August 2016 Agenda

By   September 12, 2016

Barony of Stormhold

August Agenda

  Title: Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting  
Venue: Coulsen Reserve, Stormhold.
Date: Monday, 25th July 2016 Start: 7:30 pm Finish: 9:00 pm
  Chair:   Minute Takers:    
Item #
1 Welcome to the meeting.

Meeting Commenced:

  1. Previous Minutes for the meeting held on June 27th.

`. A. Motion – That the minutes for June be accepted

    1. B. Business Arising from Previous Minute

  1. M:




A. Email of 5 August Brimbank Council

B. Lochac Seneschal Code of Conduct at sign in.


Old Business

  • A. Speccy Drakkar progress – Hanbal

  • B. Goute de Pearl redesign – ThorolfR

  • C. Sunshade Refurbishment – Rodrigo

  • D, Lochac Seneschal Code of Conduct at sign in.- Seumas

5 Officers Reports

a. Vicar – Verbal at meeting

b. Arts and Sciences – Verbal at meeting

c. Capt. of Archers – Verbal at Meeting

d. D. Seneschal -H & W Report attached

e. Constable – Verbal at meeting

f. Herald – Verbal at meeting

g. Lists – Report attached

h. Knight Marshal – Report attached

i. Reeve – Report attached

j. Rapier– Verbal at meeting

k. Seneschal – Verbal at meeting

l. Webminister – Verbal at meeting

m. Officer Changeovers –






B.Thaw War

See attached report from Hanbal Al Barbary

C.William Marshal 2016 see attached Corres.


General Business

Heavy equipment purchase (see attach email) 18/8/2016

Authorisation Policy – Rodrigo


Other Business:


Next Meeting

Possibly 22th August 2016


Meeting Closed



From: Ashlee Hope [] 
Sent: Friday, 5 August 2016 3:03 PM
To: Simon Hoad <>
Subject: Event Application-3 December 2016-Brimbank Park-William Marshall Heraldic Tournament


Hi (Hanbal),


I have received provisional approval for your event to go ahead on 3 December 2016 at Brimbank Park.


There are a couple of points in relation to your event: 

We recommend the use of our onsite tenant, the Brownstone café for your catering needs. This Is not a requirement, but we do recommend their services if you were sourcing a caterer.

In relation to the access to tap water will the tap water from the toilet facilities sufficient? Or would you bring your own?

In relation to your marquees all marquees must be weighted, with no pegging allowed in the park.

In order to finalise your event permit we will require:

Evidence of your not for profit status if you are applying for our community event fee

Safety Plan/Risk Assessment (Please see attached if necessary)

Site Plan (Indicating proposed location and the location of any proposed infrastructure) 

I will be in touch following September 19 2016 to finalise the details of your permit.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions,




Ashlee Hope

Event Booking Officer I Statewide Events Branch

T (03) 8427 3541 I E

Parks Victoria

Level 10, 535 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000



From Ysabel Norrice

Restoring Stormhold loaner equipment


I would like to request funding make 2 new loaner swords with baskets, making a total of 3.

I would also like to buy shield gloves to attach to any of the shields in the armoury, and 2 right handed demi gauntlets. I would also like to re-pad the Stormhold helmets with better quality foam.


The pricing I have sourced for this project is as follows: 

Tape – $20

Plastic basket hilts $40 each

Demi gauntlets $50 each

Shield gloves $70 each

Shipping will be $35. 

Foam $15 for helmet padding.


Total requested from Stormhold baronial funds: $390


Thank you for your time.

(Ysabel Nirroce)


Officers reports

Reeve report August 2016

I am settling into my new position. I’d like to thank Laura for her excellent work over the last 2 years.
Before handing over she finalised event reports for The guild Brawl and Winterfeast. Meaning I’m starting with a very clean slate, and only have ongoing payments and Thaw War to consider.

At writing we have in $6207.95 the regular account, and 14, 016.65 in the savings account

I look forward to my duties in the coming term of office.




Events Monthly Bash, Winterfeast

Both held Heavy tourneys with roughly 6 combatants

Authorisations None NB: expecting new authorisations before Thaw war

Injuries Noneof note

Equiptment No troubling new equipment Trial for 3d printed trusting tips is ongoing, waiting further comments from KEM Loaner kit is missing key equipment, proposal put through separately



List report for the Barony of Stormhold August 2016.
Lists were run since at

Monthly Bash June
Monthly Bash July
Winter Feast Tourney
Monthly Bash August

your servant
Þorfinn Hrolfsson – Stormhold Baronial List Keeper

Stormhold Report – July – 2016

Regular Events: We had monthly bash at John Gardiner Reserve with nil moderate injuries to report.
Also weekly trainings of Heavy and Rapier, and Monthly Archery. Two moderate injuries treated by or reported to me, In which a heavy fighter received a blow to the thumb which bypassed his gauntlets, on two occasions. Several Minor injuries requiring cleaning and bandaids. 

Special Events: Winterfeast. A Spaniard was stabbed with his own knife… by a viking, In line for soup…This was the only injury. I would like to request that this injury be attributed to the Krae Glas baronial competition, in which both men are candidates. 

Other News: I have a new Stormhold member wishing to join the Chirurgeonate. I would like to have both he and I take a modified version of the Chirurgeons oath of An Tir (TBA) and present him with a belt favour or baldric baring our badge at court at Stormhold Thaw War, assuming the KC is present at that event, and  with permission from said  kingdom officer of course. 

Yours in Service

Lady Ysabel Norrice