April 2015

By   May 11, 2015

Miriam bat Shimeon, Dante Caldiera, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Tomas van den Hove, Mahault du Drac, Miriam Galbraith, Wynflaed aet West Saxum, Ute von Tangermunde, Annabelle Perot, Valdemar von Mecklenburg, Yehuda ibn Yishai, Cecilia von Tapirsburg, Edine Godin, Sara van den Hove, Eleanor Lyttellhayles, Elizabet Hunter, Waldo Turner, Elizabeth la Chat, Edgard Carlyle, Eleanor de la Birche, Hanbal al Barbari,

Meeting opened 1940
Review of preview meeting draft for Feb 2015
Thorfinn moves that the minutes are accepted
Tomas seconds
Motion passes

Swordcraft Event
Please book if you wish to attend

Rapier & Tavern night event
20 June date.
$400 for the Hall weekend.
$1,050 total
$30 pp Sat Rapier + Tavern
$20 for Sunday only
$20/25 for Tavern only
$40 for full weekend.
Tomas moves
Waldo seconds
Passed by acclaim.

Archery event
Apply to Greater Kingdom Fund to have Winterus come down and teach how to do various fletching including spliced feathers and self nocks.
Weekend in August best suits Winterus
Best w/e is 8th/9th of August
Bash would be the week before.
Hall in Moonee Ponds has been contacted – Essendon Sea Scouts: $250 per day for the hall.
Budget: $600 with event @ $30/head – breakeven is 20 people
List of full classes is available
A call will go out for more teachers once a date is confirmed.
Annabelle moves
Elizabet seconds
Voted and passed.

New social media draft policy
A draft Social Media Policy has been released for comment.
*Still* remains an unofficial medium.
Information can be publicised via social media once it has been disseminated via the lists.
Policy covers all official branches, as well as recognised non-branch groups (orders/ Laurel/Pelican)
Admins on the website – must have at least two present – Webminister (or deputy) + others.
Admins to remain neutral and ensure info is appropriate.
Any poor behaviour will be removed by the admins and could result in removal from the (Facebook) group..

A meeting was held at festival – fun, in the dark, muddy
Must follow all corporate “do’s and don’ts”.

Bank balances 1 Jan – 31st March:
Business 1 day to day account opening $7,308.35 closing $5,766.30
Maxi direct savings account opening $8,754.88 closing $10,105.09
I today paid the first quarter levies and event indemnities. $57 to kingdom and $295 to corporate. This covers the Jan-March period.
It was decided to transfer money from the daily account to the savings in order to bring the savings over $10,000 which will generate a better rate of interest.
Xero is reconciled up to today, Dropbox has most of the files required. I am waiting on a couple of training sign in sheets which I expect to get on Monday. All event reports, bank statements and meeting minutes are up to date.
Balance as at 27/4/15
Day to day $6,033.20
Savings $10,105.09.

Rapier Marshal
Rapier training continues. There was no tournament this month, and there has been one authorisation since the last meeting.
No injuries.

Submissions accepted:
Brand de Louden – registering – Device: Or, a manticore rampant gules tailed vert with three human faces proper, a bordure embattled vert
Kingdom Awards given to Stormhold Populace:
Mouse Guard- Liam Thorolfsson
Order of the White Scarf-Gilbert de Walghop
Taillefer -Gillucan ua Tomaltaig
Hero’s War Cloak of Rowany Festival -Hanbal al Barbari – inaugural recipient
Voice Heraldry
Ceridwen de la Birche – Rowany Festival
Gillucan ua Tomaltaig – Rowany Festival
There may have been others but not sure
Other Info:
Now have the Baronial Heralds Tabard.
For those who wish to become a Pursuivant Extraordinary within the College of Heralds the Exam can be found here- http://herald.lochac.sca.org/files/2013/03/PE_Exam_April_2015.pdf.
It is an open book exam to test your ability to locate answers and apply the rules of SCA heraldry.

Knight Marshal
No report.

No lists were run this month.

Nothing to report.

Arts and Sciences
Festival has come and gone, consuming the majority of people’s time and energy. The preparation for Festival involved a lot of A&S and I am sure that there are many people who have left Festival inspired for future projects.
I have had one application for A&S officer – Waldo. If this is something that needs to be discussed at the meeting, can you please add it to the agenda? Ideally, I would like to be stepping down at June monthly bash as it would mean that I could send of my next report to Kingdom before he steps up (for simplicities sake).


Not much happening.
Office will be passed on Sunday.

Main success is getting a form for award recommendations happening.
Photos are always sought.
Baroness’ addendum – pictures of the proposed coronets have been uploaded. Commentary has been sought before the next meeting..

