bat S To report?
  • 4e. Border War transport update. Isobel to comment?
  • 4f. May Bash – May pole and pot luck event suggested. Wynflaed to Report?
  • 4g. Keys for the Thursday night hall- Meadhbh / Mahoult to report
  • 4h. Melbourne Uni O.week Any Interest? 25Th Clubs day. O week is this week! Monash too? Brief Discussion.
  • 4i. Carboy to training Rodrigo to report

Item 5 Officers Reports

  • 5a. Baron and Baroness Verbal at meeting?
  • 5b. Arts and Sciences Verbal at meeting?
  • 5c. Capt. of Archers Report received see attached
  • 5d. Stormhold Deputy Seneschal (Health and Wellbeing) Report received see attached
  • 5e. Constable Report received see attached
  • 5f. Herald Report received see attached
  • 5g. Lists Report received see attached
  • 5h. Knight Marshal Verbal at Meeting?
  • 5i. Reeve Report received see attached
  • 5j. Rapier Report received see attached
  • 5k. Seneschal See Attached
  • 5l. Webminister Report received see attached
  • 5m. Officer Changeovers – Constable and Hospitaller. Rodrigo to report.

Item 6 General Business

  • 6a Injury reporting See attached email Rodrigo to report
  • 6b Event Proposal Midwinter Feast See attached event proposal Ava/ Rodrigo
  • 6c William Marshal A.S.LI (2016) Discussion of the next WM-FaT
  • Do we need to discuss the event format?
  • 6d Monday night training proposal to change opening time to 6pm
  • 6e Rowany festival Stormhold Campsite What support is needed? Rodrigo
  • 6f Meeting Proposal: Shield painting day Rodrigo Sat March 5th

Item 7 Other Business

Item 8 Next Meeting

Meeting Closed at:


Attached Officers reports:

Chess Challenge AS50

AS50 – February Bash


Officers reports for Feb2016