Stormhold Baronial Officer meeting, 28th August 2017

Chair: Wynnflæd æt West-Seaxum

Minute taker: Miriam bat Shimeon

Attendees: Rodrigo De Burgos (Seneschal), Wynnflæd æt West-Seaxum (Herald), Michael De Le Ferrett ( Captain of Archers), Ute Von Tangemunde, Brian Dorcha Ua Conaill (Baron), Miriam Bat Shimon (Baroness), Thorfinn Hrolfsson (Lists), Magnus Thorbjornson, Obbi Illungi, Thorkill, Gib, Vandal.

Apologies: Tomas, Mahault, Ysabel.

Item 1: Meeting commenced 7:43pm

Item 2: Previous minutes for SH meeting 24th of July. Move to be accepted by Rodrigo, seconded by Thorkill, Passed without dissent.

Item 3: Correspondence of revised drafts of Suth Moot and Inter-Baronial event charter.

Krae Glas had discussed much of the Charter at their meeting earlier in the month. Obbi had taken notes, which is available on the KG Dropbox and FB group. Very long and interesting discussion, where many disagreed on wording. Many thought that it should be split into two documents, one dealing with Suth Moot itself and one to deal with possible joint Baronial events.

There is currently one event bid for Suth Moot from Master Leif, and the bidding deadline is now closed. Charter is to formalise dealings between the Baronies, although there were disagreements as to its necessity. Victorian Executive (as mentioned in the Charter) is the seated B&Bs, Seneschals and Reeves of Stormhold & Krae Glas.

No decision reached- Rodrigo to publicise the new revised split documents for further clarification.

Item 4: Old Business

  1. Business arising from July meeting- done.
  2. Rodrigo to follow up with Cairn Fell about loaner armour- no reply to email sent. Rodrigo to chase down.
  3. Request for recommendation from fighting survey run by Hanbal– no time to prepare, but on personal note would encourage more clarity for newcomers to find marshals, including contact info. There is an interest for War, but outside forces have stopped that. Tomas to find out more information on the morning hirers of the site.
  4. Rodrigo to request meeting sooner or alternative to Bash- Rodrigo will be on holidays, Magnus to chair next meeting.
  5. Rodrigo to determine status of rapier equipment with ex Rapier Marshal- There are a few items stored at the ex Marshal’s house, but they are safe. Being kept until the next Rapier Marshal is found.

Item 5: Officer reports

Quarterly reports attached where available.

Capt. of Archers- Archery has been happening, although cold and wet. Obbi had been told off by Booroondara Council workers about taking his car on site. Tomas to confirm with Hawthorn Secondary about cars on site being part of the conditions of hire. Rodrigo to publish rules for oval use.

Dep. Seneschal- see attached.

Herald- see attached.

Hospitaller- see attached.

Lists- see attached.

Knight Marshal- see attached.

Reeve- Community Solutions account current balance is $3,643.71 and the Cash Reserve account current balance is $11,127.45. If anyone is owed money by Stormhold, please provide their bank account details so anything outstanding can be closed.

Webminister- see attached. Has a new deputy in Thorkill.

Seneschal- see attached.

B&B- There will be a Royal visit in October. Please send in recommendations to Their Majesties & us.

Pending Officer changeover (seeking deputies)- Lists, Seneschal, Chirurgeon (Dep Seneschal for health & well being).

Officer vacancies- A&S, Constable, Rapier Marshal. Miriam to advertise again.

Item 6: Groups

Barony current has 86 adult members, 26 minor members and 180 expired or pending members. Is it possible to see more information on the expired/pending members?

Possible Hamlet Lac D’Or- no member information yet. 1st meeting planned for Sunday the 17th of Sept.

College of St. Cecilia- 1 adult member, 0 minors, o expired/pending members. Rodrigo to clarify about insurance and College members attending SCA events (while not being an SCA member).

College of St Bartholomew- 0 adult members, 0 minor members, 16 expired members. Currently in abeyance.

Need to do a membership drive?

Item 7: Events

Past events- wrap up.

Bash 6th August 2017. Cancelled due to poor weather.

Current events-

Bash 3rd of Sept- event steward is Hanbal.

Bash 1st of October- event steward is Wynnflæd.

Royal Visit 14th & 15th October- KG have their feast planned and advertised. Ysabel and Vandel thinking of running something on the 15th, but unable to get the Quarry in the morning. Will look at other sites.

Bash 5th November- event steward Rodrigo. Planning a Guy Fawkes theme.

Event planning-

Stormhold William Marshal- To be held on Nov 25th. Magnus waiting for response from the Council.

Chess Challenge 2018- The usual site of Harleston Park is about to undergo renovations with the chessboard likely to be removed by Glen Eira Council. Miriam will watch and confirm later.

(Borderscros Feb 23rd Border War)

Easter event- 30th March to 3rd of April 2018- A bid has been received.

(Rowany Festival 2018: 18th April to 22nd April)

Straits War between KG, SH & YF- Still an idea really. Possible dates of late Sept. More details to come.

Stormhold 30th anniversary 2018- The B&B to open bids for the anniversary & Winterfeast 2018.

Item 8: General business

Thaw War- Site has refunded with no ill will. Hanbal had booked the site for exclusive use, but there wasn’t a lot of interest shown (no equestrian at all). Last year had been a Royal event not against La Prova Dura. Suggestion made to run it alternatively to La Prova Dura, and advertise earlier.

Item 9: Other business

None made.

Item 10: Next meeting

Next meeting will be at the Coulson Soccer pavilion on the 25th of Sept from 7:30pm. Magnus to run the meeting.

Meeting closed 9:10 pm.