June 2015 Council meeting notes

By   June 26, 2015

June 2015 Stormhold Baronial planning and Officers’ meeting

Miriam bat Shimeon, Mahault du Drac, Elayne Montjoye, Michael of Stormhold, Wynflaed aet West-Sexun, Thorfinn Hrolfson, Edine Godin, Miriam Galbraith, Sara van den Hove, Annabelle Perrot, Seumas Gaskin, Waldo Turner, Gilbert de Walchop, Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir, ThorolfR Brandtsson, Eleanora de la Birche.

Meeting opens 1945.

Outstanding agenda items-
Review of previous May meeting notes.
Thorfinn moves to accept
Miriam seconds
Passed without dissent

Vinyl banner-
Although a budget has been approved, Sara is currently unable to action. Put off until next meeting.

Hero cloak-
Wasn’t done at Bash. Moved to the next meeting.

Many in favour of the pointy design. ThorolfR will get back to the person that did the design and bring the quote next meeting.

Rapier Collegium and Tavern night-
Edine says that the Collegium had twelve members attending. Three teaching facilitators attended with a couple of marshal in training. The Tavern night had 35 adult members, 3 child members and 4 non-members. There is a possible profit of $80 but not all receipts have been handed in. All in all- the event went well.

New agenda items-
William Marshal-
Sara is the event steward. This will be a Royalty attending event. There is currently a tentative booking with a low infrastructure site that has 1 hectare to camp in. Close to Daylesford with a scout hall, regular domestic kitchen and two toilets.

Sara moves that the event style similar to Surveying Expedition be accepted as the event style. Tentative budget of $1500 to book the site, and rent catering equipment and rent-a-loos. Will talk to CFA about fire pits. Still require a cook & marshal. Break even point should be at 50 members, all meals catered with a price of $30 per head.
Eleanora seconds the event style.
Passed without dissent


(As reported via email)
At this moment it has been quiet on the heraldry front and nothing new to report.

This month I have been reaching out to event stewards/responding to their requests for event information for the website. This also involved giving the stewards logins and ‘event forms’. I also took a few photos at the latest tavern night (with permission from those in the picture) with the intent to put them on the website too.

Captain of Archers-
7th June – Monthly Bash

There were approx. 15 archers at Monthly Bash. For the first hour there was a practice shoot at 20m with a rotation of TAM’s so that everyone had a chance to shoot. In the second hour a King’s shoot competition was run. This involved each archer having 6 wooden arrows and shooting at the target in their own time. The first round was shot at 20m and all archers who successfully struck within the target got into the next round. The next round was shot at 25m with, again, all archers who successfully struck the target getting into the next round. The third round was at the 30m line. There were 13 competitors with Waldo and Elena the two finalists who did a final shoot to determine the winner. The competition was won by Elena. A personal token of thanks was given to Elena at the end of the event for her help taking the line during Bash for the past few months.

21st June – 3rd Sunday Training
There were approx. 8 archers at this training including two children. Dame Miriam was the TAM for the training as I was unable to make it.

Future Planning:
There will be no archery at July Monthly Bash as it is being held in Cairn Fell as part of Midwinter Coronation and the site is not suitable for archery. The Barony will need to replace our current target faces soon as the ones we have are falling apart. Planning and organisation continues for the archery event in August. There are currently 8 people booked with half of these tavern night only. Flyers have been made for the event. The timetable is currently being compiled. If anyone is interested in teaching a class for this event please contact the stewards.

Rapier Marshal-
Rapier training continues, with a slight change to the order of classes on Wednesday nights free play now happens first. There is an introductory cut and thrust course starting in a week and a half, for authorised heavy and rapier combatants.

Edine ran a rapier teacher training Collegium the weekend just passed.

No injuries to report.

(Reporting at the meeting)
Kingdom report done. There are still two vacant Offices- that of Hospitaller and Chronicler. Can those that don’t currently hold an office please consider them or tap on the shoulder those that would do the offices well.

Maxi account $10,105.25. Business account $5,260.58. Total $15,365.83.

The halls have been reviewed. Monday night hall is currently $500 in credit but bill expected in Sept.
The Bash site is $249.15 down, mainly due to Bash being cancelled.
The Thursday night hall has a loss of $200 but may improve as the weather improves.
The Wednesday night hall is currently running at a loss of $1500. It may improve with a new course being run, but some people do not donate at all. Gilbert recommends on making the course an event, so charge money. All recommendations for how to raise funds for the halls moved to next month’s meeting.

No injuries to report. All the kits have been restocked.

Knight Marshal-
Still looking for a replacement with a November step down. ThorolfR to advertise and possibly tap someone on the shoulder.

Valhalla heavy challenge and Rapier C&T tourney run at Bash by Gill. Many thanks to Gill!

Not in attendance.

Arts and Sciences-
Waldo has just stepped up into the office & not much is happening so far!

Cairn Fell-
Valdemar would like the sunshades, tourney ropes, marshal poles, and tourney field brought over to Midwinter Invest. Eleanora states that the site has restrictions on pegs in the ground. Sunshades to be left behind but Waldo will transport the rest of what is needed.

General Business
Don’t forget that July Monthly Bash has been cancelled due to Midwinter Invest.

Next meeting will be held on July 27th at the Coulson soccer pavilion from 7:30pm.

Meeting closes 2047.