October 2015 Stormhold meeting

By   November 6, 2015

Attendees- Miriam bat Shimeon, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Meadhbh ingean ui Aonghusa, Miriam Galbraith, Ysabel Norris, Waldo Turner, Michael of Stormhold, Wynflaed aet West Sexum, Rodrigo de Burgos, Sara van den Hove, Thorolfr olfuss Brandsson, Brennan Half Hand.

Meeting opens 7:43pm

Review previous meeting notes.
Thorfinn moves to accept as a true record of what happened; Ysabel seconds.
Pass without dissent.

Outstanding items from previous month:

Vinyl banners- move to next month as the person was on holidays.

Hero cloak- Sara moves that a budget of $100 be set aside for purchase of necessary items. Waldo seconds.
Pass without dissent.

William Marshal- Coins have been ordered. Should arrive very soon. Currently there are no plans for extreme weather conditions but the stewards are getting together to discuss this tomorrow. Everyone needs to book!

New agenda item:

Formal Investigation- Now complete. Found that most of the issues were from miscommunication. A few recommendations have been made.

1) Training of Officers so there is no doubt about any rules (which change regularly according to mundane law). Many people take office without fully knowing what the job requires.
2) Peer mentoring so that the more experienced members of the Society can teach the traditions and rules of the Society to new and inexperienced people.
3) Transfer of a number of old Arrowsreach postcodes from Stormhold to Krae Glas. There will be a polling of the populace first, following Corpora meaning that both Baronies will have a solid area and continuous border.


Seneschal- Will stay on as deputy after step down at William Marshal.

Balances as at 26/10/2015
Community Solutions acc $4,733.42
Business Cash Reserve $10,127.99
Total $14,861.41
The storage unit bill will be going up $20 a month. Waldo moves that we pay this bill until a better solution can be found. Meadhbh seconds.
Pass without dissent.

Chirurgeon- The Chirurgeonate has been disbanded with the idea to make it into a Guild. Ysabel happy to still serve as first aid officer. Brennan moves to make Ysabel a deputy under the Seneschal for OHS. Meadhbh seconds.
Pass without dissent.

Capt. of Archers- absent.

Marshal- The armoury has been cleared. More basket hilts are needed for training. 3 repeating new people come to training. Classes will be running again.

Rapier Marshal- At GSG in Krae Glas Gilbert and Annabelle did their Guild Prize Comp.

Herald- Name and Devices that have been recently passed:
Cecilia Ine Queerke. Name Cateline
Genna inghean Braonáin uí Ámoinn. Name reconsideration from Genna inghean Braonáin uí Amaind.
Obbi illugi. Name change from Obbi austmannaskelfir.
Ysabel Norrice. Name and device. Argent, a rose and on a chief azure three swallows volant argent.
Congratulations to these Gentles! Thank you to all the Heralds that help to get these names and devices and those who help with Voice Heraldry.

List- No Bash as Oct Bash had been cancelled. Hand over very soon.

Constable- Updated all the forms for the Sunday site. Monday training has already been done. Brennan will check with the applicant if they wish to apply formally for the role as no resume has been received.

Web- bug has been fixed. All going well.

Canton of Cairn Fell- Kingdom report for Midwinter Coronation has been completed.

General business

Cleaning out the cupboard at the Thursday night dancing hall uncovered an old Dubh Thrain petition. It will be passed onto Kingdom Historian.

Thursday night dancing- Only four nights of dancing left for the year. Not being well attended. Paid up until the end of June 2016. Reeve will double check.

Next meeting will be on the 23/11/2015 at the Coulson soccer pavilion from 7:30pm.

Meeting closed 8:25pm