February 2015

By   March 8, 2015

Miriam bat Shimeon, Dante Caldiera, Thorffin Hrolfsson, Annabelle Perot, Mevanwy Pengryk, Tyselly Sirene, Miriam Galbraith, Gillucan ua Tomaltaig, Aine of the Hounds, Brodhir MacDathi, Throlfr Brandtsson, Halla Vinahgjahas Hrafnsdottir, Edine Godin, Eleanor Lyttlhayles, Tomas van den Hove, Sara van den Hove, Mahault du Drac, Gilbert Wolghop.

Meeting opened 1940
Review of preview meeting draft for Jan 2015
Thorfinn moves that the minutes are accepted
Tomas seconds
Motion passes

Armorial dags for 50th anniversary
Katherine (?) has been organising armorial dags for the 50th anniversary of the SCA.
Miriam gave a brief description of the efforts and the fundraising.
Halla moves a $25 donation be made for the armorial – 5 panels.
Tomas seconds.
passed by assent.
Miriam G adds that any gentle may purchase a dag for $5.

Chess Challenge wrap-up
52 Adult Members
22 Child Members
5 Adult Non-members
3 Children Non-members
$207.02 profit after expenses.
Lost property is at Crafthall.
Nothing else outstanding; event closed.

Swordcraft event – Stormhold encampment.
Sara is seeking approval to run an event at the Swordcraft weekend event.
Charge $10 pp per day plus a $15 fee for consumables.
Swordcraft fees would apply additionally.
May 7th-10th event date.
Pax – 15 potentials? – maximum of 40(?)
Sara moves that an event be approved at a provisional budget of $1,000
Miriam G seconds.
Passed without dissent.

Stormhold Festival encampment
Show of hands of those who wish to camp with Stormhold.
A Facebook group has been set up for those who wish to participate in a Stormhold encampment.
Approx 12 people have booked through Antoinette stating camping w/ Stormhold.
Need to organise a Food Fund – Brodhir and Aine are organising.

March Monthly Bash
Monthly Bash at Monash Uni (Clayton) on Sunday instead of regular location.
Formerly Building 25, now 16 Rainforest Walk.
From 1pm.

Event Bid – Edine
Elizabet le Chat – 13th and 14th of June, Rapier collegium.
Posb $250 for the weekend.
$30 for refreshments.
Charge of approx $13 pp per day.
Tomas moves a budget of $300 be approved for the event.
Gilligan seconds.
Passed by acclaim.

April bash
Falls during festival.
Miriam bat Shimeon moves that due to the clash, Bash is cancelled.
Mevanwy seconds.
Passed without dissent,

Barony administration
Minutes must include the time and location of next meeting.
Private individuals must pay a hire fee for the use of SCA Assets outside of the SCA

Formal investigation update
Any submissions will be accepted until midnight Feb 28
Beyond that permission from Simeon will need to be sought.


Looking to step down at next William Marshal as half way through warrant. Will start advertising mid year.


No injuries or issues.
One applicant for the Baronial Chirurgeon role.

Rapier Marshal
Anyone who wants to hold a steel sword of any form in the SCA has to have a stat dec (pro forma) and become a member.
Nothing else to report.
Fiberglass swords may be required in future to allow newcomers to participate in training.
Tournament at last monthly bash – good participation.

Submissions Made
– Change of Name submission for Charles du Bois to Charle du Bois as Submitted to the Rocket Herald on the 15 Dec 2014 : Herald ffride wiffsdotter
-Device Submission for Stoff Svinssen : as Submitted to the Rocket Herald on the 3 Feb 2015 : Herald ffride wiffsdotter
– New Name Submission – Crowley Barr (Mundane Rowan Barr) as Submitted to Rocket Herald on the 7 Feb 2015 : Herald ffride wiffsdotter
Consulting with new member for a device – Lochac Heralds Chat on Facebook has been a big help – he is consulting with ffride for a name.

Voice Heraldry
-Feb 1 2015 Monthly Bash : I Voice Heralded for Courts and Rapier Tournament with the Help of Eleanora de la Birche and Gillucan ua Tomaltaig and Declan of Drogheha for the Fighter Tournament which was a Ultimate Fighter Format.
– Feb 7 2015 Stormhold Chess Challange : I voice Heralded for Closing Court and start of the Chess Heavy tournament with the help of Gillucan ua Tomaltaig and Hanbal al Barbari.

