January 2016 Baronial Council meeting Minutes

By   February 3, 2016

Held January 25th, 2016 at the Coulson Soccer Pavilion

Attendees- Miriam bat Shimeon, Fionnghuala nic ant’Sionnaigh, Eleanora de la Birche, Gilligan O Tomelty, Ysabel Norrice, Rodrigo de Burgos, Seumas Gaskin, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Michael de le Ferrett, Ute von Tangermunde, Wynflaed aet West Sexum, Mahault Dudrac, Tomas van den Hove, Sara van den Hove, Meadhbh inghean ui Aonghusa, Gilbert de Walchope.

Meeting opens 7:36pm.

Review of previous meeting notes (Nov 2015). Tomas moves that the meeting notes are correct; Ysabel seconds.
Pass without dissent.

Outstanding items from November-
Vinyl banner- Still on hold. There has been no design made.

William Marshal- small profit was made. Sign in was an issue, as there was one than one gatekeeper and the paperwork got messed up. Report is not finished due to the paperwork. Feedback from the event was good, especially the camping side of the event. The site used though is only good for a cook capable of cooking over a fire pit. Tomas to look for new sites in the next month. The steward expected all booking to be around 10% concession, but turned out to be up to 30%.

Hero cloak- Many patches have been sewn up, with pictures being posted to the Stormhold Facebook group. Dame Miriam will be putting together the cloak.

Chess Challenge- Need an extra constable as planning on splitting up the processing to members & non-members. Needs someone to collect the tourney field & marshal poles as the steward won’t be at Bash.

New items-
Border War- 4 households registered to compete at Border War. Ysabel is looking to minibus for 12 people. Cost is around $1,200. There may be an issue with the corporate rules about the Barony paying for hire of a vehicle. Perhaps a Go Fund Me may be better?

Officer reports
Seneschal- No problems happened while on holiday. There have been some developments in the office, after having a meeting at Canterbury Faire. Hamlets have been created for the Kingdom, which is a regional group of 5 people that can register heraldry but have no officers.

Knight Marshal- Quite a lot of people are turning up to training. Running out of loaner gear. A catalogue of what is in the armoury needs to be done. An idea to raise funds to make more armour for loan is a fighter auction tourney at a Bash. Will need a lot of advertising beforehand. Have to find a way to stop the armour walking away too.

Webminister- WordPress got updated & nothing broke. Chess Challenge page is up.

Lists- Eleanora did Bash.

Chirurgeon- New Kingdom Chirurgeon. No injuries to report. Possibly more incidental injuries are happening without being reported (bruises etc).

Reeve- Community acc $4,980.15 Business acc $16,221.49. Total funds $21,201.64. William Marshal is not finalised, possibly $1K outstanding. Dame Miriam returning from holiday soon.

Rapier- Don Gilbert won the Provost of Lochac award. Training is ongoing.

Constable- nothing to report.

Capt. of Archers- absent but did run the last 3rd Sunday training.

Herald- Name and Device Submissions approved this quarter and have been listed in Stormscroll.
Kingdom Level Awards Given to Stormhold Populace:
Royal Cyphers were given at William Marshal AS L
Elizabet Hunter
Benidict of York
Magnus Thorsbjornson

Augmentation of Arm that was given at William Marshal AS L
Þorfinn Hrolfsson

Knighting given at William Marshal AS L
Hrothgar aet Gytinbroce (Stormhold)
Gilbert Purchase (Krae Glas)

Heralds on Duty at William Marshal AS L
Margie of Glenmore – Field
Gillucan ua Tomaltaig – Field
Brian dorcha ua Conaill – Royal Court (Saturday)
Ute von Tangermunde – Field, Baronial Court, Royal Court (Sunday)

Baronial Awards Given to Stormhold Populace:
Silver Drakkar Given at William Marshal AS L
ffride wittsdotter|

Passports Given at William Marshal AS L
Sara van den Hove
Miriam bat Shimeon

Changeover of Capt of the Baronial Guard at William Marshal AS L
Brodhir MacDathi to Magnus Thorsbjornson
Baronial Guard made at William Marshal AS L
Checkers Auffalig
A&S Champion announced at William Marshal AS L
Ute von Tangermunde
Checkers was also offered on the Sunday of William Marshal AS L by Brennan Half Hand to be his Squire.
Silver Drakkar Given at January Monthly Bash AS L
Charle du Bois
Baronial Commendation Given at January Monthly Bash AS L
Isabeau Norrice

Heralds on Duty at January Monthly Bash AS L:
Hanbal al-Barbari – Field
Valdemar von Tecklenberg – Field
Ute von Tangermunde – Court

Heraldic Submission:
Registered Nov 2015 to Brand de Louden and Guillaume de Musgrave : Joint household name Howse atte Foresteres Reache.
Beni Svensson. Name change from Ben of Stormhold.

Cairn Fell- Possibly looking into becoming a hamlet. Not much happening. Funds have been sent to Stormhold.

General business
Canterbury Faire- there had been a Seneschals’ meeting.

Monday night training- Over the winter the soccer club makes it difficult to use the pavilion. May need to contact the Council to sort it all out as both clubs go through the Council. Eyes should be open for a possible replacement where pavilions, archery, and storage can happen while close to shops & public transport.

May Bash- will be the 50th anniversary of the SCA. May pole and pot luck event suggested. Wynflaed suggested more than just cooking for an A&S competition. Will email the Seneschal with details.

Keys for the Thursday night hall- Meadhbh is looking for someone to take over the opening of the hall on Thursday nights. ffride has a set of keys. Mahault says that she could do it if no one else comes forward as she lives around the corner.

Melbourne Uni o.week- Late Feb this year. Could Stormhold do a Friday night thing? May need to watch for St Monica too.

Action item- Rodrigo to bring a 20 litre carboy for the fighters outside.

Next meeting will be on the 22nd of Feb, from 7:30pm at the Coulson soccer pavilion.