September 2015 planning and Officers’ meeting

By   October 6, 2015

Attendees– Miriam bat Shimeon, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Wynflaed aet West-Sexun, Aine of the Hounds, Brodhir, Rodrigo de Burgos, Miriam Galbraith, Sara van den Hove, Tomas van den Hove.

Held 28th Sept. 2015
Meeting opens 7:53 p.m.

Review of August 2015 meeting notes.
Wynflaed motions
Thorfinn seconds
Motion passes without dissent

Outstanding item from August meeting-
Vinyl banner- leave for next month.

Hero cloak- Miriam bat Shimeon has been working on the design with her husband. Design to be brought to the next meeting for approval.

William Marshal- Budget is being re-jigged as penny tokens are wanted as event tokens & for the tourney. The hire budget is being adjusted as there is no way of setting up hired showers on site. Hiring a sink is also not needed as there is a catering sink available in Ballarat to use. Two possibilities for the token is $640 for 500 pieces from a maker in the U.S. or to get Tom to make a cast (but may take quite a bit of time). Vote for #1 for ease. Money for token is taken from adjusted hire budget.

New items-
October and December 2015 Monthly Bash- Oct Bash has been moved to GSG, so is cancelled at the Quarry. Dec Monthly Bash usually falls after WM but since everyone will be in Bullarto is cancelled at the Quarry.


Seneschal- Will train up deputy soon. Only one report left! Have been advised that the Investigation has been completed. Will advise everyone once the report is received.

Reeve- Current balances are:
Community Solutions acc is $4,847.11
Bus. Cash Reserve is $10,109.72
Total is $14,956.83.

Capt. of Archers- absent.

Rapier Marshal- Training continues but still not enough donations to cover hall hire. Guild prizes to be fought at GSG. Also some C&T authorisations.

Web Minister- Still going! Event pages have been going up. Reminder to Chess Challenge steward to make an event page.

Lists- August Bash was a round robin with Gilbert Purchase the winner. Currently in commentary period for Thorfinn to replace Wynflaed.

Constable- I am seeking a replacement, I have 1 volunteer so far, but would also like to put a wider call out there in case there are other people that want to do a much better job than me!

Arts and Sciences- Things are happening. Championship to be done at William Marshal.

Herald- Registered Stormhold Names and Devices that have been accepted. It has been brought to my attention by my deputy ffride that the following names and devices of Victorians have been registered from June Submissions:
Antony Machyn. Name.
Charle du Bois. Name change from Charles du Bois.
Roberto de Fabbro. Name.
Thank you to ffride wlffsdotterfor posting to Facebook.

From other Submissions
-Avelyn Rosewood. Badge. (Fieldless) A comet bendwise sable.
-Crowley Barr. Name and device. Vert, on a fess argent a crow migrant to chief sable. And the alternate name Crow Barr.
-Edgard Kala. Name.
-Stoff Svinssen. Device. Or, on a bend between two paw prints gules, five ermine spots bendwise sinister argent.
Thank you to ffride wlffsdotterfor being a diligently deputy.

Knight Marshal- Events:
Monthly Bash Sunday 6th of Sept: no incidents to report. 1st tourney for 1 new fighter. Monday trainings (all): Had a Minor concussion on one night, the fighter and i are working to prevent it happening in the future. Several new fighters every week, new and unauthorised fighters are outnumbering other fighters regularly.

The number of new fighters is putting a strain on the loaner gear, currently we have only 2 neck protectors, 2 right hand demi gauntlets and 1 basketed loaner sword and 1 basketed shield. We are relying on fighters having spare kit or new fighters bringing their own to get all the new fighters in armour. This is driving some fighters away as they don’t have the means to get their own gear. One of the new fighters is working on a number of shield baskets to attach to the existing shields in the armory I would like to make a call out for old and unused gear from the fighting community of Stormhold to donate or loan their gear to remain in the armory for use. I would also like to purchase a number of swords, baskets and demis to place in the armory for new fighters. these would be sold off to new fighters and the money used to purchase more swords baskets and demis as well as on upkeep of the existing kit.

Cairn Fell- Not sure if the Kingdom event has been wrapped up. There has been no meetings.

General Business-
Tow Knightings will be happening at William Marshal. Book now!

Meeting ended 8:25 p.m.