If the old Heralds Tabard is lost then recommend that a new is designed and created for the Barony

*The Herald’s tabard is currently at Aine & Brodhir’s house. They will bring it to the next event.*

Knight Marshal
Still in need of a deputy.
We held monthly bash in February and had a total of 9 fighters there for the Ultimate FIghter Lochac series. It went well. Chess Challenge had 9 fighters with many helping out Marshalling. Cairn Fell has been visiting Bashes & Chess Challenge.

Quarterly report
Thorfinn is now Lists deputy.

Not present – no report filed.

Arts and Sciences
Seeking deputy
Running a Flemish garb making series at Crafthall.

Also seeking deputy.

New website is live.
Logins can be created if required.

Cairn Fell
Midwinter is coming along
Fabric and Patterns will be forwarded to Stormhold to help out soon.

Captain of Archers
1st February – Monthly Bash – Target Archery Competition
A child-friendly competition was held with 6 adults and 8 children participating. The targets were 3 bee-shaped piñatas that had been filled with lollipops set at different ranges. The rules of the competition were simple. A direct hit on a target was worth one point. A glancing hit was worth half a point. Adult archers (and those wishing to shoot from the adult line) shot from 30m and the children shot from 20m. Each archer had 6 arrows and there were 4 rounds. Archers would be disqualified if they deliberately damaged the targets while removing any arrows. The winner of the competition was Aidan of Stormhold with 5.5 points who beat all of the adult archers to win. The runner up was Hamish (another child) with 5 points. I think this competition was very successful as the targets were difficult to hit at 30m which made it challenging for the adults but the competition was also exciting enough for the children that they stayed and completed all 4 rounds without becoming bored.
There were also some practice rounds shooting at a standard target with sharps/points. There were 2 newcomers who participated in the practice shoot but not the competition. No incidents were noted.
There was no issue with dog walkers at this event. This may be due to choosing a different location for the archery range (further away from the toilets) or because Monthly Bash takes up a much larger portion of the oval making it more obvious that the oval has been hired for private use. It has been suggested that for the next Archery Training we set up the range in the same more distant location to see if this solves the problem.
The first archery pilgrims badge was handed out at court to Basileous for his continued help with setting up and packing down the archery range.

15th February – Target Archery & Mixed Combat Training
A practice clout shoot was held in preparation for a clout competition in March. It was a very hot day but 12 participants turned up including 3 minors. For the clout shoot a variety of soft toys were laid out on the range with the aim being to hit them. This proved to be very difficult. There was very little wind which made it a good day for this style of shooting.
There were no incidents with members of the public walking onto the range. This may be due to the fact that we moved the ranged to the further side of the cricket pitch away from the stairs leading to the toilets. I would like to thank Michael for making a laminated sign that can be placed near these stairs warning members of the public that archery is taking place.
Basileous was authorised as a TAM by Orlok Hanbal.

Future Planning
I would like to continue running archery on the 3rd Sunday of the month even though war training will no longer be happening. There has been a consistent turn out of about 10 participants for the training and a large number of these are children. I would like to encourage this enthusiasm by continuing the training.
The clout competition I had proposed for March monthly Bash will be moved to the 3rd Sunday training in March to account for the moving of Bash to Monash University.
At Border War there was a tie between the Stormhold and Phoenix Rise teams in the speed round of archery. It has been proposed that a competition be run to resolve who is the fastest archer. I would like to delay further planning on this until after Festival as the remaining archery practices before Festival already have other activities proposed.

Baronial Hospitaller will be sought.

General Business
Next Monday Brodhir, who is running the Heraldic Melee, needs to know what the situation is with war tabards.

Sara – Idea. Banner to attract attention from passing trains at Crafthall.
Keen to seek a quote for a vinyl banner advertising our group with Stormhold named on it.

Next Meeting
Next meeting will be held a Clifton Hill Training on March 23rd at Coulson Pavilion
From 1930.

Meeting closed 2031