Council minutes May 25th 2015

By   June 6, 2015

Meeting Minutes SCA -Stormhold Monday 25/05/15

Miriam bat Shimeon, Dante Caldiera, Miriam Galbraith, Ute von Tangermunde, Annabelle Perot, Valdemar von Mecklenburg, Edine Godin, Sara van den Hove, Thorfinn Hrolfson, Maedhbh inghean ui Aonghusa, Gillucain O’Tomalty, Eleanor de la Birche

Meeting opened 1937

Review of meeting draft minutes for April 2015
Thorfinn moves that the minutes are accepted
Valdemar seconds
Motion passes

Swordcraft Event
We unfortunately made a large profit.
Attracted some members… for Krae Glas.

Archery event
Hall is Essendon Sea Scouts – hire includes the hall for the evening as well.
In order to make use of the hall for the evening, tavern night should be held.
Flights for Wintherus came to $514.
Sara moves that the budget be approved on the proviso that the tavern night charge is reduced to $20 a head.
Ute seconds
Passed without dissent.

Discussion of whether Stormhold can reimburse the travel costs while the application to the Greater Kingdom Fund.

Vinyl Banner
Pended to next meeting..

Hero’s cloak
B&B are seeking people to assist in the construction of the cloak.
First meeting at June Bash

New Business

The designs for the new coronets are up on the website.
Ynys Fawr have sought bids for new coronets and had 9 bids vs our small number – possibly contact them to see who?

Report to Kingdom will go in on tomorrow

Bank balances-
Business 1 day to day account closing $6,461.64
Maxi direct savings account closing $10,105.17
Stormhold @ Quest made $500 profit.

Rapier Marshal
Absent – no report
Annabelle reported that two wayfarers went down to Ynys Fawr.
An 8 week long beginners course of cut and thrust combat will be run soon.

Three name and one device submission in progress.
Gilligan has been voice heralding
Ffride has been names
Member lists for the drakkar groups have been established

Knight Marshal
No report.

Deputy report – Monthly bash had Thorfinn as lists officer and went well..

Nothing to report.

Arts and Sciences
People are doing their own thing. Dancing is still happening twice a month. There are a couple of competitions which are in the process of being organised by Waldo, who will be taking over as Arts and Science officer at June Bash.


Not present

Not present

Cairn Fell
Anyone wishing to volunteer time for the event should contact Valdemar.
Merchants are welcome.
Bookings sitting at 115 – breakeven is 100. Less than half have paid.

Captain of Archers
Stormhold archery activity report May ’15
3rd May – Monthly Bash
For the first two hours there was a practice shoot at 20m with a rotation of TAM’s so that everyone had a chance to shoot. There were approx. 10 children and 20 adults who took part in this.

In the second two hours there was a Queen’s shoot competition. It was divided into two divisions – children’s and adult – at a distance of 20m. Initially I wanted to run the adult competition from the 30m line but it was deemed too difficult to move the equipment between rounds given the number of children wanting to compete. There were 7 children who took part in the competition with Declan of Stormhold winning in the third round. There were 15 competitors in the adult’s competition with Roland Ironbeard winning in the fourth round.

During the practice shoot the question of child supervision on the archery line was raised. The Kingdom of Lochac Target Archery Handbook (which I have been told by a Senior Marshal is outdated) was consulted and it was established that some children were not being correctly supervised. The handbook stated that all children under 12yrs had to be supervised by an adult within arm’s reach when they were taking part in archery. All of the archers were called together to pass on this information and the children who were under the age of 12 were asked to find an adult to supervise them, if they weren’t already supervised. The question was also raised as to how many children one adult could supervise. As it did not explicitly state this in the handbook it was deemed that one adult could supervise two children as long as the children were shooting side by side. This was deemed acceptable by all the TAM’S present as the two children in question had both proven themselves capable and safe on the archery line and one of the children was only a few months short of their 12th birthday. Clarification from the Earl Marshal on this point would be appreciated.

Another issue that was raised was the use of arrows made with shafts other than wood. As we have a number of new archers I have waived the requirement that wooden arrows must be used over the past few months to allow these new archers time to purchase or make appropriate arrows. However, the adult competition was won by an archer using fibreglass arrows, a possible unfair advantage. In future I will make it an explicit requirement that wooden arrows must be used in competitions.

A personal token of thanks was given to Michael of Stormhold at the end of Bash for his assistance over the past few months at 3rd Sunday training.