Cairn Fell
Preparations for Midwinter have progressed.
Hall has been confirmed
Menu has been all but confirmed
1st remove – Mongolian (In honour of outgoing royals)
2nd remove – TBD
3rd remove – Viking.
Accommodations are still being sought
Cooking gear to be collected.
Book now!

Captain of Archers
5th April – Monthly Bash – Cancelled
Monthly Bash was cancelled due to a clash with Rowany Festival and many Stormholders attending this event. There was both target archery and combat archery at Rowany Festival with a handful of Stormholders taking part in both.

19th April – 3rd Sunday Training – Target archery only
The 3rd Sunday of the month training has been changed to be a target archery only training.
Despite the weather there were 4 archers present two of whom were TAM’s. The range was set at 40m to provide a bit of a challenge. There were no incidents to report. A number of dog walkers were present over the course of the 2hr training but did not cause any troubles.
An Easter egg shoot was planned for this training but, due to the weather, no children turned up.

Future Planning
I would like to move the May 3rd Sunday of the month training to the 2nd Sunday as I will not be able to attend the 3rd or 4th Sunday. There is a 5th Sunday in May that could also work. Holding the training on either of these weekends will mean that there will be archery on two consecutive weekends. I don’t think this is a problem. Pending the approval of the proposed rapier event, the June 3rd Sunday may also have to be moved, this time to the 4th Sunday.
I would like to get the training dates for archery put on the Stormhold calendar on the website.
At May Bash I plan to hold a Queen’s shoot competition. This involves shooting six arrows from the same distance into an ever decreasing target. For each round of six arrows the target is reduced by one coloured ring on the target. The last person to shoot a scoring shot or to get closest to the centre wins.

Archery Workshop Proposal
As per the Baroness’ request I have been working on an archery event proposal.
I would like to run a weekend of archery workshops on 8th & 9th August or 15th & 16th August.
I would like to apply to the Greater Kingdom Fund and/or the Rowany Festival FAT Fund to enable Lord Wintherus of Politicopolis to teach. He is Ffride’s new apprentice and can teach how to make period nocks, period fletching and how to splice feathers – something I have never seen before in 10+ years of doing SCA archery. Currently the expense of having him attend would be $558 ($179 for Canberra – Melbourne flight, $279 Melbourne to Canberra flight and ~$50 x2 for a taxi to and from the airport in Canberra). He (and his family if they come) would stay with a member of the Barony (myself if no one else has room) so there would be no accommodation cost. The current maximum amount that can be applied for through the various funds is $500 so the difference would be absorbed in the workshop entry fees.

As for the event itself, I would like to run a variety of classes relating to archery over the two days. There would be some classes for children too. The aim of the event is to have every attendee leaving with between 1 and 6 new SCA appropriate arrows – whether this be completely period or a variation is up to the maker. In doing this I would like to use up some of the excess archery supplies the Barony has, such as the fletchings that are not in Baronial colours.

The current possible classes include:
children’s arrows
* How to make a period nock
* How to attach fletchings in a period style
* How to splice feathers
* How to make combat arrows
* How to make flu-flu or clout arrows

Other classes I would like are:
* How to make bow strings
* Bow care and testing for SCA combat
* Period bows
* How to wax or oil your arrows
* Leather working for archery

Lochac Company of Archers meeting

Once the event is approved I will put a call out for more teachers.

If the weather is fine there is the option of cutting the workshop short on Sunday so that the new arrows can be tested at John Gardiner after lunch.
Lunch will not be supplied as part of the event. Tea and Coffee will be supplied.
The following supplies will need to be purchased for the workshop:
wooden shafts
fletch tite
arrow points
waxed string or thread

Things that people could bring from home:
razor blade for splicing feathers

Things that the Barony already has:
fletching jigs
plastic nocks

The budget for hall hire is $400 ($200 each day). The proposed hall is the Essendon Sea Scouts Hall in Moonee Ponds. The cost of this hall is $200 a day. Both proposed weekends currently have no bookings.
$100 of the budget would go towards buying the equipment listed above with the remaining $100 going towards covering the remainder of Wintherus’ expenses and any unforeseen expenses.
The proposed cost of the event is $30 for the two days (plus $5 for non-SCA members). The break-even point for the event is 20 full-paying attendees or $600.

General Business
To address – Banner. Sara has not taken any action as yet.

Krae Glas has May Crown next year.

A journalist from Vice will be in attendance at Bash on Sunday.

Cloak – Olfuss and Halla have been discussing creation of a tapestry-cloak.
Viking/saxon style?
Participants are welcome!

Next Meeting
Next meeting will be held a Clifton Hill Training on May 25th at Coulson Pavilion From 1930.

Meeting closed 2026