July 2015 Stormhold Baronial planning and Officers’ meeting

By   July 30, 2015

Miriam bat Shimeon, Wynflaed aet West-Sexun, Thorfinn Hrolfson, Edine Godin, Miriam Galbraith, Sara van den Hove, Tomas van den Hove, Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir, ThorolfR Brandtsson, Eleanora de la Birche, Margie of Glen More, Ffride Ulfsdottir, Elayne Montjoye, Meadhbh ingean ui Aonghusa, Charles Dubois, Valdemar von Mecklenburg, Dante Caldiera, Eleanor Lyttlehales.

Meeting opens 1943 on 27th July 2015.

Outstanding agenda items-
Review of previous meeting notes (June).
Sara moves to accept
Thorfinn seconds
Passed without dissent

Vinyl banner-
Although a budget has been approved, Sara is currently unable to action. Put off until next meeting.

Hero cloak-
Waldo has been asked to spearhead the project as the A&S officer.

Design shown and discussed.
$1,640 is the quote.
Halla request $1,640 for the coronets – $1,000 deposit and balance on completion.
Wynflaed seconds.
Passed by acclaim.

Midwinter –
170 marked to attend – 162 final number.
General comments around high number of food intolerances/allergies and taking greater advantage of off-board.

Archery event
Steward is on holidays, however she will provide additional information later and the event is still taking bookings.

William Marshal-
Sara is the event steward. Team is organised and venue is confirmed.
Tentative pricing is $45 per adult incl 5 meals, no lunch Sunday. Breakeven of 115 attendees. Profit for 150 ppl at $470. @$50 = breakeven of 90/Profit of $1,150.
Total outlay is anticipated to be $6,216 =
Sara requests a budget of $6,300
Valdemar seconds.
Passed by acclaim

New agenda items-
Bank accounts
Miriam – Due to changes in the way the accounts are structured and the hiring of a bookkeeper at Kingdom level, the bank accounts will have to be replaced with accounts under the Kingdom account.
Proposal – in the new system we open a transaction account and a business cash reserve bonus account.
Miriam G moves that the accounts be changed in line with corporate requirements.
Sara seconds.
Passed by acclaim.

Populace badge
Ffride – There is an existing registered device, being the group device without the wreath, however it is not designated as a populace badge.
Ffride moves that the registered armoury be associated as the populace badge.
Thorffin seconds.
Passed by acclaim.

Facebook Arts and Science group
Eleanora – There are currently two Baronies on Facebook that have separate Facebook groups for Arts and Sciences links and projects. Waldo is currently away on holiday, but like the idea of setting up a Stormhold group. Sara and Halla would prefer the discussion group to be used for that instead of making even more joins to join on FB. Will try to encourage more project posting on discussion group and see how that works out.

Officer reports
Role has been advertised. Please submit applications to Kingdom Seneschal.

Maxi account $10,105.33. Business account $5,276.08. Total $15,381.41.
We will receive a GST refund.

Rapier Marshal-

Knight Marshal-
No report received from MiC for Midwinter Investiture.
Replacement has been found – Nikolai subject to commentary period.

Awards Given at Midwinter Coronation held in Cairn Fell 4/7/2015-
Baronial Commendation : Ysabel Norrice and Michael de la Ferret.
Silver Drakkar : Hrothgar aet Getyingbroce and Dafydd of the Glens – re-affirmed.
Kingdom Awards Given to Populace : Awards given by Kinggiyadai I and Altani I
Cockatrice : Elizabet Hunter
Golden Tear :Tomas Van Den Hove
Pelican : Teffania de Tuckerton
Silver Pegasus : Ute von Tangermünde
Pelican : Cormac Lenihan
Award of Arms : Ceridwen de la Birche
Royal Cypher : Elizabet Hunter, Hanbal al Barbari, Rodrigo de Burgos, and Sara van den Hove.
Heralds : Ute von Tangermunde – Baronial Courts (Stormhold), Brían dorcha ua Conaill – Kingdom Courts for King Steffan and Queen Branwen, and Hrothgar aet Gytingbroce – Field Heraldry for Tournaments.

Lochac Kingdom Banners fixed so can be used more often. Thank you to Karen and her Team getting them ready to be used at Coronation.

Thank you to both Brian and Hrothgar stepping in and doing the courts and Field Heraldry over the weekend.

Sorry I will be out of the country. Nothing to report.

July Monthly bash was cancelled in favour of Midwinter thus lists for this
month are:

Rose Tourney of Heavy fighters, 12 in total competing. Rose Tourney and Provost for Rapier which was listed by another.

Archery happened in Sunday (3rd Sunday of the month) – there were 6 adults and 3 children – and that things are progressing on the archery event. I can give a more detailed update on the archery event next week as currently on holiday.

Nothing to report for July,
I attended Midwinter as Chirurgeon in Charge, no injuries.
First aid kits inspected 19/7/15

The website still exists, and seems to work. I’ve been updating officer contact details as necessary, and working with the Archery Fair steward on the page for the event.
Members of the populace seem to be using the website, including officers and stewards making changes autonomously, which is brilliant.

Arts and Sciences
Currently away on holiday.

Cairn Fell-
Midwinter occurred – Awards
Cairn Fell will be going into a 6-month dormancy period, as there are not sufficient members to sustain offices.
A profit was made at Midwinter – the Reeve will report this soon.
Funds will be transferred to Stormhold while Cairn Fell is dormant.
Miriam moves that any funds received from Cairn Fell be held aside for them once the reactivate in 6 months.
Tam seconds
Passed by acclaim.
Valdemar will continue to try and encourage members in Ballarat/Bendigo to build more of a base.

General Business
Reminder from the BoD
Please read all the information relating to the Stat Dec – not just the form as this will answer many of the questions received.

Margie wishes to have it noted that Ute’s fencing gear is being held in the Storeroom until she can collect it.

Next meeting will be held on August 24th at the Coulson soccer pavilion from 7:30pm.

Meeting closes 2022.