March 2015

By   March 25, 2015

**Draft notes**

Stormhold Baronial Planning and Officers’ meeting 23rd March, 2015.

Wynflaed aet West-Sexun, Elizabet Hunter, Tomas van den Hove, ThorolfR Brandsson, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Miriam bat Shimeon, Gilbert Walhop, Meadhbh ingean ui Aonghusa, Robberto di Fabbro, Aine of the Hounds, Brodhir McDathi, Gillucan ua Tomaltaig, Sara van den Hove.

Meeting opens 7:38pm

Review of February 2015 notes.
Thorfinn moves to accept previous meeting notes.
ThorolfR second.
Motion passes without dissent

Outstanding items from February meeting
Swordcraft event with Stormhold encampment in May- To be left until after Festival.

Tabards- People will be bringing there own to Festival.

Vinyl banner- Sara had gotten a quote for a vinyl banner 3 meters by 1 meter mesh banner with eyelets and tubes. The price is $250.
Meadhbh moves to purchase banner
Elizabet seconds.
Motion passes without dissent

New agenda items
Cut and thrust loaner Rapier equipment- Gilbert would like two sets of loaner armour to encourage growth in Rapier fighting. Need elbow & knee protection as well as back plates for the face masks. Should cost up to $200 (but hoping to spend less).
Gilbert moves
Gillucan seconds
Motion passes without dissent

Combination locks for cabinets in Carlton Hall- Gilbert will check on the legalities on using a combination lock and weight of the cabinet. If legal, combination lock to be purchased for up to $100 to secure the Rapier swords.
Gilbert moves
ThorolfR seconds
Motion passes without dissent

Google groups for the Orders of Silver and Gold Drakkars- Virtual meeting much easier to have than to organise face to face meetings. Ute will compile lists of members. Facebook was considered but not everyone on Facebook.
Miriam recommends setting up two Google Groups (mailing lists) for the orders for ease of polling.
Tomas seconds
Motion passes without dissent

Tavern event bid- Tomas to run a tavern feast in the same hall as the Rapier Collegium in June. 60 people expected, $10 per head if not including hall hire. $13 per head if including hall hire. Budget for $700 to run event.
Gilbert moves
Elizabet seconds
Motion passes without dissent

Officer reports

Seneschal- Seneschal’s meeting at Festival. Will report if anything is brought up.

Reeve- Maxi acc- $10,105.01 and Business acc- $5,730.60. Money transferred to boost up Maxi account.

Arts and Sciences- Lots of people are getting all their Festival prep done, a lot of which is A&S related. Flemish dress workshops have kind of slipped into individual tutorials for people at where ever they are up to. Dancing is still happening too. No applicants for the position & will be more thoroughly advertised after Festival.

Herald- Name and Device Submissions approved this quarter and have been listed in Stormscroll:
Muloc de Pachter. Name.
Torloff Y Idde. Name and device. Azure, a pall Or and overall a tooth argent.
Yehuda ben Yishai ben Avraham. Device. Per pale sable and gules, a linden tree eradicated and a double tressure Or.
ffride wlffsdotter. an alternative name of Muste Pehe Peep
sable. and a Badge for Muste Pehe Peep. (Fieldless) A coxcomb
Charle du Bois. New spelling of Name.
Kingdom Level Awards Given to Stormhold Populace and listed in Stormscroll:
Ysabel Norrice AoA (Award of Arms)
Nikolai AoA (Award of Arms)

Constable- Little to report. Thanks to those that forward details from sign in sheets to me, as this does help with my reporting. Apparently there is currently a survey of constables at large at the moment, so if you are one or want to be one please let me know on

Chirurgeon- New Chirurgeon. Changeover as Monthly Bash.

Knight Marshal- Lots of fighting happening. Especially on Monday due to beginner course. Still needs a deputy!

Rapier- Rapier continues on Wed evenings and there was a tournament at the most recent Monthly Bash. No injuries this month.

Captain of Archers- It’s been quiet on the archery front for the past month. There was no archery at Bash due to it being held at Monash University. There were 10 people at the 3rd Sunday of the month training with 2 of these being children. I was not able to make this training so Dame Miriam was the marshal. Baroness Halla has requested that I organise an arrow making workshop. I am still working on the proposal but would like to run it sometime after coronation in Cairnfell. I will submit this proposal after Festival.

Lists- Demo held at Monash Uni instead of Monthly Bash. Benedict won heavy; Wolfram won rapier. Warrant up in Sept.

Chronicler- Really needs a replacement asap. If interested at all, please contact the Chronicler.

Webminister- More photos please! Been killing off bugs as they appear.

Canton of Cairn Fell- Midwinter prep is underway. Hall designs are almost done with requests for help going out after Festival. Tourney design is also underway.

The accommodation remains as issue but speaking to Ballarat Backpackers. Still investigating halls but more concerned about transport from the hall to the event site.

Book before the price rise!

General business
Stormhold war cry- Brodhir will look at the Facebook discussion. Can someone handle to food for the potluck? Need banners & banner bearers for procession.

Cancelling Wednesday Rapier and Thursday dancing before Festival.

The next meeting will be held at the Coulson soccer pavilion on the 27th April 2015 from 7:30pm.

Meeting close 8:19pm