May 2014

By   May 29, 2014

Stormhold Baronial Council meeting minutes Approved in June meeting

Attendees – Miriam bat Shimeon, Genna, Sara van den Hove, Brennan Halfhand, Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir, ThorolfR Olfuss Brandson, Eleanora de laBirche, Mahault du Drae, Gilbert Wolghop, Tomas van den Hove, Mevanwy Pengrek, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Ute von Tangermunde, Wynnflaed aet West-Seaxum, Gilligan O Tomelty, Charles du Bois, Annabelle Perrot, Dante Caldiera.

Meeting Date: 26/5/14
Start Time: 1945

Meeting opened.

Minutes of previous meeting reviewed and passed by acclaim without dissent.

Herald’s tabard and fighter’s tabards
ffride posited as person who has regalia.
Working bee discussion passed until after invest.
Sharr – regalia for officers – Champion’s regalia.
Sharr has hide of blue leather,
Genna – darker blue hide purchased by Antonia (for Barony) available.
Sharr – blue baldrics with bronze fittings adorned with symbols for each champion.
Dante – call a regalia inventory

LOTS bid – discussion delayed until July

Glen Eira exhibition
Annabelle – thank you to all, forms have gone out to those offering items who have been
No “Stormhold” item yet offered
Halla – Stormhold things available
Ros– Margie asked if things can be left prior to exhibition, and they seek all items at once
Miriam suggests some can go to her house as she is local to the council.
Ros – date of transfer needs to be ascertained/clarified.
Text describing us has been prepared by Ros – second set of eyes desired.
The site has requested the text be displayed on foamcore board
Sara moves to allow Ros to purchase up to $50 of foam core sheeting to display text boards
Eleanora seconds. Passed without dissent

3rd Sunday of the month is best. – results exist
Miriam G shall publish/broadcast.
Genna asked about Eastern Reaches doing Archery
No Price passed on to council
Event bid required, not received.

77 bookings so far
Oval for tourney is approved and booked – Hrothgar will run tournament
Gill is co-ordinating entertainment
2 houses have offered billeting, only one has been needed so far
Quote on chairs – some reorganising is needed
Payments – 9 people paid between 21&23rd
Genna checks at least once a week until 1 month before event.
After that it is checked every other day
Karen – decoration conversation needs to be had.

Catherine chosen to succeed Thorfinn as Barony Masonry
Sharr has had 2 EoA in CoA deputy, Rosalind and Sven Stormdriven.
Sharr proposing handover at Monthly Bash

New business

Request for Archery EquipHalla
Arrow stands and quivers
Suggested patterns & asked to be done on Monday nights by Karen as A&S activity.
Cost asked of Sharr: $10 /6 for arrow stands by Sharr
Sharr Voluntold to take this on.

Request to conflict – delayed until July to allow image to be obtained.

Timeline Festival
Long weekend – Thurs – Sun
Kryal Castle, re-enactors only on Thursday, then open to public Fri to Sun, bump out sunday
Queries asked of reliability of Kryal Mgmt and Timeline committee.
More info next month

Youth Officer.
Coordinator of youth activities – marshals, WWC database etc.
Halla – youth and family achievement program
Coming from the states
May be launched and become responsibility of Youth Officer.
Not a requirement but well advised and allows engagement of Children.
Gindi – draft Youth Rapier rules have been released, but very very draft.
Make a call for people interested in the role, rather than mandating the role be filled.
All applies to ages 14 and under.
Sharr asking – activities currently run, is a WWC required?
If parents are present – no
If children are otherwise unsupervised, best to have.
Ros – WWC check is free for volunteer organisations
Kingdom Youth officer or Seneschal or Board? – who to name as contact?

Gindi – would like Stormhold to finance a Bolt of rapier punch tested fabric
Genna – no longer allowed under our rules
Gindi – the difficulty of finding fabric is high.
Gindi is happy to follow up the rules on the ability of the group in purchasing and selling the fabric.
Karen agrees that there is difficulty in tracking down suitable gambeson fabric, and that stores close/run out of a particular fabric.
Genna is concerned with the ability to track sale of items, individuals etc.
Discussion pended to after meeting.

Heraldic conflict
Dante presents the images from the earlier heraldic conflict, having been obtained during the meeting.
Council decided images are too similar
Vote moved to deny by acclimation
Dante dissents

Monthly Bash July
Conflicts with Midwinter Coronation
Ute moves to cancel
Sara seconds
Moved and voted
Bash Cancelled – will be held as a training event only.

Thursday Hall costs $345 / 6 months ($34.50 / night for 3 hrs)
John Gardiner – $319 / 6 months
Friday night – $1,250 / 6 months ($50 / week)
Wednesday Rapier – $1,080 / 6 months (possibly not invoiced)
Monday Night – $380 per 6 months
Cairnfell = $60 / 6 months
$3,374 / 6 for Melbourne halls
$15,724.68 Balanced today

Gindigeneral business
Spoken to Don Ibn Jelal in Rowany to teach fencing
Proposed date 6&7 Sept.
Apply to FAT for funding

Midwinter Coronation bid 2015
Hallkeeper and costings completed, bid coming next week via Valdemar.

Officers minutes prior to meeting
Passed via Mailing list, collated by Miriam bat Shimeon.
Monthly reports for meeting.
Dante voluntold to write a template for monthly reporting

Thorfinn called for feastocrat for William Marshall.
No one stands.

Miriam – Are officers happy to email Dante with reports for Baronial Meeting?
Dante will send a reminder email
Meeting close 9 PM