January 2015

By   February 9, 2015

Minutes – 19th January 2015 – Draft

Meeting Minutes SCA -Stormhold Monday 19/01/15



Miriam bat Shimeon, Dante Caldiera, Thorffin Hrolfsson, Meadhbh inghean ui Aonghusa, Tomas van den Hove, Annabelle Perot, Sara van den Hove, Master Sven Stormdriven, Genna, Mevanwy, Roberto de Fabbro.


Meeting opened 7.49
Review of preview meeting draft for Nov 2014 & Dec 2014

Maedbh moves that the minutes are accepted

Roberto de Fabro seconds

Motion passes


Thursday night hall

Reeve reports that hall costs are being covered

Roberto de Fabro moves that we approve the hall at the same $345 rate for 6 months

Lists seconds.

Motion passes without dissent.


Ringwood hall hire

Scout group for the hall informs that the hall hire will not be available past 30 January.

No additional venue has been suggested.

The previous hall users have been meeting up in the ground beside the hall

Ryan has contacted the Scout group to arrange the removal of the items from the hall

Genna – Friday night hall should be removed from listing and calendar

Thorfinn seconds.

This will no longer be an event under Stormhold and will be removed from all events.



War training (4th January) received a very small amount of donations.

Miriam stressed the importance of the donations to cover the cost of hire from each.


Banyule Arty Farty Festival

Miriam has been approached by someone from Banyule council regarding their annual Kids’ Arty Farty Grand Parade.

Concerns of proximity to Rowany Festival.

If there is no benefit to the Barony, Sara moves that the group not participate.

Roberto seconds.


Call for events

Other than Monthly Bash, the Barony only has Chess Challenge and Midwinter.

Wynflaed suggests a prize tourney

Any and all event suggestions would be well received.

Sara suggests a tavern night.

Thorfinn will be proposing an event for the first week in December – camping weekend event, in discussions with B&B. Any assistance would be well received

Suggestions that Thorfinn handle the bookings and deputise an event steward (Genna, Sara)

KG have a lot of events happening.


New A&S ideas

Seeking ideas to make Monthly Bash more engaging for non-combatants.

Seeking a deputy as time as A&S Officer will come to an end in June.


Future archery ideas

Annabelle has taken over as Captain of Archers.

Wants more Archery Competition at Monthly Bash

Has purchased tokens as a favour from the CoA to someone who has been either helpful or proficient at Monthly Bash.

Archery training will be training for the competition which will run in the next Monthly Bash.


Barony administration

Minutes must include the time and location of next meeting.

Private individuals must pay a hire fee for the use of SCA Assets outside of the SCA


Formal investigation update

Any submissions will be accepted until midnight Feb 28

Beyond that permission from Simeon will need to be sought.





Looking to step down at next William Marshal as half way through warrant. Will start advertising mid year.


Rapier Marshal

Returning by the end of the month. Rapier training still happening although issues with getting a Marshal.


Knight Marshal

Absent due to illness. Training restarted this year.






Genna motions that she be removed as Deputy Reeve and removed as a signatory to all Stormhold accounts and that Tomas van den Hove be added as Deputy and made signatory for the accounts.

Genna is happy to remain with view-only access

Thorfinn seconds.

Vote taken, passed without dissent.



Baroness Ute approved for the position of Goutte d’Eau. One Change of Name sent in to rocket Herald. Need to have a sewing day to make a new Baronial Heralds Tabard as the old one has gone missing and maybe look into having a Baronial Book of Ceremonies Created – looking into this.


Arts and Sciences

I would like to run a suggestion for an A&S challenge past the council.

I am not getting any reports from the group in the east, Cairnfell or western training. I am basically flying blind being that I have not been to an SCA event of any kind since October last year with the exception of the Christmas party. Very difficult to make reports.

Looking for a deputy for eventual replacement.


Captain of Archers

21st December 2014 — Target Archery

A ‘festive’ shoot was held with targets in the shape of Christmas wreaths. The aim was to shoot an arrow through the wreath. There was also a sharps/points target set up. There were 6 archers and a number of spectators. Numbers may have been affected by the weather as it was an extremely hot day.

No combat archery took place.

No incidents were noted.

4th January 2015 — Monthly Bash Cancelled

War training held by Master Hanbal. 10 members and 3 non-members attended. No other information has been given.

18th January 2015 – Target archery & mixed combat training

There were 19 attendees including 13 archers. Four of these archers were new and three were children/minors. Most archers shot with points at the two targets that had been set up for them as well as at the 3D rabbits and fox one archer had brought with him.

There were also two heavy combatants, supervised by Hanbal, who conducted some training drills.

No incidents were noted but there continues to be a problem with dog walkers walking along the back of the shooting range. This requires a ‘HOLD’ to be called each time until they pass. It has been proposed that 2 laminated signs saying ‘Archery in Progress — Please use alternate path’ be made and be put in place before the start of each practice. One will be placed at the top of the stairs leading down from the toilets. The second will be placed at the other end of the archery range.



During the period, it has been a mostly quiet time in the barony, due in part to the holiday break.

Unfortunately, we did have one incident, at the start of this period, where a fighter injured their knee during a Monday night training session. I was unable to provide an ice-pack as was requested. The knee has had an old injury. Looking for a deputy for eventual replacement.



Deputy required. No tourneys held in the last month.



Not present – no report filed.



Nothing to report from the Chronicler’s desk, the December edition did not happen as there were zero submissions and mundane duties precluded sourcing outside material. A such there will be a ‘Summer’ edition which will be available shortly.



Baronial Hospitaller will be sought.



Steward will be presenting a list of items for consideration/completion very soon.


General Business

Bryony and Haos’ house burnt down during the Adelaide fires.

A group has been set up to help replace the SCA items that were lost – garb etc.

contract Leah Wilson (lwilson11045@gmail.com)

Sewing for Bryony + Haos group on Facebook.


Other reports tabled as attached.


Next Meeting

Next meeting will be held a Clifton Hill Training on February 23rd at Coulson Pavilion

From 1945.


Meeting closed 2039