Missive from the Baron and Baroness

Unto the Populace of the Barony of Stormhold,

We, Brian and Miriam, are the 11th Baron and Baroness of this great Barony. This lineage, dating back to Styvyn and Rhyllian, have seen many highs and lows, joys and sorrows. It has been an honour and a pleasure to serve the people and the Kingdom in such an awesomely fun way. There are few words to describe seeing the populace come together, working for everyone’s enjoyment in the Dream, and then being able to reward and recognise each Noble and Citizen with richly deserved awards.

You can see the list of B & Bs on Lochac Canon Lore.

The different tenures, of different styles and lengths shows that Stormhold needs a B & B, and that without a B & B there would be no Stormhold.

We seek successors to this privileged positions, for while we have led you it is time for new enthusiasm and ideas, new blood and inspiration. If you’ve thought about it before, please consider it again. Even if you don’t think you could win the position, please consider applying: you might be pleasantly surprised, and running and not getting chosen is
still rewarding. If you are worried that it will be too hard, know that the populace and the officers and the previous baronages and the other landed baronages stand ready to have your back. If you’ve tried before and not been successful, that’s not an impediment, it’s a sign of honour that you keep standing up to support your Barony. And if your partner
supports you but doesn’t want to run themselves, consider a friend to run with. If you have any questions about the position, about its rewards and difficulties, about the process or anything, please feel free to contact us at stormhold@lochac.sca.org or on our private email addresses (which that address redirects to anyway), and we are happy to talk to you about whatever you want to know.

Their Majesties Oze and Miriam, due to changing Covid circumstances have extended the application period to the 19th of June. Successful applicants will be announced & head to polling on the 22nd of June.

Please send an application to Their Majesties on royal@lochac.sca.org and Mistress Nicolette Dufay on auntienic@gmail.com. The applications must have the details about each candidate (SCA Name, Mundane Name and contact details etc) and a brief description of your combined vision for the Barony, and why you believe you are suitable to lead the Barony of Stormhold. These will be presented as part of the information on the candidates when polling opens.

Truly there is no greater joy (and Service!) than being in these positions. These times are difficult, but together we can make a Greater Barony.


Brían dorcha ua Conaill, Baron of Stormhold
Miriam bat Shimeon, Baroness of Stormhold

Announcement from the Crown of Lochac

Greetings Lochac, and in particular Our Barony of Stormhold.

We have called for applications to the Baronial seat of Stormhold as Brian and Miriam wish to step aside after their years of service to the Crown and Our Barony. Those applications were due to close on the 29th of May. It is Our intent to see that Stormhold is nurtured in the best possible manner into its next chapter. We believe this would be best achieved with a strong field of candidates to choose from. In consultation with Our Baron and Baroness, Brian and Miriam, and with the current escalations of Covid restrictions impacting Victoria, We believe that Stormhold will be best served by extending the application process until Saturday the 19th of June, with acceptable candidatures being announced on Tuesday 22nd of June. The populace poll will also open on the 22nd of June. Further details about how the poll will be conducted will be provided by Mistress Nicolette closer to the date.

If you would like to be considered to represent and lead Stormhold as Baronage, please send an application to either Ourselves (royal@lochac.sca.org) or Mistress Nicolette Dufay (auntienic@gmail.com).

These applications need to provide the details about each candidate (SCA Name, Mundane Name and contact details etc) and a brief (less than a page) overview of your combined vision for, and why you believe you are suitable to lead, Our Barony. These overviews will be presented as part of the information on the candidates during the populace polling.

In Summary:
Applications now close Saturday 19/06/2021
Acceptable candidatures announced Tuesday 22/06/2021
Populace Polling starts Tuesday 22/06/2021

In Service
Oze and Miriam
Crown of Lochac

Missive from the Baron and Baroness

Four years ago we were given the honour of being made your Baron and Baroness, and it has been our honour and our privilege to serve you for that time.

The Barony is coming out of the pestilence, and seasons change. It is time for renewal, for new leaders to excite new growth and the Barony needs inspiration and leadership to forge a new path.

Do you have ideas for the future of Stormhold? Do you want to hold the fate of the Barony in your hand? Do you look good in a shiny hat?

If you are interested in the pleasure of representing Their Majesties to the Stormhold populace and the honour of representing the Stormhold populace to Their Majesties, please send an email to Their Majesties Oze and Miriam on royal@lochac.sca.org, and to the poll coordinator Mistress Nicolette on auntienic@gmail.com.

The closing date for the applications is the 29th of May. This is much closer than you think it is!

The applications need to provide the details about each candidate (SCA Name, Mundane Name and contact details etc) and a brief (less than a page) overview of why you are suitable for the positions and what your ideas for the Barony are.


Brian & Miriam