March 2014

By   March 29, 2014

Stormhold Baronial Officers’ Meeting 24/3/2014

Attending- Janet Coath, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Stephen Drane, Lara Mucha, Estel Talroval, S. Roylance, Craig Adams, Tam Hovenga, Rebecca Andrews, Fiona Anderson, Craig Cody, Genevieve Cody, Katherine Smith, Jeanette Auer, Doug Aplin, Matt White, Karen Brown, Miriam Staples, Margie Henley.

Meeting open 7:44pm

Baronial Succession- Sir ThrolfR & Lady Halla cosen & announced at the March Olympiad.

Baronial Invest- The hall is on Gipps St, Abbotsford. Opposite the train station. Date set 21/07/2014. Bond and payment due next week. If there is to be a tournament, then a day stewart needs to be found. There is no theme planned for the feast, but there is a park nearby. Hire of the park is not included in the budget. Heather would like the break even point dropped. Hall can take up to 120 people but it is snug. No council regulations on the hall. Okay to go.

Social Media and updated website- Karen has been handling a new website idea that is easy to use and visible on mobiles. A WordPress site has been set up to see how it looks. Chronicle is not interested in running the site, as it is it’s own role. Karen is unhappy with the current website as the software is Drupal and is hard to use. Thorfinn has been setting up a “how to use Drupal” video. The pros and cons of both Drupal and WordPress are to be researched and made available a week before the next meeting. To be voted at next meeting.

Miriam has set up an official page on Facebook to post our official announcements on. This is visible to all and to be shared with the public. A disclaimer is to be set up on the discussion group.

Knight School- Held off until next month.

Tropfest film- Miriam received a request for a Baronial tabard from an independent film maker in Sydney. We can provide a tabard but not garb. Thorfinn proposes we send him a tabard, Heather seconds. Vote taken- 6 yays, 3 nays, 3 abstain. Lara will look further into it.

Guild of Defence event in July- Rapier teachers would like to have a fencing event in July which is just fencing (no feast). Full weekend (Sat & Sun) so long as they get the people. Only cost is hall hire of the hall in Carleton. Heather proposed, Wolfram seconded. Passed without dissent.

Seneschal- Miriam now has a deputy, Matt White (Dante).

Heavy Marshal- Needs to find a replacement. No report from the weekend event (March Olympiad) as yet.

Rapier Marshal- Wolfram setting down & Gindi stepping up at Baronial Invest.

Constable- all up to date, nothing needs to be reported. Janet will be Constable at April Monthly Bash.

Chronicler- New chronicler. Already has a deputy, who will take over when Katherine goes on holiday later in the year. Always in need for articles for Stormscroll. Will be overhauled and processed in Adobe. This includes a member section, kids section, Guilds etc & fighting tips.

Chirurgeon- No incidents to report. However, event stewards need to ask for a chirurgeon & not expect the Chirurgeon to be there. This way no personal first aid kits are used up but the Baronial kits will be used. Kingdom wide note- Lochac will be keeping the Office of Chirurgeonate.

Herald- Monday night meetings still happening. There is a Kingdom Letter of Intent with many Eastern Stormholders in it.

Lists- Fiona has a successor. Jeanette will step up into the role. Need to advertise.

Arts and Sciences- The hideous and huge hat competition will be judged at June Monthly Bash. This is also when the A&S mystery bags are handed out. Rebecca to contact Lorix (last year’s winner).

Canton of Cairnfell- They held a sewing weekend, which worked out well. There is a family of newcomers and an oldtimer returning. They hold regular meetings on a Thursday.

General business
Ryan (in the East) has been in contact with Wantirna Primary School for hire. This is for fortnightly archery. Still waiting to hear back. An arrow workshop will need to be done for use.

Miriam recommends the Eastern members of the Barony would be good for deputies.

Margie suggests that the previous B&Bs (and Vicars) be given a formal invite to attend the Invest in July. Miriam says that it can be handled after Festival. Karen says best to be handed out at Festival.

Meeting close 9:35pm