July 2014

By   July 29, 2014

Stormhold Council Meeting Minutes, 28/7, Approved in August meeting.


Attendees: Miriam Staples, Dante Caldiera, Thorfinn Hrolfson, Charles du Bois, Sara van den Hove, Mahault du Drac, Gilbert Walchop, Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir, Tysseley Sirene, Wynflaed aet west sexum, Ute von Tangermunde, Eleanora de la Birche, Annabelle Perot

Meeting Date: 28/7/14

Start Time: 19:45


Meeting Opened

June meeting minutes reviewed

Jeanette moves that the minutes are a true record of the meeting

Halla seconds

Passed by acclaim


Working bee/tabards



Glen Eira exhibition

Report received from Annabelle Perot

Exhibition successful, all items have been returned

Curator impressed with professionalism of the display and there was significant interest

61 business cards taken by attendees

Suggested that more upcoming events be advertised if we do a similar event again.

A small assortment of items is sought after to curate similar exhibitions.

There is interest – suggested that a call out for items be made among the populace before items be purchased



– nothing needs to be voted on!

– please flag that it’s largely organised on facebook, would love to see some more fighters, and people need to book with me before 1st August or will have to pay higher insurance at the door

– advice is lovely, hands are better, please help

– I am ~not~ able to put my name down for the Timeline council for next year’s event. Please don’t ask me to. The Timeline AGM is in September and ideally we will have a representative – don’t need to do anything with the festival organising, but should really have a representative for the SCA

– will need to borrow equipment from John Gardiner; the Timeline meeting is on at the same time as Bash, which is very impractical, and I’ll be at the meeting. Valdemar has offered to take things; can we flag particularly the sunshades and list rope to leave out for Valdemar


Camelot Castle Medieval faire demo

No event bid submitted from principal contact


Extension of Friday night hall lease

Deferred to next meeting


Western Suburb activities


Trial of activities in the Western Suburbs

Monthly, first tuesday (2/9, 7/10, 4/11, 2/12)

Facility hire charges ($225 per session) waived by local council.


Halla asks for approval to investigate interest in the area for the activity.

If more than ten members can attend, then application can be submitted to the council.

Approve use of Stormhold funds to a maximum of $460

If event goes ahead, detailed information on attendance and donations received will be provided at January council meeting.

Sara moves the motion

Miriam seconds

Passed without dissent


Ultimate fighters Tournament Series.

Halla spoke regarding attached LUFTS proposal

Dante Will LUFTS just be Heavy, or is there also provision for Rapier/Archery?

Halla Eager for all martial activities to be represented, however LUFTS itself is based around Heavy

Jeanette(?) Focus on fighters versus A&S

Halla As a full event, there will be an A&S competition and focus on a more formal event structure.

Sara At the last War Training, how many non-martial attendees were there?

Sharr Most were fighters – if not fighting, they were assisting fighters.

Sara Suggests that a survey be created to be put to the populace


Ute What does LUFTS involve

Halla The format of the tournament is with Berengar.


Halla Will put together a survey


Lochac Officer Training Symposium

2015 – later in the year?

Suggested that with Cairn Fell hosting Midwinter, we delay this until 2016


John Gardiner storage unit

Unit is very hard to close

Suggested that the offending pop rivets be drilled out at next bash.


Gallant Drakkar tokens

Buttons $1.40 per and $12.50 for shipping

No quote from local artisan

Suggested to order 20

Sara proposes $50 be allocated

Thorfinn seconds

All agree


Archery supplies

Sharr seeks $350 for archery supplies

Sara moves the motion

Annabelle seconds

All approve


Arrowmaking workships

Sara asks how much time and space is required – she has the Stormhold fletching jig at her house.

Annabelle can assist in the instruction for fletching

Alternatively, a weekend activity at someone’s house.

Sara suggest it be run on a Monday night


General Business


Thursday night dance – advertising in Yarra council active living newsletter

Is there sufficient support for additional people attending Thursday dancing?

Sara will submit an ad in the local newsletter for dancing and Western Martial Art (Monday)


November war event

Raid Krae Glas on November 8?




Accident at War Training

Pre-existing knee injury which required ice packs

Additional ice packs are required



Registrations continue!

Tyselly Sirene – device approved

Cairn Fell badge submitted



Nothing to report as no event happened


Cairn Fell

Tavern night before timeline?

Midwinter preparation continues

Meetings happening as normal



Balance: $15,855.40

Invest finalised: $29.21 profit.


Meeting closed: 20:48