November 2015 Stormhold planning and Officers’ meeting

By   November 25, 2015

Held November 23rd at the Coulson Soccer pavilion.

Attendees: Miriam bat Shimeon, William de Perham, Halla Hrafnsdottir, ThorolfR Brandtsson, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Tomas Van Den Hove, Gilligan O Tomelty, Waldo Turner, Ysabel Norris, Aine of the Hounds, Annabelle Perrot, Meadhbh ingean ui Aonghusa, Dame Miriam Galbraith, Rodrigo de Burgos, Nikolai of Stormhold.

Meeting open 7:40pm.

Previous month’s meeting notes reviewed.
Sara moves to accept, Waldo seconds.
Pass without dissent.

Outstanding items from previous meeting:

Vinyl banner- Sara is handling it but would like to move it to the next meeting to deal with after William Marshal.

William Marshal- Currently 132 bookings. Also now have fire permits and food safety permits. Tomas has undertaken a food supervisor course for $50 and $70. Will then be able to consult in any future events for the next year or two.
Sara moves that we reimburse Tomas due to future use. Dame Miriam seconds.
Pass without dissent.

Hero Cloak- deadline to complete cloak is end of Feb.

Thursday Dancing- Dame Miriam has checked & hall is definitely all paid for until June 2016.

New items:

Xmas party- Will be held on the 21st of December. Kris Kringle with $5 gift.
Waldo moves, Tomas seconds.
Pass without dissent.

Officer reports:

Seneschal- Doing last quarterly report on Tuesday or Wednesday before handing over to Rodrigo.

Reeve- Community solutions acc $4,476.07 and Business cash reserve $10,145.89 with a total of $14,621.96. Storage has been paid for but nothing currently outstanding. Expecting payments for William Marshal to start coming in soon.

Web Minister- Website is working. WordPress updated but nothing broke.

Lists- Thorfinn taking over at WM. Gilbert Purchase is the Stormhold Champion from October Bash.

Knight Marshal- fighter training is growing. Still need more swords and armour. Consistent numbers are turning up. Currently three people can authorise. Nikolai is thinking of trying out for senior marshal at WM.

Rapier Marshal-
Rapier training continues. We had a tournament at Monthly Bash. We have no injuries or equipment failures. It’s time to retest swords and gambesons though as it has been two years since the last time.

Also, I am looking for a deputy with a view to replacement as my warrant will run out soon (if it hasn’t already).

Chirurgeon- No wounds to report. Will order more ice packs soon.
Sara moves a budget of $50 for ongoing costs, Gilligan seconds.
Pass without dissent.

Capt. of Archers- Bash had Championship with Lady Elena of Lincoln the new Champion. Obbi ran the 3rd Sunday archery training. Annabelle has made many arrows to use but now out of fletch tite.

Constable- Still need a replacement. Tried to contact the person interested but email details were wrong. Ysabel will chase him down. Lost property in the Monday night hall cupboard.

Arts and Sciences- William Marshal will be holding the competition for the championship. Waldo will write up a blurb for the comp. for the WM website.

Canton of Cairn Fell- On Sunday night Valdemar resigned as Seneschal, which is why the Canton is currently suspended. Will undergo a poll and/or look for replacement officers.

Herald report-
Consulting Herald – ffride Wlffsdotter
Alrekr Geirsson – new name for Yehuda ben Yishai ben Avraham
Folkvé í Sáluhúsi – new name Roberto de Fabbro – new device
Beni Svensson – new name for Ben of Stormhold.

Voice Heraldry:
Monthly Bashes – Court Heraldry : Ute von Tangermunde
Tournaments – Gillucan ua Tomaltaig
Thank you to Gillucan for always stepping in the Voice Herald at Tournaments and Thank you ffride for always helping out with the Book Heraldry.

General business:
Hospit. gear for visiting Royalty- Halla says they have quite a bit. Will check.

December planning and Officers’ meeting- Rodrigo moves that since it falls on the 28th it be cancelled and everything starts back up on January 25th, 2016. Tomas seconds.
Pass without dissent.

Meeting closes 8:10pm.