August 2014

By   August 29, 2014

Meeting Minutes SCA -Stormhold Monday 25/8/14



Dante Caldiera, Thorffin Hrolfsson, Charles du Bois, Aine of the Hounds, Tomas van den Hove, Sara van den Hove, Mahault du Drac, Gilbert Wauchope, Miriam Galbraith, Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir, Tysseley Sirene, Wynflaed aet West Sexum, Eleanora de la Birche, Meadhbh inghean ui Aonghusa, Gilllegan O’Tomelty.


Meeting opened 7.42

Review of preview meeting draft

Sara moves accept minutes

seconded Heather

passed without dissent

Outstanding items of previous meeting-

  • Working bee / Tabards
    Dante taking on for the moment doesn’t  need to recur
  • Timeline
    This weekend

    • Combat only occur in Designated spots on Sat/Sun demo times, no pick-ups in camp
    • Should send Representative for September meeting to negotiate better for next year.
    • Bump in by 9 on Saturday
  • Camelot Castle demo
    Bought by Pheonix rise, without representative from them, no action to be taken.
  • Extension of Friday night hall lease
    Has been signed for, paid for until January, tabled until later
  • Western suburbs activities
    Application approved, check needed for key deposit and bond.
    Should get an invoice so we can pay directly
    Tuesday September 2nd is first occurrence from 6.30
    Discuss options for future night
    Windhamvale south pavilion
    Halla Will post more details online this week
  • Ultimate Fighter tourney series
    Olfuss is waiting to hear from Berengar on the format
    First tournament in series to take place October bash
    Questions about alternating with war training, survey didn’t happen on basis of reasons
    finals to take place
  • John Gardiner storage
    Did anything happen at bash?
    Still needs to work to fix it.
    Find out what we need and hire it
  • Arrow making workshop
    Char has aquired materials, suggests second monday of September (8/9), as an initial workshop continueing as needed
    Ideally beginning with Stormhold arrows and maybe going on to others if there’s interest.
  • November invasion of Krae Glas
    Her excellency Krae Glas has gotten approval for Hastings site, Archery allowed
    November 8
    Weekend folllowing crown
    We shall meet them in Hastings for battle.
    Looking for a Stormhold Liaison – otherwise it will be Halla

New agenda items-

  • Changing the bank account/ cheque signatories
    Heather puts forward that the Signatories be changed –

    • remove Stephen Drane and Irina Lubomirska
    • Add Laura Iseman, Miriam Staples, Genevieve Cody
  • Karen seconds
    Passes without dissent
  • William Marshal event bid
    Sara uncomfortable with food budget
    Sara and Genna happy to look at menu and make suggestions to improve costings
    Gilbert moves to accept proposal with feedback
    Elizabet seconds
    passes without dissentSuggested that advertising happen after budget fix


General business

  • Tavern night event bid from Sara van den Hove
    Sara proposes tavern night for 18th of October, capped at 60 people
    fits hall
    pricing $15 until the week before $20 after
    break even at 30 people, make $200 at 60
    Some alcohol brewed, but buying grain.
    questions about alcohol licensing, but as not selling not required.
    Hall cost $100, backup hall Mark st, $300, or Carlton Scout Hall potentially $12/hour
    Heather seconds
    passes without dissent
  • Thursday night dancing
    with Madeleina having moved to Sydney (may be moving back) need someone to teach dance classes/responsible adult to lead/talk, potentially on a roster basis.
    better fortnightly
    Gilligan happy to be co-ordinate roster

Other business

  • Aine and Brodhir have bought a power outlet as organised in (month’s?) previous meeting
    Will go to catering gear
  • Webright says, WE’LL HAVE A WEBSITE SOON, Masonary are talking to me
  • Now allowed to mention suggested donation amounts for various regular events
  • For anyone autocrating events, the only comped entries are stewards, local B&B, King and Queen, and feastocrats.
    Can have reduced entry for event crew
  • Zero is coming online, books all done in same accounting package
  • Using Salvation army’s case to argue about not doing GST

Officers reports tabled, no issues arising from reports


Current balance 17172.69
Gilbert failed to email about remittence from St BArt’s rollover, gave Genna a heart attack. MYSTERY SOLVED!

Marshall report,

Nothing since last meeting
No movement on deputy.


Meeting closed 20.42