June 2014

By   June 29, 2014

Stormhold Baronial Council meeting minutes

Approved at July meeting.

Attendees– Miriam bat Shimeon, Dante Caldiera, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Margie of Glen More, Toof Iddy, Charles du Bois (Sharr), Stoff Svinsson, Brodhir MacDaithi, Aine of the Hounds, Tomas van den Hove, Mevanmy Pengrek, Sven the Stormdriven, Brennan Halfhand, Sara vanden Hove, Mahault du Drac, Gilbert Valchop, Miriam Galbraith, Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir, ThorofR Brandtsson.


Meeting Date: 23/6/14

Start Time: 1945


Meeting opened.

May meeting minutes reviewed

Miriam moves that the meetings are a true record of the meeting.

Passed by acclaim.


Working bee:

Suggested to be held on a Monday training

Use existing fighter tabard as base.

Aine and Brodhir *may* have  Herald’s tabard.


Glen Eira exhibition

Everything is installed and on display

No photos available at present

Annabelle will take photos

Has spoken to curator about removal of items at completion

Access from 5:00 to 7:30pm for removal of items

Annabelle will take home items if people cannot attend


Sunday Archery

Lovely weather, 12 participants including 3 minors

Sharps and blunts set up


At bash there was combat archery conducted on the same field

Concerns about safety and permission to hold multiple shoots


Timeline Festival

Eleanora has been busy and been unable to attend Timeline meetings

28th August to September 1

Monthly Bash on September 7

Clara Bonaventure will be in attendance at Timline meeting on July 5.


Crown Tourney Donation

Sara moves that the barony donate $120.

Annabelle seconds

Motion passed by show of hands – no dissent

Friday night hall

Coming up for renewal

No change expected in cost

As of last training covering costs – $3 in the black.

Possible pot-luck event in the east


Gilbert moves to extend the lease


Voted to provide funds on the Hall until end of January

Passed without dissent


Baronial Invest

Stewards –

One injury in the Tourney – twisted ankle in Rapier report.

Steward calls for reports from all roles involved in group

144 booked – some no shows, 140(ish) attendees

Some no-shows didn’t pay, but unlikely to recover funds.


Powerboard for Hospit

Comments about the lack of powerpoints in some kitchens.

Margie moves to approve $100 for purchase of powerboard by Aine/Brodhir

Tam seconds

Passed by acclaim


Midwinter Coronation

Cairnfell, 2015

They will advise Stormhold if any assistance is required

Eleanora and Gilli are the responsible persons


Officer Reports


Pre meeting reporting – 2 reports received in time, 2 day of meeting.

Dante sets deadline of Friday before meeting, will send out a reminder on Monday and Thursday



Transaction acct: $7,673.99 @ 4pm

Savings acct: $8,754.41

Invest, profit of $17.44? (posb loss of $8?)



Past month not so good.

3 weeks ago – fighter’s chin strap not secured, cut on forehead sustained.

Bandaids distributed at invest – restock? (from Becca’s personal stash, may be re-imbursed)

Rapier on Saturday 21st – injury sustained (dislocated patella). Treated by Clara Bonaventure – pre-existing injury.

Margie suggested that armour inspections happen at training as this was the cause of injury.


Captain of Archers

New arrow stands worked well for monthly bash – 3

2 more made for 3rd Sunday practise – Existing three not found in storage container?

Call out for stakes to make additional arrow stands

Workshop for quivers will happen soon

Stormhold arrows should be replaced soon

50-60 arrows in hand at present. Additional 40-50 required for War.

Margie moves that we purchase 50 blunts

Seconded by Annabelle

All agreed



Training going well – no armour failures with testing ongoing.

Commercial supplier sourced who will make a base gambeson for $50 which can have garb over

Stormhold rapier fighters have been participating in tournaments at Krae Glas


Heavy Marshal

No successor confirmed – pended to next month



No luck finding the Tabard

Deputy (Clemens) is happy to make one.



People have been completing forms.

Lost property from invest should be passed to constable

Sign in sheets from Sunday archery will be passed on.



Handed over to Catherine

Changover to WordPress in progress

Password handover has been done



Regular meetings and training are happening.

Potential event in November has been cancelled.



A&S officer asks that all competitions be confirmed with her prior to being announced to ensure format is appropriate and avoid clashes.

Open/broad categories are encouraged for A&S.


Gindi – event proposal

Sword and buckler event proposal – taught by Tariq ibn Jelal

September 6&7 proposed initially – conflict with Bash

GSG is October

Knight School coming up

Tariq available in September

Possibly weekend after Bash – 13&14

Moved at $200 for hall and $250 for travel, $10 per attendee for food – total $710

Maximum of 26 attendees

Maedbh moves the motion

Brodhir seconds

Motion passes.



2 hall keys for Thursday hall

A second key has been cut for the (locker?) at a cost of $6.80.

Margie moved that Maedbh be reimbursed $6.80

Catherine seconds

All agreed.



Has been appointed responsible for the Stormhold Heraldic Melee team

Seeking suggestions for the tourney, for Stormhold’s entry.


Baroness’ business


Drakars’ sweep

Storm Lantern

Gallant Drakkar

Seeking bids for Eastern Skirmish in November.



Marshall’s and Fighter’s handbooks have been made up

May seek reimbursement – $18.00 – needs to find receipt.

Gilbert moves to reimburse up to $20

Margie seconds

All approved

Meeting close.