Stormhold Baronial Council

Agenda for the meeting to be held on Monday the 11th of April 2016

Meeting open at:

Item 1 Attendance:

Item2. Review and acceptance of previous minutes for the meeting held on February 22nd 2016.

Item 3 Correspondence

3a Email of 4th April asking for reconfirmation of the Coulson Reserve booking for this year.

Rodrigo to action reply

Item 4 Outstanding items from previous meetings:

4b. William Marshal Report Sara/Reeve to report?

4b. Hero cloak Progress – Item complete

4c. May Bash – May pole and pot luck event suggested. Wynflaed to Report? Rapier clash???

4d. Midwinter Feast See attached event proposal Ava

4e William Marshal A.S.L (2016) Poll and Event format and event submissions

4f Monday night training proposal to change opening time to 6pm

7b Sunday Training? Magnus to host? First one on 17th of April?

Item 5 Officers Reports

5a. Baron and Baroness Verbal at meeting?

5b. Arts and Sciences Verbal at meeting?

5c. Capt. of Archers Verbal at meeting

5d. Stormhold Deputy Seneschal (Health and Wellbeing) Report received see attached

5e. Constable Absent

5f. Herald Verbal at meeting

5g. Lists Report received see attached

5h. Knight Marshal Verbal at Meeting?

5i. Reeve Verbal at meeting

5j. Rapier Verbal at meeting

5k. Seneschal See Attached

5l. Webminister Verbal at meeting

5m. Officer Changeovers – Constable and Hospitaller. Rodrigo to report.

Item 6 General Business

Event Proposal: Hanbal proposes a war weekend at Treetops Scout camp in Riddels Creek in September.

Equipment request. May Crown 6th to 8th of May. Krae Glas requests Stormhold to bring Sunshades to the event to use around the list field.

Item 7 Other Business

Item 8 Next Meeting: Possibly 23rd of May 2016

Meeting Closed at:



(thank you Thorfinn)


I did lists for April Bash – see previous e-mail
also lists at Festival for these tournies
Veterans Rapier
Ladies Rapier
Queens Glove Rapier
assisted Fighter Auction Rapier Tourney
assisted Fighter Auction Heavy Tourney

List keeper of Stormhold

Deputy Seneschal for health and well being

Nothing to report besides minor armour injuries requiring bandaids. Kits checked prior to rowany festival. Please note Nikolai has my proxy for tomorrow’s meeting.


Heralds Report March – April 2016

Registered Names and Devices from Jan 2016

Alrekr Geirsson. Name change from Yehuda ben Yishai ben Avraham.

Folkvé í Sáluhúsi. Name.

Isobel de la Rose. Name change from Isobel Rosewell.

Ysabella filia Uhtredi. Device. Barry wavy argent and sable, a sea-goat gules armed Or.


Active Heralds

There was no Courts or Tournaments at March Bash – Prepping time for Festival

Ute von Tangermunde – Monthly Bash April – Court
No Heralds needed for Tournament April as it was a Valhalla

Baronial Awards Given
Baroness’s Bead
– Given to Dame Miriam for her diligent organisation and work on the Hero’s Cloak given at April Bash

Have Started to search for a Replacement for my Position or at least a new deputy as one of my drop dead deputies is now Baronial Herald for Krae Glas.

Event proposal

War in September Event proposal – Hanbal

As the event final approval was delayed till the council meeting tomorrow, I have revisited the financials and made some slight modifications, which are included in the attached updated Excel document – please use this for the meeting tomorrow.

Changes include:

– Increased the sundries expenses to $4 per person (from $3).

– Included Steward as fee free along with discounts for 4 cooks + bookings (5 in total) of $20 each.

The event still makes a profit at 60 people of approx. $200.

Current timetable plan is for some activities Friday night with soup kitchen that may affect war scenarios the next day.  War Saturday morning with lateish lunch – demonstration of equestrian following lunch (rest break period), followed by tournaments in all combat forms as well as target archery, followed by pick-ups.  Sunday morning more war / training sessions as interest dictates as well as archery golf.

Updated role register is as follows;

Wargames of the Thaw Steward team & roles
Head steward: Hanbal
Deputy steward #1: Shelagh Phillips
Deputy steward #2/ Chirurgeon/ Bookings coordinator: Rebecca Taylor
Transport coordinator: Janet Coath
Food coordinator – Friday night: Lord Tomas (Tam)

Food coordinator – Saturday night: Stuart Burns (from Polit)
Food coordinator – Breakfasts: Georgie Phillips
Food coordinator – Lunches: Mistress Genna

Marshal in Charge: Nikolai

Constable in Charge: Checkers

Pack-down / tidy coordinator: Mike Obrien

Fort designer: Airdin MacDara
War field/ fort construction: Andrew Peterson (Monster Truck)
Equestrian coordinator: Mistress Ava
Archery coordinator: Charles (Sharr)
Herald Wrangler: Ute von Tangermunde


Kind regards