Feb 22nd, 2016 Baronial planning and Officers’ meeting


Miriam bat Shimeon, Ute von Tangermunde, Ysabel Norrice, Tomas van den Hove, Rodrigo de Burgos, Ava del Mar, Brennan Halfhand, Eleanor Lyttellhayles, Michael de la Ferrett, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Gilligan O Tomelty, Meadhbh ingean ui Aonghusa, Wynnflaed aet West Sexun, Miriam Galbraith, Mahault Dudrac, Hanbal al-Barbary, Genna inghean Braonain ui Amaind, Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir, Thorolfr olfuss Brandsson.

Meeting opens 7:41pm.
Previous meeting notes- Meadhbh moves they be accepted. Thorfinn seconds. Pass without dissent.

Item 1 City of Yarra pamphlet-

The Barony will be in the new pamphlet for the City of Yarra. Dancing isn’t well attended, so it may need to be removed?

Item 2 Vinyl Banner- to be removed from agenda until a design is brought forward. Rodrigo to action.

Item 3 William Marshal- Financial report still not finished. Looked to have broken even.

Item 4 Hero Cloak- Nearly finished but still waiting on one more patch. Waiting on the central design to be done then likely over 7 metres of hem sewing to be done by Festival.

Item 5 Chess Challenge- 63 adult members, 15 minor members, 10 adult non-members and one child non-member attended. A good profit was made, with expenses only being just over $200 and $555 taken.

Item 6 Border War- Not doing any bus hire as there will be carpooling instead. 10 Stormhold members attending.

Item 7 May Bash- Wynnflaed has had no chance to do research, but is happy to make the tassels. Potluck picnic as a Cooks’ Guild comp. May Pole to be handled by Ute.

Item 8 Keys for Thursday night dancing- Paul has offered. He usually attends & ffride has a second key.

Item 9 Melb Uni & Monash O-week- St Monica’s demo has already happened. No members except for 2 general staff so difficult to start up the College again.

Item 10 Carboy- The carboy needs cleaning first!

Officer reports
B&B- Enjoyed the Chess Challenge. The Baron will be going to Border War.

Seneschal- Report will be done by the end of the month. Is it possible to get a volunteer for note taking? Every Officer needs two deputies. Would like the Barony to have a goal, for everyone to work toward and give them purpose. Our membership numbers are good, but new members are great. Monthly Bash is a very unusual event Lochac wide.

Arts and Sciences- Waldo apologises.

Knight Marshal- There were tourneys at the Feb Bash and Ch Ch. Chin strap broke at Bash. Audit of cupboard results will be announced next meeting.

Officer changeover- No opinions were given on Seamus and Mahault on their applications. Rodrigo to recommend they step into the Offices.

General business

Injury reporting-
There may be changes to how injuries are reported Kingdom wide. Current trial happening.

Event proposal for Winter Feast-
Ava has brought in a bid. To be held in Buninyong. Tourney in a local park (with some cover in case of rain) with a RSL hall during the day for getting warm in, talking etc. Feast to be held in the Town Hall, which can hold up to 150 people (which includes utilising a side room) but would hold 100 easily. Nothing can be put on the walls of the hall and no pegs in the ground at the park. There should be lots of cover with a Rotunda and RSL hall. If Royal visit then can seat 150 but will need to get extra cooking spit. Trying to keep the cost low, as it is a day long event. Genna moves that we accept the event, Halla seconds. Pass without dissent.

William Marshal 2016-
There is a possibility of two different event styles and two different bids to be presented. Pros and cons of the WM just held are some people liked the camping while others hated it. The site had a lack of transport available while not being great for the cooking (small hall) and no showers. Not as many fighters attended last year. Hanbal and Genna will bring an event bid next month, but will be run as a day event & Bash on Sunday. However, much conflicting opinions at the meeting. Hanbal moves that Rodrigo create an online survey to poll opinions, Tomas seconds. Pass without dissent.

Monday night training-
Soccer club has the grounds until 6:30pm. May need to find a better hall. Hanbal moves that Rodrigo look for a new hall (through the Council?), Halla seconds. Pass without dissent. Hanbal moves that Rodrigo look into an earlier start time, Halla seconds. Pass without dissent.

Rowany Festival-
No Stormhold encampment this year. One household would like to use the Stormhold sunshades. If they wish to use them then they must cover transport costs to and from Festival.

Shield painting day-
Perhaps to be held on March 5th at Rodrigo’s house.

Weekend training- Rodrigo would like to re-establish it. Start on the next Sunday archery day. Hire of the field happens every Sunday (except the 1st Sun) 2-4pm.

Commemorative booklet-
Halla got an email from someone putting together a booklet for the SCA 50th anniversary. $300 US for a page on the Barony by the end of March. This would make it around $417 AUD & too expensive.

Tokens from WM 2015-
Hanbal is interested in using them in the next William Marshal. They did finally arrive so are able to be used.

March meeting cancelled as it falls during Easter. Rodrigo says the next meeting will be on the 11th of April 2016 from 7:30pm at the Coulson soccer pavilion.

Meeting closes 8:56pm.