Stormhold Baronial Officers’ meeting 22nd May, 2017


Rodrigo De Burgos, Sara Van den Hove, Ute Vnon Tangemunde, Brian Dorcha Ua Conaill, Miriam Bar Shimon, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Michael De Le Ferrett, Hugh Fortesmains, Tomas Van Den Hove,

Mahoult, Wynflaed, Thorkill.

1) Meeting commenced: 7:45pm at Coulson soccer Pavilion.

2) Previous minutes dated 24th April:

Tomas moves minute notes to be accepted;

Sara seconds- Accepted.

3) Correspondence (as attached)-

Rodrigo has email Auburn Sec College & called. Waiting on return response.

4) Old business arising from previous minutes- Apologies from Thorkill about the rapier poll. Follow up next month.

Goutte de Perle- Master created, sent of to the mould casters. Pieces should arrive next Monday.

5) Officer reports:

A&S- Waldo has withdrawn from the position. Time to seek replacement. Rodrigo to advertise.

Capt. Of Archers- attached.

Dep. Seneschal- attached.

Constable- position vacant.

Herald- attached.

Lists- attached.

Knight Marshal- attached.

Reeve- Solutions account balance $4,347. Cash Reserve account balance $11,097.43.

Rapier Marshal- apologies. Rodrigo to promote commentary period.

Webminister- attached.

Seneschal- There was a Skype meeting of Lochac’s seneschals. Enjoying the possibilities!

B&B- The next Royal visit will be October 14th & 15th. No current events planned at that time. Have been in touch with KG B&B, who are happy to split & share the event. They can do the Sat & Stormhold the Sunday. The event must be held near the SH/KG border. Miriam to ask around for an event steward for Sunday to organise big tourney & catering etc.

Pie warmer being donated to the Barony by Lady Celsa.

Hoods of Warmth done, just need buttons.

6) Sub-goups:

Hamlet Lac D’Or- Nothing as yet. They have a Facebook group.

College of St Cecilia- Around 8 people attend the weekly Craft meeting. Hugh looking at funds from the Uni to get raw materials to make armour. Planning a pizza & medieval game meeting.

College of St Batholomew- has one member, according to the SCA membership database!

7) Events:

Past events- Bash 7th of May-

No fighting done, as KG had event the previous day. Lots of archery.

Current events- Bash 4th June?

Bash 2nd July?

Bash 6th August- B&B thinking of holding the Stormhold Championships.

Bash 1st Oct- Apologies as Wynflaed not attending.

Winter Feast 22nd July- Budget has been put together. There is an Early Music ensemble looking to play at the event. Sara is asking for an ex gratia amount of $600 to pay them plus entry fees & insurance.

Thorfinn moves to accept;

Brian seconds- Accepted.

Event to be capped at 90 people, leading to a loss of $10 with the ticket charge of adult member $30, Concession/student $20 and child (age 5-12) $10.

Thaw War 1st-3rd September- All the sites are booked. The booking form to be done by the end of the week, as well as making a page for the Webminister. Most of the roles have been filled.

Event planning- KG Knights School: happening this weekend.

KG Day of Honour 19th August.

Straits War between KG, SH & YF- nothing currently happening.

Stormhold 30th Anniversary- The date in the Canon is 2nd of Sept 1988. Miriam will put the call out for ideas on the lists, web & fb groups.

8) General business

9) Other business

10) Next meeting: to be held at the Coulson soccer pavilion on 26th of June, 2017.

11) Meeting close: 8:33pm.