December 2014

By   December 29, 2014

Meeting Minutes SCA -Stormhold Monday 15/12/14



Dante Caldiera, Thorffin Hrolfsson, Charles du Bois, Tysseley Sirene, Meadhbh inghean ui Aonghusa, Tomas van den Hove, Brennan Halfhand, Miriam Galbraith, ThrolfR Brandtsson, Ute von Tangermunde, Eleanora de la Birche, Annabelle Perot, Valdemar von Mecklenberg, Yehuda ibn Yeshai, Cecilia von Tapirsberg, Roberto de Fabro.


Meeting opened 7.40
Review of preview meeting draft

review of November minutes pended to January


William Marshall

  • Event went well, list report has been filed.
  • No budget report as no food receipts have been filed.
  • No record of who paid how much – non members, $2 vs $3 vs non payers etc.
  • Discrepancies in terms of attendance vs non-members etc.
  • Reeve will draw up a sheet to record all information at an event required for auditors etc.

Western gathering

  • Proposal for $450 for Western Gathering (see attached)
  • Thorfinn moves $450 be approved
  • Wynflaed seconds
  • All in favour.


  • Report will be coming from William

Capt of Archers

  • Suggest training of additional archery marshalls.

Other officer reports attached.

Arts & Sciences-

There were six entrants on the Baronial Largesse Challenge.
– The Baron awarded his prize to Waldo Turner for his needle cases
– The Baroness awarded her prize to Miriam bat Shimeon for her blackwork handkerchief
– The populace awarded their prize to Valdemar for his rosewater perfumes

Alliette Delacourt received a Goutte de Perle for her extensive commitment to A&S.

I still do not have a deputy, or a main contact for Phoenix Rise, Cairn Fell, Western Training or dance practices. If you would like to take on these incredibly non-onerous roles, please let me or Miriam/Dante know.

As of December 15th, commentary will have closed on the appointment of Baroness Ute von Tangermunde to become the next baronial herald. I am not privy to any comments received, but I wish her all the best, and success in the role.

**Addendum- Ute has now been confirmed in the role. Official hand over will be organised.**

At the William Marshall Tourney and Feast, I know awards were given out by Thorolfr and Halla, however I cannot recall which ones, and I haven’t received any paperwork (nor has the award spreadsheet been updated) so can’t shed any light on this.

The official list keeper, aka myself, has naught to report on account of the chirurgeons dosing me with rather strong killers of pain leading to an inability to discharge my listly duties. William Marshall tournament has been held and I believe the list kept though my mind remembers not to whom this duty fell. Further, a bash was held yet I have no knowledge of its eric attendance.

**Addendum- no tourney was held at December Monthly Bash. List report for William Marshal received from Mistress Nicolette. There were 21 fighters in the field, with the winner His Excellency Sir Thorolfr.**

Rapier Marshal-
Rapier continues on Wednesday evenings. Some new blades have been tested and passed for use.

Sorry, nothing to add from the kingdom report last month.

Lost & Found from William Marshal:
Small wicker basket cube with a glass candle holder inside,
small cloth bag (cotton) with GR on front,
Green Woollen hat with tartan lining,
felt game boards with associated playing pieces.





Meeting closed 19:54