Victorian Easter Event 2020

For time out of mind, Eastertide has been the date for the Kingdom of Lochac’s largest event, Rowany Festival. Due to planning restrictions this is no longer the case, with Rowany Festival instead occurring on the middle weekend of the NSW school holidays, whether that coincides with Easter or not.

This poses a dilemma for the SCA groups of Victoria, as the NSW and VIC school holidays do not match up. Therefore, the Baronial Councils of both Stormhold and Krae Glas are collaborating on putting together an event to run during the Victorian school holidays, Fri 3 – Sun 5 April 2020.

This page is intended to keep the populace informed of progress on this event, and share the ongoing process of putting the event together.

Event Bids

Currently, two bids have been submitted for consideration. Both will be considered on their merits before a decision is made as to which one to move forward with. Commentary from all interested parties is welcome!
Please, look over each bid. If you have any feedback or questions, submit them to vicsca.easter2020 [at] (and also the point of contact listed for the relevant bid) prior to Fri 20 Sep 2019. This is to allow comments to be compiled ahead of the planning meeting on Mon 23 Sep 2019.

Lyttleham Event Bid
Krae Glas Event BidEvent Budget