October 2014

By   October 29, 2014

Meeting Minutes SCA – Stormhold Monday 27/10/14



Miriam bat Shimeon, Dante Caldiera, Thorffin Hrolfsson, Charles du Bois, Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir, Tysseley Sirene, Meadhbh inghean ui Aonghusa.

Meeting opened 7.59


Review of preview meeting draft
Maedbh moves accept minutes
seconded ThrolfR
passed without dissent



No booking required

Donation for food appreciated


Tavern Night

Sara absent – pended to next meeting


William Marshall

Online booking form in development

All on track
General business

  • Sharr – Tenure as CoA was extended until October. Lady Annabelle will be taking over – handover at Dec Bash.
  • Change of padlocks on container at Bash/Field.
    ThroflR moves the authorisation of a spending limit of $50 for the purchase of locks





Storage paid for the year.


Capt of Archers

5th October 2014 – Stormhold Monthly Bash

On this day, I conducted an archery competition for the children. The competition in the same format as the previous months Baronial Archery Championship, ie.a timed test of both speed and accuracy with a 10 sec penalty added to their overall time for every combat arrow that missed the target.The distances were only 20, 15 & 10 mtrs and the exception was that miminum armour required were archers gauntlets and a light weight (non-SCA legal) helm with archery mesh – just to simulate the restrictions of wearing armour.

There were 6 participants in total (Ronan, Wilewynna, Liam, Rachel, Rose & Luke) after permission to enter the lists was confirmed with their respective parent or guardian. The competition was divided into two age groups; 12yrs & under and 13yrs & over. The victor of the 12 & under grop was Rachel with Wilemynna being victor in the 13yrs+ group (& best overall score/time). Several other children also looked on or supported in ad hoc capacities such as time keeper or as arrow collectors.

Dame Miriam Galbraith supervised a target archery line whilst I conducted the children’s competition.

After the children’s competition, we were also about to conduct an ‘Agincourt run’ with an eager and already armoured Basileios. However, after Basileios was inspected by a marshall, a question arose as to whether minors were allowed to shot combat arrows at a live target. After some discussion and doubt regarding the current legality of this activity, I decided to cancel the activity until such time as the matter could be officially clarified. Postnote: It has since been officially confirmed by Kerry McSaveney (Angele) that minors can partake in this archery activity so long as they are members or waivers signed, and standard safety procedures and inspections are followed.

19th October 2014 – Archery practice & mixed combat training

As with last month, the third Sunday of the month (2 hours) incorporated both target archery and mixed combat training. There were 15 attendees, including 2 non-members. Of this, 6 fighters (4 plumed & 2 heavy combatants) participated in the mixed combat training as supervised by Hanbal. This was conducted on the far side of the oval and in the adjacent bushland.

The others participated in target archery with either field points or combat blunts, including one participant who did so wearing armour. As several TAMs were present, they took turns to supervise the archery line.

The only issue that arose was at the start when a few football players who came upon the field and had to be redirected to the other oval until we were finished. They promptly returned at 4pm as we were finishing and packing up.


I have very little to report this month. I have sent out an e-mail asking for people who are interested in being the next group herald to contact Miriam, and the Kingdom herald.

As far as I am aware, no-one has stepped forward.

Heavy Marshall

Had a few issues

No reports have been coming in from training in the greater barony – Cairn Fell and Eastern groups.


Little to report – still working with masonry for the switch.

I’ll be away for the next three months, but I’ll still be trying to make it happen.

Folks can email any suggestions/comments/questions/account requests to MahaultduDrac@gmail.com

If you’d like event information put on the site or calendar, but aren’t sure how to do that yourself, just send me an email. I can either help you learn, or do it for you.


Have been receiving paperwork for most events, still nothing from east Stormhold however.

I will not make next Monthly bash so I hope someone else can act as constable.


There is basically nothing to report. If people would like to tell me what is happening at Eastern, Western or the dancing meetings it would be good, being that I cannot get to the meetings. I am also still looking for a deputy.

Could someone please bring a table to William Marshal for the Baronial Largess Challenge – I won’t be around to organise stuff in the lead up as I will be overseas.


There have been 3 combatant authorisations and 2 marshal authorisations in the last month.

There was a rapier tournament at bash with 6 combatants? (check with lists).

I will be away for the next three months but will be contactable via email.

The Marshal in Charge for Wednesday nights while I am away shall be David Ashburner or Justin Weaver, and Rosalind Mearns is holding on to the paperwork


Most things booked


I bear no news of problems arising from the Barony of Stormhold, or the lands within.

I have also not been contacted to organise a CIC for any new events.Event organisers need to contact the group Chirurgeon and organise a chirurgeon for each event.

Halla: Event organisers cannot assume that the Baronial Chirurgeon will be at any event.

Baronial general business

The request for new coronets for the barony has been difficult – many artisans have been contacted, but few are willing to take on the task.

Bid will be brought to council next month.


Meeting closed 20:19