November 2014

By   November 29, 2014

Minutes – 24th November 2014

Meeting Minutes SCA -Stormhold Monday 27/10/14



Miriam bat Shimeon, Dante Caldiera, Thorfin Hrolfsson, Charles du Bois, Tysseley Sirene, Meadhbh inghean ui Aonghusa, Tomas van den Hove, Brennan Halfhand, Miriam Galbraith, ThrolfR Brandtsson, Ute von Tangermunde, Eleanora de la Birche, Annabelle Perot, Valdemar von Mecklenberg, Yehuda ibn Yeshai, Cecilia von Tapirsberg, Roberto de Fabro.


Meeting opened 7.47
Review of preview meeting draft

Maedbh moves accept minutes

seconded Thorfin

passed without dissent



Indemnities and documents to be passed to the Reeve.

Constable would like to be included in correspondence.


Change to Control of Weapons Act

  • Anyone who is a new member as of 1 July this year you require a Stat Dec.
  • Stat Dec application can be found on the website.
  • Ute suggest putting link to Stat Dec application in Stormscroll.

Cash collection/banking

  • Banking has to be done within 3 working days of the event at which it is received.
  • Miriam Galbraith is happy to receive funds for banking

Formal Investigation

  • All details are up on the website and are published in Stormscroll
  • Simeon is happy to answer any emails and if you wish to add to the investigation.

Sunday training incident

  • Sharr gave background (see tabled report).
  • Gentleman was on the oval while the group was setting up for training.
  • Suggestion from Ute that a copy of the hiring be kept at the site – nixxed as the agreement is renewed quarterly.

West Kingdom Visitor – Urtatim

  • Suggested/offered that an event be held the week after Rowany Festival
  • She will be camping with St Florian during festival
  • Anealla is asking for donations towards travel costs – very little interest in an event the week after festival.

Archery – poundage guage

  • Suggested that a poundage guage be purchased for the group to ensure that bows, especially for Combat Archery, to ensure that
  • Ute moves that purchase be approved for $60
  • Miriam G seconds
  • All approved.

(New attendee – Sara van den Hove)

Stormhold group encampment

  • Eleanora suggested that an arrangement be made to allow for grouped child watching across the Barony and Cairn Fell (and Krae Glas?).
  • Pended until next year.


  • We won!
  • It was hot
  • We are not at war and Krae Glas owed tribute (has been paid)

Tavern Night

  • 50 (odd) people attended
  • Profit of ~$120
  • Good to do it again – but possibly not having the same person Steward/Cook/Brew.on their own.
  • Possibly in February or after Festival.
  • Alternative – BYO with food supplied.
  • Simple to organise.


  • To purchase two locks is approxmately $55 to $63
  • ThrolfR moves that a limit of $100 be approved.
  • Brennan seconds.
  • Passed without dissent

William Marshall

  • 53 people booked (incl 12 minors)
  • Now in 4th catering crew (Eleanora)
  • Still advertising for the event.
  • Countess Eva von Danzig will be in attendence
  • Gain access to sunshades/bring them to the event – they are at Sara’s

Cairn Fell

  • Been having regular meetings – althought the scheduled meeting didn’t happen this month.
  • Trial of Online Meeting due to ease of time constraints.
  • Fighter Training – clash of schedules has resulted in reduced number of fighter training events.
  • Heraldic things have been happening. A simpler badge is in submission.
  • No organised A&S day in a long time.
  • Royal Event – planning is well underway. Mostly organised. Roles are being drawn up/defined.
  • Leading towards craft days to make Things for the event.

General Business

John Gardiner

  • Which sundays we are booking John Gardiner.
  • JG is not booked for January Bash, B&B will be absent.
  • JG is booked first through fourth sunday in each month.
  • Miriam has not booked the fifth Sunday in months where there is a fifth Sunday. No dissent to this.
  • Archery training on Dec 21? Miriam may not be able to attend.

Christmas Party

  • Meeting will be held to approve any expenditure and expenditure only.- Dec 15
  • $5 limit Kris Kringle

Captain of Archers

  • Ros will not be in attendance at December Bash or possibly William Marshall
  • Does handover need to be rescheduled/done with a proxy?
  • No – administrative handover can happen whenever is desired and Ceremonial when both are in attendance at a Baronial event.


  • 6 Requests for Tender were sent out.
  • One bid was received.
  • Current coronets would be retired and brought out on special occasions.
  • Sara not in favour of the design.
  • Anabelle favours the distinction of silver instead of gold for Stormhold.
  • Eleanora is not liking the design of the panels.
  • Dante suggest the panels be a repeated goutte motif instead of the panels.
  • ThorolfR asks that the design be left open for commentary for 2 months before submitting a formal approval.
  • Anabelle – how many alterations is the artisan willing to make to the design – flexibility etc.


  • Purchased first aid kits for the Rapier Hall. ($43.83)
  • Sara van den Hove moves for an allowance of $50 for the Rapier Hall.
  • Tam seconds
  • All approved.

Glen Eira Exhibition

  • Receipts have been found for the supplies for the Glen Eira exhibition. ($27.50 + $6.20 )
  • Sara moves $40 approved for exhibition expenditure.
  • Maedbh seconds.
  • All approved

Herald position

  • Baroness Ute has applied for the position.
  • As this means an application has been received the application period closure will be announced.







Meeting closed 20:47