April 2014

By   April 29, 2014

Stormhold Baronial Officers Meeting 28/04/2012

Attendees: Meadhbh ingean ui Aongusa, Dante Caldiera, Mevanwy Pengrek, Tomas van den Hove, Gilbert Walchop, Eleanora de la birche, Tysseley Sirene, Thorfinn Hrolffson, Rioghan of Saarlands, Miriam bat Shimeon, Yehuda ben Yishhi, Gilligan O Tomelty, Margie of Glen More, Annabelle Perrot, Sara van den Hoven, Miriam Galbraith, Theophilus Balsamon, Wynnflaed aet West-Seaxum, Clemens Gascoigne.

Meeting open 7:44pm

Reading of the minutes of previous meeting. Meadhbh moves that correct with the addition of her name to the list of attendees. Thorfinn second. Passed without dissent.

Outstanding items from last meeting-
Social media and website- Kingdom Seneschal & Masonry have decided that all websites for groups hosted on the Lochac servers are to be transferred to WordPress.
Guild of Defence event cancelled in July as it clashed with Royal Invest.
Tropfest film- All Seneschals in Lochac dubious. Decided at Festival to not participate.

New agenda items-
New Kingdom bullying and harassment policy- There is a pilot running for 90 days. Everyone please read it & become acquainted with it. The complaint form is in the back. Local Seneschals to deal with it, unless a conflict of interest. Then bumped up the chain. A copy is to be left in the Monday night hall. Margie asks for the link to be in Stormscroll.

Social media policy- This is a draft Kingdon-wide policy for everyone to read & vote on. Please give feedback.

WWC checks- Anyone who teaches or regularly interacts with the kids in the SCA need to get a WWC check done. They will need to nominate the SCA as a volunteer sports/recreation group. Please check with the Lochac Youth Officer. Event stewards need to confirm that those running children’s activities has a WWC.

Lochac Officer Training Symposium- The Kingdom Seneschal is hoping to run one in Qld later this year and down south in 2015. Possible bid?

New Children’s forms for nomination of caregiver- The Constab forms are out of date. The new forms are on the SCA BoD site. Link will be fixed on the Constab page.

Thursday night dancing- Trial run for the last three months on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month. Averaging 8.6 people. They have been making an average of $33.86 each Thursday night. Sara raised the idea of advertising in the local directory as Renaissance dance Thursday. Thorfinn disagrees. Thorfinn moves that the hall continue for the next three months. Theofilous seconds. Passed without dissent.

Regalia- The officer tabards exist but no-one sure where. The fabric for more tabards is possibly with baroness Ute. Margie suggests that each fighter own their own tabard, so likely to keep track of them. Possible working bee for them to be done.

Officer tenure and deputies- Officer terms are a maximum of three years, with each Officer needing a deputy within 6 months of taking office. Currently Sharr has been in the office of Captain of Archers for 3 years. He will search for a deputy after he returns from holdiays. Gilligan motions a vote of confidence in Sharr for the next six months, Margie seconds. Passed without dissent.

Glen Eira Exhibition- Annabelle was contacted while Seneschal & the council have just gotten in contact again. Annabelle is happy to organise a static SCA display as part of the cultural festival. There are some locked cases as well as wall space. Exhibition runs at the same time as Baronial Invest. Banners, scrolls etc needed. Annabelle with put the call out on the lists for items.


Seneschal- Miriam bat Shimeon. Job taken up Jan 2014. Deputy- Dante.

Reeve- Genna. Deputy- Miriam Galbraithe. Genna stepping down at the end of the quarter & Miriam taking office at Baronial Invest.

Heavy Marshal- Sir Throlfr. Deputy- possibly Josh. Need to check if group marshal must also be a senior marshal. Contact the Earl Marshal. There are 10 heavy fighters in the east, averaging 8 fighters training per Friday night training.

Rapier Marshal- Sir Wolfram. Deputy- Gilbert. Rapier tourney to happen at Monthly Bash.

Constable- Sir Brennan. No deputy. Apologies.

Chronicler- Gilli. Deputy- Ian. Gilli is currently on holidays and deputy is doing Stormscroll.

Web- Master Thorfinn will be stepping down as Webwright after 14 years. Will be advertising the job.

Chirurgeon- Tysseley. Job taken up in July 2013. Deputy- Thoephilus.

Herald- ffride. Job taken up Jan 2013. Deputy- Clemens Gascoigne.

Lists- Wynnflaed aet West-Seaxum. Job taken up March 2014. Deputy is Eleanora de la Birche.

A&S- Mevanwy. Job taken at July 2013. Deputy- Annabelle.

Canton of Cairnfell- The regular meetings have had a change of venue to a scout hall. They are running an event in November and putting a bid together for 2015 Midwinter Coronation.

Winter Feast and Baronial Invest- 31 bookings so far. The B&B of Polit are asking for billeting. A request for any available billeting will be published by Tomas and co-ordinated by Tomas. The park hired for tourneys during the day has a no tent peg rule. The Coulson Soccer Pavilion is available for fighters to shower in.

William Marshal 2014- Since there has been no bid for a different event style, it will be the same as last year. Catered picnic in the same park.

General Business
Sara put forward the idea that officers report via email before monthly meeting, to short time spent.

Meeting close 9:05pm