August 2015 Planning and Officers’ meeting

By   August 25, 2015

Miriam bat Shimeon, Dante Caldiera, Edine Godin, Tomas van den Hove, Thorfinn Hrolfson, Maedhbh inghean ui Aonghusa, Gillucain O’Tomalty, Wynflaed aet West Saxum, Ysabel Norrice, Rodrigo de Burgos, Elayne Montjoye, Waldo Turner, Brennan Halfhand, Michael O’Brien, Nikolai of Stormhold.

Meeting opened 1945
Review of meeting draft minutes for July 2015
Maedbh moves that the minutes are accepted
Ysabel seconds
Motion passes

Outstanding items from last meeting-

Vinyl Banner
Rodrigo – has any artwork been developed?

Hero Cloak
Call has been made for design assistance for the cloak.
Brian (not Goutte d’Eau) has been voluntold to assist in the design.

Archery event
40 attendees for the Archery event.
There was surplus pottage
Full report attached.
The event overall made a loss of $336.14.
There was a surfeit of 114 arrows which will go to the Stormhold stash.
All invoices *received* have been paid/reimbursed.

William Marshal
Event has not yet been submitted to the internal lists.
Event has been approved but needs to be publicised.

Bank Accounts
Accounts have been closed and transferred to new accounts under the Society Treasurer.
Receipt has been received for Transfer of Funds.
Please delete any old Stormhold BSB/account information
Anyone who needs new numbers, contact Miriam Galbraith.
Daily: $3,956.16
Savings: $10,105.47.
Total $15,061.63

New Business

Chess challenge
Chess Challenge 7!
Eleanora is happy to do lists, Hanbal has been asked to be event Marshall. Miriam has asked if the event would be better done on a Sunday, rather than Saturday. Much discussion around the date – settled on Saturday February 13 (Week before is too close to Bash, and Border War is the week after)
Thorfinn moves an event budget of up to $200.
Tomas seconds
Motion passes
Miriam will look for a chess themed prize.

Quarterly report will be done tomorrow or Thursday. Rodrigo has been named as the acceptable applicant for the position of Seneschal, and will assume the role subject to a commentary period. All comments to Kingdom Seneschal and Miriam.

Bank balances discussed above.

First aid kits have been re-stocked. No injuries to report.

Knight Marshal:
Just confirmed in office, hand over to happen at Bash?

Rapier Marshal:
Absent – No report

Capt. of Archers:
2nd August – Monthly Bash: A casual archery session was held as part of Monthly Bash. I was very sick so Sharr manned the line instead. There were approximately 8 adult and 3 children shooting throughout the event. No injuries or incidents to report.

8th & 9th August Stormhold Archery Fair and Tavern night- There was an archery event held over the weekend of 8th and 9th of August at the Essendon Sea Scouts Hall, Moonee Ponds. It was a successful event with approx. 20 people attending the workshops and 40 people attending the tavern night.

There were a range of classes held including fletching, feather splicing, making period nocks, making Flemish bow strings, making combat arrows and a discussion on archers’ gauntlets.

Wintherus Alban, who had wayfared from Politarchopolis, taught many of the classes. Sharr, Roland and Annabelle (myself) also taught classes with Countess Margie and Sir John Dai leading the discussion on armour for combat archery. Roland was awarded a pendant made by Wintherus for the most impressive item made as part of the weekend – a Flemish bowstring. Eloise was awarded a purple flu-flu arrow for making the most arrows of anyone over the weekend (which were pink, yellow and purple with sparkles).

On the Sunday afternoon the remaining attendees went to John Gardiner oval in Hawthorn to test the arrows they had made and to learn about bare-shafted shooting.

Overall, it was a productive event with many new skills learnt and new arrows and equipment made for the Barony and its populace. As Steward of the event, it was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable events I have run and I would like to thank everyone who attended for being so helpful and cheerful.

Thanks also to Lord Gilligan and Vox Monicae for their work in the kitchen for the Tavern Night.

Hall hire $350.00

Class materials budgeted- $100.00 actual- $68.95

Travel expenses budgeted- $100.00 actual- Nil

Sat & Sun lunch budgeted- $100.00 actual- $128.59

Tavern Night food budgeted- $210.00 actual- $269.33

Misc. expenses budgeted- $40.00 actual- Nil

Total budgeted $900.00 actual- $816.87

The Stronger Kingdom Fund has granted $250 to the event to help cover the cost of Wintherus travelling to the Barony to teach. The total cost of his flights was $514.04 leaving a deficit of $264.04. This needs to be added to the event expenditure which brings total expenditure to $1,080.91.

The total income for the event was (approx.) $744.77, which leaves a loss of $336.14.

Although a loss was made on this event 8 new sets of loaner arrows (and another 11 that I am still finishing off) have been made for the Barony using the supplies already owned by the Barony and through recycling broken arrows and parts. With new arrows costing $4 each this equates to $456 worth of arrows for the Barony. (19×6 arrows x $4)

16th Aug- 3rd Sunday Archery
Archery practice went ahead on the 16th although the small attendance (4) indicates that everyone had been overloaded the weekend before. No incidents to report.

Future Planning-
Baroness Ute would like to request that the Barony purchase a self-nock jig like the one used by Wintherus at the Archery Fair. I also support this idea. Ute has found the following sources for consideration:
$124 US (able to do 4 at a time) comes with ock Saw, Two Hardwood Nock Strips, and Instructions.
$57.26 Aus (able to do 1 at a time)
27.99 pounds (able to do 1 at a time) saw extra 5.99 pounds

The advantage of being able to make our own nocks is that our arrows will be more period and there will be less cost involved with each arrow as we will eliminate the need to buy plastic nocks. The down side is that people in the Barony will need to know how to use the self-nock jig and share this knowledge with others.

I would like to apply for $50 to replace the archery target faces. The current ones are falling apart and purchasing new ones will allow the Barony to run an IKAC accurately.

The Barony has a large supply (100ish) of combat blunts that are not in use. I propose purchasing suitable shafts for these to be made into combat arrows for the Barony. Ron Tyrell from the bow hut is currently selling suitable shafts at $2.20 a shaft. Alternatively, I propose selling the blunts to members of the Barony who want them to raise money for other archery equipment that will be used.

It has also been suggested that the Barony investigate making some bow rests so that the bows can be put down out of the mud and are not at risk of being stepped on. There is an X frame design that would allow multiple bows to be placed on it at once and could be made by someone in the Barony. I will investigate the design further and present it at the next meeting.

Absent – No report.

Unable to attend Bash – wishes to thank Eleanora and Ute for doing the job. Warrant runs out in September. Will advertise for successor.

Waiting to hear from BoD on whether office needs to continue. No lost property has been handed in. Warrant will expire in November.

Arts and Sciences:
Waldo has been at Pennsic, doing much A&S. As B&B may not be at Sept Bash, Champion’s contest will be held at William Marshal. Format to be announced by B *or* B at the next event they attend.

As Chronicler is a required office, the functions of the Webminister will be reverted to the Office of Chronicler. The position has been advertised for many months.
Miriam G proposes that the positions merge.
Tam seconds.
No vote taken. As Webminister is a Seneschal Deputy, it is not a required office. The Chronicler will handle all Webminister functions as current, and may have a “Newsletter Deputy”

Not present

Cairn Fell:
About to go dormant, but final report has not been received.

Next meeting will be held a Clifton Hill Training on Sept 28th at Coulson Pavilion From 1930.

Meeting closed 2027