17th May – 3rd Sunday Training – Cancelled
Currently the 3rd Sunday Training for May will be cancelled. This is because a number of TAM’s including myself are unable to attend. At the Baronial monthly meeting it was deemed best to cancel it as the weather is unlikely to be suitable for archery anyway.

Future Planning
Roland Ironbeard (Craig Bradford) has volunteered to become my deputy.
I plan to hold a King’s Round at June Bash. Wooden arrows are required to enter the competition.
The Barony will need to replace our current target faces soon as the ones we have are rather dead.
There will be an archery event in August (see attached).

Stormhold Archery Fair and Tavern Night
Event Description
Fancy yourself as the next Robin of Locksley, or perhaps William Tell? Follow in the footsteps of these great marksmen by attending the Stormhold Archery Fair!

Running all weekend (August 8-9), the Fair includes classes on many and sundry topics of relevance to both target and combat archery. This is the perfect opportunity to beautify your gear, medieval-style. Of special interest is the art of splicing feathers for multi-coloured fletching, under the tutelage of Wintherus Alban from the fair Barony of Politarchopolis. There will also be classes specifically catering to the younger set of upcoming archers. All materials for classes will be supplied unless otherwise specified in the timetable.

And after you’ve filled your mind, come fill your belly at the Archer’s Blind, a tavern-style evening held at the same premises on Saturday night from 6pm.

Costs are $30 full weekend, $25 Saturday workshops only, $25 Tavern night only, $15 Sunday workshops only, $15 under 16. Add $5 to all prices for non-SCA members. Please book prior to 31st of July.

See the event page on the Barony of Stormhold website for full class timetable, bookings and further details.

We hope to see you there!

10am – 11pm Saturday 8th & 10am – 4pm Sunday 9th August

Essendon Sea Scouts Hall, 22 Woods Street, Moonee Ponds

Stewards: Archery workshops – Annabelle Perrot (Rosalind Mearns)
Tavern night – Gilligan (Stephen Drane)


Hall hire $350
Class materials $100
Travel expenses $100**
Sat & Sun lunch $100
Tavern night food $210 ($7 per head)
Misc. expenses $40

Total $900

The break-even point for the event is 30 full-paying attendees or $900. (This has gone up from 20 attendees in the previous budget to accommodate food for the weekend.)

**I need to send off an application to the Greater Kingdom Fund to assist with Wintherus’ expenses. His flights have been booked at a cost of $514.04. The maximum that can be applied for is $500. If this application is unsuccessful, an additional 20 people attending the event will cover this cost. I would say it is reasonable to expect 50 people to attend a tavern night even though there are a number of other events very close to this one.

I am now supplying lunch as part of the event. It will be very simple. Probably sandwiches or vegetable soup. There is a café on the corner for those that want other options.

*I still need to sort out a Bookings Officer with the Reeve – I’m happy to do this but recently this role seems to have been controlled by the Reeve or one of their deputies.

*I need to consult with the Webminister to set up an event page on the Stormhold website. I may also need to set up a separate bookings page.

*The first two hours of the Saturday will be outside (or in the café on the corner) as the hall is not available until 12noon. Wintherus will run a class on creating period nocks during this time.

*Lord Gilligan and I are yet to find a Feastocrat for the tavern night. Preferably we would like someone will limited experience as we believe this will be a good event to learn the art of Feastocrating in a low-key environment with a small number to feed.

Current confirmed classes are:
children’s arrows
how to make a period nock (Saturday morning)
how to attach fletchings in a period style
how to splice feathers (Saturday)
how to make combat arrows
how to make flu-flu or clout arrows (Sunday)
Other classes I would like are:
how to make bow strings
bow care and testing for SCA combat
Lochac Company of Archers meeting
period bows
how to wax or oil your arrows
leather working for archery

I will shortly be putting a call out for more teachers.

If the weather is fine there is the option of cutting the workshop short on Sunday so that the new arrows can be tested at John Gardiner after lunch.

Class materials
The following supplies will need to be purchased for the workshop:
wooden shafts
arrow points
waxed string or thread
Things that people could bring from home:
razor blade for splicing feathers
Things that the Barony already has:
fletching jigs
plastic nocks
fibre tape

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be held a Clifton Hill Training on June 22nd at Coulson Pavilion From 1930.

Meeting closed 2011